Benjasiri (Beau/Bow) Wattana


As I mentioned earlier, I found another model with a similar last name as Usanee. This is Benjasiri Wattana. Couldn’t find much on her, but that’s never been that unusual for these lesser known Thai models. Saw what appeared to be a lot of stuff about her in Thai, but Google Translate isn’t that fun to use.Stats:

Age: 27
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Thai
Located: Thailand









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0 thoughts on “Benjasiri (Beau/Bow) Wattana”

  1. Damn Travis, if this one is any indication of the quality of your backlog, keep them rolling.

    I think I will borrow 2 words from the first 2 posts – Pretty Stunning!
    Pic 4 is just lovely. BFD’s words “soft with a nice smile” describes it perfectly.
    And I love how Benji’s (?) bikini – top and bottom – are untied. Really cheeky shots.

  2. Interesting: for me, this girl isn’t particularly attractive at all – her facial features are too robust for my taste, even a little masculine.

  3. Oh no, not more masculine comments about the Thai girls!

    I’m not blown away by Miss Bow, but she certainly looks really hot in a few of the shots.

  4. I guess that’s why I don’t usually like Thai girls – they often do look too masculine to me. But they do have some stunners too (like Usanee).

  5. I like the first photo..though it looks pretty photoshop..and the third one..which seems more natural…

    Pretty lady. Nothing spectacular.

  6. I don’t see much masculine about her face, but I was fooled by Tanya Holding a few posts back. I think there is a big difference between her good and bad photos, but I really like the good ones.

  7. I don’t see any reason to close Tanja’s post – we’ve featured post-op ladyboys here before. As long as they don’t still have a penis, I think they can be featured here.

  8. The whole point of her being a Thai girl is that she is a Thai girl. The Culture pays the dividends. If she looks OK to you when you start, she’ll look like the ONLY woman if you last a year or two. – a million and ten heartbreaks -.

  9. but on on a (much) lighter note: I will humbly oblige Travis’s quest for a translation; and the errors doubtless contained herein are also probably more fun than the straight translation; but here goes anyway on the first three sentences in the first qoute on the second picture; and see if you can do better, I’ll gladly stand corrected: “We are people that don’t like to go to work. Stars (people) leave their trails / traces by working. Must not in any way raise the hand with a weapon, but I am so tired. I realize that we want to work to give the people something to see.” and something else that is undoubtedly not gibberish until I start getting my head around it, basically to the effect that she likes her job.

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