Camille Chen Topless in Californication


Okay, I’m about a month behind the times with this one, but better late then never – here’s some (quite humorous) topless footage of Taiwanese Americabn actress Camille Chen from a recent episode of Californication. Enjoy!

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  1. She was in a Law and Order episode a few years ago that floored me. She is quite sexy. She played a killer that manipulated admiring men to what she wanted.

    @Subic Man: Ha ha ha ditto…

    Thanks for the post, Doc.

  2. Freaking hilarious. Almost makes me wanna go buy a television…and pay for cable.(almost) Oh…and she’s hot.What online service carries seasons of Californication?

  3. That truly was hilarious, and reminded of a scene in the USA Network’s Political Animals where the Secretary of State (former President)’s son is doing it doggy style with his hot Asian girlfriend and they’re having a conversation at the time. She mentions his mother, and he says “There has to be a rule about discussing my mother when I’m inside of you” which is perhaps the funniest sentence I’ve ever heard on television.

  4. lol Wingsfan! ugh! that would spoil it for me too!
    oh and ‘blank stare’ at the video link ;-(
    (longtack must be back in China!)

  5. What timing Doc! She’s currently in a State Farm Insurance commercial incessantly running here, and is sort of the “latest” Asian actress on mainstream American TV because of it. She is nice to look at. Beautifully symmetrical eyes. Excellent boobies.

  6. Oh and Stripes, I don’t get Showtime so I’ve never seen Californication, but it’s available on Netflix.

  7. Subic Man is on the money, at least she was a good sport, and I have to agree with Wings, something is always better than nothing.

  8. I don’t believe I’ve seen her in anything before, but I’m certainly intrigued. She’s sexy, and seems cool. People have told me I should watch this show, but I don’t have cable, so I’ve never made the effort.

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