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Originally, I wanted to write about the Asians who are in this year’s Maxim’s Hometown Hotties contest, but wasn’t able to work on it at the time I started writing. Today I decided to keep it simple and just focus on my favorite hottie of the competition which is Pinky. Pinky is currently in the semi-finals as well as on the cover of the August edition of DSport.Several months back when Maxim’s contest was starting up for 2010, I wanted to write about the Asian women who made it as contestants. Pinky was the first contestant that I took notice to because of how sexy she looked in the photos on Maxim’s site, but I couldn’t work on what I started and ended up moving on to something else.

When I got the August edition of Maxim in the mail last week and saw that Pinky made it to the semi-finals, I started to think about writing an article on just her. Then when I was at the bookstore on Friday and saw that she was also on the cover of DSport, my decision to put an article together was made. Be sure to check her out and the video that Maxim has on their site for her. And if you like her as much as I do, then take a moment to give her your vote.

Height: 5’4″
Weight: 105lbs
Measurements: 34-24-36
Ethnicity: Chinese
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia












Pinky @ Maxim Hometown Hotties
First Date: Pinky Tang @ DragSport
Pinky Tang @ Prestigious Models
Pinky Tang @ Vancity Buzz

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  1. whoooaaa!…..nice….she is definitely in my taste range…haven’t seen a girl this nice since Maureen Chen from Taiwan

    But I too was gobsmacked by the tasteless and rather juvenile looking tats. Or do they indeed have a deeper significance I am not aware of?
    On a Kombi van yes, but not on her delicious curves.
    I sincerely hope they are not permanent, and only temporary transfers.
    She looks GREAT in the pics where the tats are hidden. So pics 2,7, 9, 10 and 12 for my choices.

  3. I dont mind the tattoos at all. They look sexy and really have no discernible taste at all. She is remarkably lovely. Nice muscle tone and healthy looking. Reasonable eyebrow grooming. Lets hope it stays that way.

  4. I think a few of those tats at least are non permanent. Look at the black bikini with the white polka dots then two below it. Particularly on the her right side. Two of them seem to be moved further apart and a new one is added. Could be the angle. I don’t care for tat either but on her I could definitely overlook them.

  5. Awesome, one of the best posting since I have been a member, she is simple stunning. I really enjoy most if not all of the girls that you all have posted. Thank You

  6. Very pretty, perfect shape, athletic.
    First photo was great, second photo completely got me.
    Tats are bad but hoping they are not permanent, also.
    This girl rocks!

  7. The title picture, and the first pic after the jump are simply outstanding. She looks good, but not as great, in some of the rest.

    Her tats are a bit dorky, but aren’t so bad they detract from her beauty, IMO.

    This is a girl that should be doing nudes.

  8. In Pinky we all seem to agree
    Even the persnickity good Dr. Lee
    That tattoos aside
    We’ll give her a ride
    And never feel a sense of ennui.

    Lame? abit.
    Sorry Doc – best I could do in 5 minutes.

  9. Not bad dbldipper. 🙂

    I’m also glad to see this girl isn’t getting trashed for having fairly obvious implants – a nice change.

  10. Oy, those legs! *swoon!*

    @Doc, obvious or not, nothing wrong with *well-done* implants.

  11. I’m surprised that the opinions here are so unanimously positive. Definitely a great body, but for me in a few of the pics here face is cute but not great. For example, pics 3, 6 and 7. She kind of reminds me of my son’s ex-girlfriend (and if that doesn’t tell you hold old I am………..).

  12. lol@daznlover. We know she has a name and yes we would get to it later, AFTER we ogled the tits and legs.
    Tang huh? Would that be soup or sugar/sweet? I’d say the latter as a guess but we’d need the Mandarin tone marks to differentiate the meaning. Good words to describe the tats Dean – “dorky”.
    ummm dipper..don’t give up the day job and think you can out-rhyme Wordsworth mate.
    Implants Doc? Can’t really tell, not that I’m an expert even, unless she was topless. How DO you tell?
    You are a little too critical I think. I can’t see great differences between the pics you nominated and the rest IMO. What criteria did you use? 😉

  13. I really like her. Oddly enough, she sort of puts me in mind of Sung Hi Lee.

    [moment of silence]

  14. @Wingsfan: as I say in my original comment, I don’t feel she looks very good in the DC photography pics, which makes me worry that she needs the right makeup to look good. That aside though, I do still feel she looks very cute in all the other pics.

    @longtack: I thought it was fairly obvious (especially pics 2 and 4) – they’re just too round and firm to be natural.

    @Spartan: I see the SHL resemblance too!

  15. makeup and lighting are helping her here…but some photos do not flatter her.

    But the ankle tat: Anytime you draw a line around your ankle, as her tat does, it highlights the shortness of the leg- it actually makes the leg appear shorter. That was a bad move.

    You do not want a visual break between the leg and foot. You want a “seamless” transition to make the leg appear longer.

  16. Fair enough Doc. As I said I m not an expert so I will defer to you.
    French. that’s an interesting point about the positioning of ankle tats. Makes sense. But how then do we explain ankle chains? Wouldn’t they do the same thing?
    To Pinky, (assuming French is correct) bad career move there girl unless you are going for the lovers of short models.

  17. The video at Maxim is somewhat cute, but hard to take seriously with that nickname and those unusual and less than flattering tats. Why an anklet tat? Why a bouquet of flower tats or whatever those designs are? They look more like a child’s doodles.

  18. I agree with Denver about the tats I do not like tats on asians except i do like the ones on Nicole Oring. To me reminds me of asian slaves or ownership of. i am sure i will get lots of comments but remember this is just my opion i am stating.

  19. @ Doc, again. re the implants. I went back to your comment that not many people were commenting on them. Could the reason be that apart from pic 8 (where her hands are doing the job of a bra) which doesn’t make her entirely nude, most of the shots are of her in a bra. Perhaps for it to be more obvious she should have been nude? Ok, so pics 2 and 4, where there is obviously no bra involved support your observation that her boobs are not natural (and I tend to agree with you now, based on those pics) had we not seen those pics, it could be a reason why we failed to comment on her breast implants.
    But I guess having those pics here makes my point a bit redundant?
    Nevertheless, I think the upshot of what I am saying is that a model’s nudity perhaps helps us make assumptions/comments on the existence of breast implants much easier, and a little more obvious to us lay guys.

  20. Indeed jleetechie, especially in the light of French’s explanation.
    My question remains. Why an ankle chain? If it might have the same function of making the leg (and by extension, short 5’4” short?) appear shorter.

  21. ahhhhhhhhhhhh thank you she was fully naked in the Maxim video? Unhappily I couldn’t access that vid where I am, and no, I haven’t tried with a proxy…yet! But if she IS naked…I’ll certainly be trying hard!!! 😉

  22. @longtack: I have always said you can never really be sure without nudity, unless the implants are very obvious. But as pics 2 and 4 appear to be bra-less, I can see no other reasonable conclusion in this case.

  23. I am fully in accord with Denver11 and not with Spartan.

    It is far too premature to bring out the Sung-Hi-O-Meter for Ms. Pinky. Or if we do, then she must rate only a modest score. To measure up to the queen of Sirens requires a much more “open” portfolio and a long career of spectacular photos (albeit modest in the video category.)

    Ms. Tang rates about a 5 on the Sung-Hi-O-Meter.

    Also, her taken family name, while anglicized, does call to mind the late beauty Felicia Tang. As above, no comparison.

  24. Tattoos – when done tastefully, artfully and located in sexy areas that draw attention or are surprise finds – are fine!

    Pinky’s are utterly TRAGIC! They are amateurish and such strange places!

  25. Pic 3 reminds me of Miranda Kerr, I think it is the smile. I think her boob job while fairly obvious is an appropriate size for her frame and they don’t appear particularly hard or round so they look great.

  26. Well, this China trip is concluding for me. To weigh in on the post. Thanks for bringing it forward Candyman!

    She’s a decent looker in spite of the tats and fake jugs.I think the fake jugs work in this case due to being not-so-far out of line with her overall body shape. One undesirable part of her for me is the south China ‘troll-like’ face. Don’t know how else to describe it, but it is common in a girl of Southern China; whether pretty or not.

    On a wider scale, the regrettable thing I saw in this trip in China was an abundance of tattoos on girls in shopping centers, restaurants, and etc. Also, an encouraging thing that I saw was increase of sex toy shops and girls walking around sporting hickeys.

  27. Hmmm… People are not reading my comment clearly. I started my SHL comment with the words “oddly enough” then “sort of” because I too feel she is not in the same league, yet I can see the potential.

    Anyway, sadly I’m very put off by those cheap ass tramp stamp marks on her.

  28. I could care less about tats so long as they’re black.

    As for the name,
    1. There are a bunch more characters that can be “tang” in Mandarin besides “soup” & “sweet” (this is true of virtually any monosyllable in Chinese).
    2. Considering that she’s from HK, her name may not even be transliterated from Mandarin (Cantonese instead), so it may not even be “tang” in Mandarin.

  29. She’s ruining it!

    Sorry, just had to get that out of my system after seeing how she seems to still be adding more tats. Besides that, she looks pretty attractive. I hope to see more of her.

  30. Just something about the bottom photo above in fur and them sexy black hooker boots on that red bed. Oh Boy!…what a night to remember that would be.

  31. OK folks, a lot of her “prettiness is” makeup. That said, she does have pretty (young) feet (and I don’t mind the tats).

  32. Laser off the tats, they’re black and will not be too hard for a derm familiar with Asian skin to do and this girl could stay booked as a model.

    The problem with those tats is they look assymetrical, and throw her whole body off. Might be able to cover them with makeup but that can kill body definition too.

    She’s got a slightly childlike face combined with her very womanly body will put her in demand.

    Best pic is Dsport in gray minidress

  33. Yeah, tats are a huge disappointment. That’s why the Sung Hi Lee (still the leader in the proverbial clubhouse) comparison falls apart. She was smart enough not to overdo the tats. I know she had one bunny ‘down there’. Did she have a small ankle one too?

  34. Some of those pics aren’t as flattering, but overall she’s still a hottie.

    I thought that there would be more outcry over the fact that she has fake boobs, but wow, no love for tattoos. Personally, I love tattoos, but with her, I am paying more attention to that hot body than the tattoo that she has. Plus her tattoo is pretty cool unlike some models who look as if they’ve been tatttooed by a 12 year old.

    But I am glad that you guys like her. Thanks.

  35. Love the tats and a very pretty girl indeed. Having said that, I can’t give a perfect 10 score as every one of these pics has been carefully manufactured. I have little she is stunning in real life but who knows?

    Also, “Pinky”? Come on.

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