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So I need to prepare you guys a little for my posts the next several months, as they are going to change a little bit. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a huge list I created – so big I could populate this site for years. At this point though the list is completely disorganized and it’s becoming harder and harder to locate the true gems. In the interest of time, I’m just going to start going down my list in order. That means that while I will always try to feature women that I HOPE you will like, there are going to be a few more disappointments than usual, since I am going to start breaking down this list in order instead of searching through it like crazy every time I am trying to make a post in order to find someone I know people will like.

That said, Azumi Harusaki is amazing and I love everything about her. Maybe one of my favorite Japanese models I’ve uncovered. Just because there may be a few more disappointments than usual doesn’t mean they’re all going to be disappointing.Stats:

Age: 24
Height: 5’3
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Tokyo

















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0 thoughts on “Azumi Harusaki”

  1. Cute, cute, cute!

    No, “Appreciate My Bobbers” is about the hairstyle that keeps coming back every 40 years or so, the “Bob”. It’s a love story set in a beauty school. I kid…

    My favorite shot is the second one. Looks like something from a pinku or roman porno flick of the ’70’s.

    Flowers & Vase: damn you, damn you all to hell!

  2. Cute seems to be the word for her and I don’t disagree.
    Last two pics, I think the cuteness takes a backseat and she looks HOT!
    lol@the vase and flowers..yeah damn, damn!
    Pic that made me think differently was the 5th one down: the coach tour guide? It was as if I was mentally undressing her and that was what i saw. I mean in bed and bath shots the model is expected to be naked, but not on a coach.
    How often do we mentally undress a woman? And this pic displays that to me.
    Does that whole idea/premise make it a great photo?

  3. Of all the JAV models, Azumi projects the most ‘fun to be with’ personality combined with a tasty body IMO!! I have followed her for several years (in cyberspace anyway) and wished I could meet her in person. The last 2 photos attest to her changing maturity. Call me a ‘prude’: I will skip her porno movie(s).

    Thanks, Travis, for finally showing her at AS!

  4. Very nice. I was a bit turned off by the fist picture, but warmed up to it after seeing the rest.

    I agree she varies between “cute” and “hot”, and sometimes combines the two.


    Cute: The picture with her bra lifted just above her boobs. 2nd pic after the text.

    Hot: Last pic (as well as the first pic after the text).

    Combo of cute and hot: The picture where she looks to be a tour guide at the front of the bus.

    I have to disagree with Doc here. She is a good step or two above the “average” J-girl, IMO.

  5. Does this Siren the Top Five make?
    Let’s see if she really takes the cake
    Check out her assets from the top
    When we get to the bottom, then I’ll stop.

    If an angel had a face, it’d certainly be hers
    One so cute that rarely nature confers.
    Of course, the best part by a mile
    Are those wonderful teeth and that glowing smile.

    She’s got nice lips; they come in handy
    When sucking on a man’s hard dandy
    JAV says she’s a fellatio maniac
    Wonder is she’s a braniac?

    For sure about Miss Azumi
    She does have a nice bazumi
    Fairly large with perfect shape
    Enough to leave my mouth agape.

    My only beef, just a small quirk
    Don’t think that it makes me too much of a jerk
    Her body’s straight; she’s got no curve
    Maybe don’t look there – then won’t observe.

    Bottom is round and hips are slim
    Most readers should be happy – bush needs no trim.
    I’ll end it here for this woman so sweet;
    I’m not an aficionado of the feet.

    Hate to say, gotta disagree with the Doc.
    This woman doth make my small world rock.
    Who would not want on his arm to grace
    A woman like this with that beautiful face.

  6. Now THAT’S nice.
    [For a change]
    No, you’re not a prude, NIGHTHAWK, I was thinking the same thing, and not just in this instance. {EDIT}
    I’m proud to announce that in the coming year of the Female Metal Rabbit Japanese is the second language, after Thai, I am endeavoring to become respectably amaturish in.
    I find inspiration every few days.

  7. 2nd pic is pretty HOT too. 5th, at the bus, is a classic. She’s very sexy, I like her more in the HOT poses! But fun all the way.

    dbldipper, nice one … I may steal this from you when occasion arises. 🙂
    ‘Who would not want on his arm to grace
    A woman like this with that beautiful face.’

    Doc, are they real as they seem? Or just perfectly done?

  8. And B-sides all that, pic#14 give me the chance to share a joke marginally apropos:
    Lady 1: My husband just bought me a big bunch of flowers after we had an argument last week.
    Lady 2: Well that sounds nice, why do you sound so bummed about it?
    Lady 1: Well that just means that I’ll have to lie on my back, naked from the waist down, with my legs in the air for a week.
    Lady 2: Well, why you don’t just get a vase instead?

  9. @daznlover: given the way they change form, I think yes, they are real. So I guess you could say she does have an outstanding pair of apparently natural breasts.

  10. @jynnlevel: your snide comment that I had to edit out was totally uncalled for. As I’ve said here many times in the past, derogatory references to another model who is irrelevant to the thread at hand are potential flame bait, and against our posting guidelines.

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