Ayawawa (Yang Bing Yang)


Ayawawa (Yang Bing Yang) is a blogger and a model. Not much to say about her since I can’t read Chinese, but let’s put it to a vote. Which is a cooler name: “Yang Bing Yang” or “Ayawawa?”Stats:

Age: 27
Height: 5’6
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: Shanghai





















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  1. I vote to call the one with large breasts “Yang Bing Yang,” and the one with small breasts, as featured in CuteChinaGirl, “Ayawawa.”

  2. Travis is right – that is just a padded bra and tied-up hair. Her body does look very nice indeed, apart from the fact that she could benefit from some quality time with the Doc, so she doesn’t have to wear a padded bra (amongst other things). 🙂 Yet another seriously OTT nose job though – pic 5 looks like it might be pre-surgery, and I think she looks much prettier there. It is a continuing source of frustration how Asian girls ruin their looks with overdone nose jobs these days.

  3. Yeah, I agree as well. I love her nose in that picture. It’s one of the reasons I have a thing for Chinese women. Those noses are winners. It’s a shame they do anything to them.

  4. Yea I don’t understand the need for nose jobs, eyelid surgery, boob jobs, all that stuff. If it ain’t there to begin with, then in my book it ain’t admirable or sexy. But that’s just me. Not saying she doesn’t look good, but just sayin.

    And she could use a cheeseburger or two.

  5. Definitely had rhinoplasty and for once, looks much better after surgery.

    They did a great job on her nose.

  6. Quyen: I second that emotion! Very nicely shaped rear.

    Not really digging that last picture, and I think they made her nose too sharp. Cute, though, with a nice lean figure. Not quite the anorexic with implants that TheCollector likes, though.

    If I saw her in the Asian supermarket, I would be much more likely to say “Ayawawa”! than “Yang Bing Yang”.

  7. Butt implants are exceedingly rare though. I’d guess it’s a combination of photoshop, lighting, and the way she’s standing (by standing on her toes it pushes the leg into the butt – much in the same way that the butt always looks better when a girl is in heels). Though an ex of mine had a fantastic butt, and she was very thin, so I do know it’s possible. Just… obviously very improbable (and on this girl, I think it’s photoshop and lighting).

  8. Yeah, notice the way she’s arching her back against the wall while standing on her heels, basically pushing her butt out and down. I think that’s helping give it that appearance. Great lighting in that photo.

  9. I believe this butt issue requires a road (air and sea?) trip to Shanghai. I have the magnifying glass and camera, but neither the funds nor the understanding wife:-(

  10. Travis, I definitely noticed the way she’s arching her back; oh yes I did indeed! I also thinks she’s got some clenching action going on there, which conjures up suggestions that will have to be left unsaid…….

  11. The second pict for the epic win!

    I could really go for this lady if I was lucky enough to meet her. She is not as good as Yang Xin, whom, I would marry in a hot minute, but in the same general area so to speak.

  12. It’s kind of amazing how much time we spend here speculating on surgery. Frankly, unless the surgery went horribly awry, I’m willing to suspend disbelief and just worry about the aesthetic appeal of the girl in question.

    Having said that, if there was a nose job (as it would appear) it looks absolutely fabulous. I’ve always been a fan of longer, more prominent noses and this is no exception (post-op, obviously).

    Conclusion: VERY attractive! Definitely at least a 9 in my books though I will have to refrain from handing out the coveted 10 until I see her sans-clothing (of course). :-P~

  13. She is a blogger?

    We must, at all costs, fight to ensure that the Chinese government never shuts her down.

    This woman is gorgeous!

    I am beginning to see what everyone is writing about regarding the nose jobs. She has two distinct noses in these pics.

    I love the traditional Asian nose. I have a big nose so if Asian women keep building up their noses, that spells trouble for French when trying to kiss 🙁

  14. Thanks for the shoutout Wingsfan, I try not to discriminate too much against attractive women, but I’ll admit I do like them a wee bit on the comic book side.

    And Travis is right, rump implants are almost completely absent in Asian countries. They just don’t want them, and even girls you and I would consider pretty fit might be considered “fat” over there.

  15. “I like big butts and I can not lie, you other brothers can’t de-ny”.
    -Baby Got Back
    by Sir Mix-a-Lot

    She is HOT! And she is not even Vietnamese?! How could this be? Discuss…

  16. jdrevenge-

    You are always bringing up the rear.

    We need to get to the “bottom” of your question.

    “Butt” I digress…

    We should ASSume that she is natural.

    Thanks folks, I’ll be playing here all week!

  17. French: With the exception of Thai, I find pretty much every other Asian type (e.g. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Fillipina) more attractive than Vietnamese — and that works for food too. Go figure! 😛

    jdrevenge: No question here and I completely agree with you. Her butt looks natural and contrary to popular belief, Asian women DO have nice butts that, while less bulbous than other types, can have curvature.

  18. Sevendeuce, a confidante of mine and I regularly have that exact conversation, which would make a very lively, if properly controlled blog posting that would probably result in the ouster of half of us. 😉

    We came to the conclusion that if everyone liked the same girl, no one would ever reproduce.

    Your personal cultural history often has a lot to do with exactly what you prefer in a potential date.

    Also facial symmetry, relatively low body fat, soft hair, clear skin, and no visibile scars can go a long way.

    There was a BBC special I saw once that indicated we are all suckers for hip to waist to shoulder ratios of a certain precise number. They went on to choose model Amber Valetta as an ideal of this ratio.

    Having spent some time in Vietnam, I personally think the percentage of the female population that is attractive is significantly above average there. Especially in Saigon and the South, and not so much Sapa and the North/Chinese border area, though the women I met in Hainan (Island off China) were some of the most beautiful I’d ever seen.

  19. Actually, while I mention the possibility of butt implants (in as much as one should always be on the lookout for these things), I don’t believe that is the case here. I think Travis is correct in that is mostly careful posing, lighting and – given how heavily touched up all her photos are anyway – almost certainly Photoshop.

  20. Regarding Vietnamese women, I really do think that southern and central Vietnamese women are overall the most beautiful women on earth. There are many diverse ethnicities in Vietnam though, some of whom I don’t find attractive at all. And when I say beautiful here, I mean it: not sexy, but gorgeous, feminine and elegant. They do seem to benefit a great deal from their style and makeup though: for naturally pretty girls (especially without makeup), I would rate Taiwanese as number one.

  21. Oh yes: Vietnamese food is fantastic too, but the difficulty is with Vietnamese restaurants, of which there are more bad than good. Good home cooked Vietnamese is my favourite food of all though.

  22. Dr. Lee speaks the TRUTH.

    Quite a bit of info on your “their style” link.

    I shall read and learn!

    Thank you.

  23. Wings I think you should take on the role of resident ass expert, you could work in well with the Doc. Run it past the Mrs and see if you can further your research for the benefit of the AS community.

  24. Some votes FOR:
    1. Asian asses
    2. Ample butts
    3. Natural, smallish Asian noses
    4. French’s humor
    5. Vietnamese female students’ ao dais floating, streaming out behind them as they ride their bicycles to school in the morning.
    6. Dalat, Vietnam as the location on earth with the highest percentage of beautiful women.

  25. Face doesn’t do it for me, though she has a nice smile.

    As for Asian women, I actually find Thai women (in general) to be the least attractive East Asians out there with the Taiwanese second to last.

    I’d put the Viet ladies, Burmese (though we get to see too little of them thanks to the junta over there) and various southern Chinese (Jiangnan/Shanghainese, Sichuanese, Cantonese) at the top.

    Interestingly, most Cantonese are a mixture of the Tai/Thai who were originally in southern China and the Han Chinese who came from the north.

  26. I’m not sure where you get your impression of Taiwanese from – they, like the mainstream Viet population and most southern Chinese, are largely Cantonese stock, and that can certainly be seen. I agree with you on the dark-skinned Issarn Thai girls though (although once again, the light-skinned Thais are largely Cantonese stock, and can be very attractive).

  27. Taiwanese are definitely not Cantonese. They’re from southern Fujian (Min-nan)and also a mixture of the original native people who were there 2000 years ago and south-migrating Han Chinese, but in their case, the native people of Fujian were the Minyue, not the Tai who originally occupied Guangdong/Canton.

    BTW, I was born in Taiwan.

  28. According to my Taiwanese friends, they were originally from Hukeng (you can see that in their food), which is indeed in Fujian province as AsianD says. But they’re pretty much the same bloodline as Cantonese anyway (southern Han Chinese), and a lot of Cantonese have immigrated there since then anyway, as they have to many south-east Asian provinces and countries, and indeed the entire world (the Cantonese are great emigrates).

  29. Doc I’m starting to see what you mean with the nose jobs. She looks fantastic in pic #5, great nose there.

    Still beautiful in other pics but the nose sometimes troubles me. Nice ass, though.

  30. Regarding Taiwanese enthnicity, I thought I’d do a little checking, and things are far from clear-cut it seems. They are basically southern Han Chinese, who are mostly Cantonese, but of course Taiwanese do not speak Cantonese but Mandarin (as in the case of their original province of origin). And it seems they have mixed a great deal with the local aboriginal population, which makes their bloodline quite distinct. I guess it goes to show you that it’s very hard these days to specify ethnicity!

  31. Too much discussion on racial/ethnic stock/origins, not enough on butts. Come on guys, where are your priorities. I like big butts. Not big as in huge, dimpley masses of cheese, but round firm bubble butts.

  32. You do have a point Strout – this ethnicity discussion is getting a little off-topic. Let’s get back to Yang Bin Bang’s butt (and other things). 🙂

  33. I like the pictures of her holding balls. What I wonder, why do so many women grow their hair long, then keep it “up” all the time? Long, silky, jet black hair is one of my favorite Asian delights.

  34. I always figure they keep it up because they know that watching a woman take her hair down is just about one of the hottest things on the planet.

  35. I vote with clearleaf. Getting their hair down is one of the sexiest things ever.

    Also a body sign to watch for if she has some potential interest. 😉

    I should hang out with some of you guys, hitting bars and stuff. While you guys discuss ethnicity stuff, I get the girls. 🙂

  36. I also concur with Clearleaf. It is all in the way it is done. If done properly for the situation and environment it can be shear magic!

  37. Luke72, I ran your suggestion past the Mrs. I’m still running as we speak:-(

    Ample Asian asses always arouse!

  38. This woman is hot and I just wanted to come back and see her photos. I have nothing more to add to the discussion….

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