Hana Mayeda


Hana Mayeda is a fashion model. She worked for Abercrombie and is often seen on runways. Her ethnicity is not “known” but I think it is safe to say she is Japanese based on her name, or at least a mix. It’s usually very rare to find modeling photos of runway models that are not tremendously artsy, so we got lucky with Hana.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: 5’11
Ethnicity: ?
Located: New York




















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0 thoughts on “Hana Mayeda”

  1. I think I have some contact of hers, should try to ask her ethnicity. Have a good idea of her age too.

    She seems very pretty, nice legs and of course elegant as any runway model.

  2. Very Classy.

    You can see that she has professional make-up and hair stylists working with her. Even her clothes are tasteful, well-tailored, and fit her style. Her poses say “professional”.

    Nice variety Travis.

  3. Just let me say that it’s good to finally see an Asian fashion model who is actually attractive. Still, having said that, assumptions that if she looks this good with clothes on she will look even better with them off are probably off the mark – let’s not forget that these photos are far from natural. These highly stylised fashion models are usually disappointingly bland in person without all the glamourising, but I am nevertheless confident that this girl really is basically pretty and attractive.

  4. Wow. She’s too tall for me if I were to meet her in real life. I think tall women are intimidating to an extent. Still, that doesn’t take away from the fact that she is stunning.

  5. Wow. Agree with the Doc that her natural look may not live up to these pictures, but, wow, she starts at 9.9 with only upside.

    “Huge” by Siren standards (5’11” and US size 4 instead of 5’3 and size 0/2). You won’t get a complaint from me though, as the typical Siren here barely reaches the middle of my chest on her tiptoes.

    Be interesting to know her ethic mix. I can buy the Japanese part, but to be that tall, there must be a couple of generations of difference. That, or her father/mother family’s have unusually tall genes. Naturally brown hair and hazel eyes usually suggest first gen mix. Am I babbling or what?

    Wow. Did I say that before?

  6. Them bottom three shots above are my favorites. Something hot and different about the way she’s smiling. A healthier more athletic look about her maybe…or the fact that she is actually smiling.

  7. Fashion models need to have such odd features to succeed in the business. I’m surprised Hana Mayeda tends to have a more feminine form. I have a few others that do not.

  8. French: You seemed to comment on the photography/posing, fashion sense and makeup but forgot to mention anything about the model. ^_^;;

    As per Hana, I’m thinking she’s a caucasian/Japanese mix, though it’s difficult to tell as the pics have been doctored in every way imaginable.

    I’d like to see candid shots of Hana and I would agree with the Doc that fashion models are usually surprisingly bland in “real life”. Models tend to have a “blank canvas” look that can be astonishingly enhanced by makeup, hair styling and photography (much, much more than the “average” girl).

    That said, you can’t hide a great, infectious smile and she seems to have that in spades. Beautiful!

  9. @knarf: that’s what I was referring to in my comment earlier – I really find these women to be astonishingly unattractive by Asian standards. Indeed, I don’t find them to be attractive by any standards. They all look so drugged out, probably because they are. And while I like ’em slim and trim, these girls are clearly unhealthily skinny. How on earth did we come to accept the extraordinarily unfeminine, unattractive and unhealthy image of women that the fashion industry has foisted on us?

  10. Mr lee. this is a true siren. A woman that is in command without showing T/A. Ice queen she is not, Proud woman yes

  11. Like the orange dress photo.

    Beautiful girl, but name aside, I’m not buying the full Japanese thing for a second.

    Some of you guys (or gals) are suckers for a $10k camera, wardrobe and hair on set.

    There’s not a photo above that didn’t cost $2700 to produce when you average out the cost of the winning shots. πŸ˜‰

  12. sevendeuce: Busted! I know…I need to comment on Hana’s looks and not just her make-up…but I am still in “recovery” from the last model- Ayawawa…(pre-nose job)

    Hana here has a unique, confident look. I love the last two pics. Elegant. Definitely the type you want on your arm when you attend a formal dinner. Not the type you hire to walk around a bar offering $3 Jello shot specials to all college boys.

    Hana appears confidant. I like that. It is the opposite of desperation.

    The Collector: I am also guilty of that which you write. But as Dr. Lee stated, some of these professional models (see knarf’s link above) are not attractive at all, yet have thousands of dollars behind their photos/hair/make-up etc…

    I’ll bet Hanna here would still turn heads with a $100 camera and jeans and a t-shirt pics…but I get your point: The professional pics can “enhance”.

  13. @knarf: I’m sorry, but I can’t accept drugged out and anorexic as “another kind of beauty”. I think that for a woman to truly be beautiful, she has to look fundamentally healthy as a starting point. We are not supposed to find sickness attractive, and with very good reason. Yet astonishingly, that is exactly what the fashion industry has given us.

    While I still think she might be a little disappointing in person, at least Hana looks healthy and pretty.

  14. But to be fair, Doc. They look that way for a reason. The fashion industry is perfectly not picking the “hottest” models – they are looking for models that help show off their art form, which is the clothes. If you put Sung Hi in the same clothes, Sung Hi would get all of the attention, and you would be defeating the purpose of the art show.

    As sevendeuce said “Models tend to have a ‘blank canvas’ look” and they have that look for a reason. I blame the fashion industry for encouraging super skinny models, but at least I understand it from an “artistic” perspective.

  15. Travis-you promised variety and are delivering.

    Interesting turn of opinions. Finally, a model who appears to have not “enhanced” herself – nose, chin, boob, butt, etc., and she’s abit dull for the group. I second the Doc – healthy, pretty, would certainly turn heads. Not every siren has to envoke the “I need to get to confession like yesterday” response. Natural elegance, poise and someone that can emit charm with a nice smile go a long way in my book.

    Would I expect a Hedy Lamarr? Does she know the difference between a top and bottom quark? Not necessary. IMO, though, I think Hana stands a better chance of carrying on a real conversation than most. But, then again, this is a visual medium, not audio.

  16. She’s a pretty girl but not at all my type. Way too thin for me.

    also, sorry i fail to see the resemblance to Olivia Munn, whom i do find incredibly beautiful.

  17. At 5’11, I’ll take her and forcefeed her pork and grease until she gains another 20 pounds. Then and only then will myy palms and penis be happy.

  18. dbldipper: Nice reference to Hedy Lamarr, wow! THAT was cool.

    For you clueless readers: click this.


    Also, nice distinction between the generic SoCal look and the “I need to get to confession” look. Funny, yesterday was Ash Wednesday and I made a mistake in going to a Filipino church…sort of defeats the purpose of why I went. πŸ™

  19. @Travis: I’ve mentioned in the past that fashion models do need to be a blank canvas – so are unlikely to be particularly attractive – but there’s no excuse for drugging them out and staving them, and even worse presenting that to impressionable young girls as some kind of ideal of beauty.

  20. @knifepoint: I’ve already warned you once about crude comments – it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to have to make me warn you again.

  21. As far as the blank canvas look of models goes, maybe it’s kinds like the manakins in the department stores that have no facial features to detract from the clothing they are trying to sell. Kind of the same idea I think. Faceless. Runway models for the most part have a somewhat uniform appearance so the clothes line stands out.

  22. Actually arf, I think you’re absolutely right! The problem is, fashion models are held up as some kind of paragon of beauty, when they are in fact a paragon of plainness.

  23. Dr. Lee

    I had no idea that was a crude comment?

    I meant to say, ” I will politely feed her a balanced diet of grain, vegetables and only the healthiest of fruits”

  24. Actually, I don’t think Hana is too thin at all – she looks perfectly healthy to me. I like slender girls, as long as they don’t go to unhealthy lengths to achieve it. Hana shows that a fashion model can be both healthy and pretty, while still fitting the fashion model mould.

  25. hi! doc has asked me to weigh in on this topic, so here are my thoughts on models:

    1. re: women of this height and their thinness. i
    if this woman were to gain 20 lbs, i doubt many of you would find her attractive. tall women, imo, look best when they are slender. when they gain weight, they can look like giant-sized versions of an average-height woman. they usually just end up looking big instead of tall and elegant.

    2. hana probably is very very skinny in real life. i think that the commenters are so spot-on about the work that goes into making these photos look as good as they do. i think that irl, models tend to look a lot worse than they do in photos, not only because they appear ‘bland’ in the face but also because their bodies are much more shockingly skinny in real life.

    for one, it should be noted that photoshop is not just used in order to take away fat rolls and wrinkles and blemishes. in the fashion industry, photoshop is used actually for taking out the visible bones/ribs of these girls and making the models appear less emaciated. victoria’s secret is not high fashion, but their photoshopping of models is no different than the photoshopping of high fashion models (except VS tends to increase the bustline for a sexier look). here are two examples of what i mean from VS’ contract models marisa miller and alessandra ambrosio.

    marisa miller: with/without photoshop. they increased her bustline and also took out a lot of the definition in her abs in order to make her body look softer and more “feminine.”

    alessandra ambrosio: without photoshop 1 and without photoshop 2, and without photoshop 3, and with photoshop 1, with photoshop 2

  26. with regard to asian fashion models…sorry, i agree with lee: i find most of them to be pretty unattractive.

    they’re mostly unhealthily skinny, from what i understand.

    i also don’t find their faces to be attractive, for the most part. with white models, it seems like it’s favorable for the model to have either very bland (versatile) features, or masculine ones, like sharp jawline, sharp angles in the face. the latter i find too masculine, and the former i find very uninteresting.

    with asian models, though, the fashion industry doesn’t seem to like models that are attractive by asian standards. i think they still seek versatility and/or masculine features, but they also appreciate an “archetypal” asian face…like one which “exemplifies” asian facial features.

    i think this just ties in with the fact that in the west, what are considered very ‘asian’ facial features (soft, round face, small almond-shaped eyes, big pouty lips) are attractive whereas in the east, it’s considered more beautiful to have ‘less asian’ features (high nose bridge, thinner lips, large round eyes, etc.).

    and, in general, when it comes to ethnic models, it seems that the industry is looking more for an archetype. i think it’s because they consider the ethnic traits to be (as much as i hate saying this word) exotic and a deviation from the “norm” of white models.

    shu pei: candid, no makeup, with styling + ps

    formerly highly successful daul kim, now deceased: without makeup, with hours of styling, and and more, and even more!

    if people are attracted to models, i think it’s less for their face/body and more for how they’ve been styled and dressed. if we were to strip all of this away from these women, would you still find them attractive? i doubt it.

  27. β€œβ€¦attractive by Asian standards…”

    If anyone is interested, standards of human beauty have been studied extensively by scientists over the last several decades.

    Standards do vary by culture and even changing economic conditions.

    For example, see:
    1. β€œChanging perceptions of attractiveness as observers are exposed to a different culture,” Evolution and Human Behavior, Volume 27, Issue 6, Pages 443-456
    M. TovΓ©e, V. Swami, A. Furnham, R. Mangalparsad
    2. β€œSecular changes in standards of bodily attractiveness in American women: different masculine and feminine ideals,” The Journal of Psychology, January 1, 1998
    N. Barber

    But, for the most part, standards are remarkably uniform all over the world.

    For example, see:
    1. “Their ideas of beauty are, on the whole, the same as ours: Consistency and variability in the cross-cultural perception of female physical attractiveness,” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Vol 68(2), Feb 1995, 261-279.
    M. Cunningham, A. Roberts, A. Barbee, P. Druen, C. Wu
    2. β€œSexual Selection, Physical Attractiveness, and Facial Neoteny: Cross-cultural Evidence and Implications,” Current Anthropology Volume 36, Number 5, December 1995
    D. Jones

    Universal patterns of standards among humans lead some to argue that ideals of physical beauty have an evolutionary basis.

    For example, see:
    Evolutionary Psychology: The New Science of the Mind, 3rd Edition, Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 2008
    D. Buss

    Evidence for the universality of human standards also comes from the fact that newborn infants exhibit preferences for faces like those that adults find attractive (through gazing at them for longer periods of time, for example). These babies are too young to have been influenced by social norms.

    For example, see:

    β€œThe role of facial orientation in newborn infants’ preference for attractive faces,” Developmental Science, Volume 3, Number 2, May 2000 , pp. 181-185(5)
    A. Slater, P. Quinn, R. Hayes, E. Brown

    …and thanks for you views AND for the pic of Shu Pei without make-up, Christine. (She looks smashing.)

  28. Thanks for your comments christine – you’re still the master (or should I say mistress?) of digging up the dirt! πŸ™‚

    For the record, from your photos I find Shu Pei very plain, but certainly not ugly. However, Daul Kim – like most other Asian fashion models I’ve seen – really is extraordinarily unattractive IMHO.

  29. Regarding the studies knarf refers to, it is fairly well accepted that human beings are basically neotenous apes, so there certainly is an evolutionary basis to our preference for more delicate (i.e. more infant like) features, as opposed to the far more robust facial features in the adults of other apes. (You will notice that baby apes look a lot more human than the adults.)

  30. Thanks christine, those no-makeup photos really ruined my mood! πŸ˜›

    I agree with the opinions on fashion models not being the most gorgeous women, but instead having some bland and, thus, versatile facial traits for the fashion needs.

    But there are plenty exceptions: Hana seems to be one, but let’s not forget Naomi, Claudia Schiffer, Elle Macpherson. On the other hand, Kate Moss is really not that attractive. She just gets by.

  31. hi daznlover,

    those were models of the 90s! the models of the 90s were a whole different story. there was a totally different aesthetic in the 90’s, one which i could actually get behind – brooke shields, claudia schiffer, naomi campbell, christy turlington, stephanie seymour, cindy crawford…these women were all gorgeous, curvy, and healthy-looking. i think that the “heroin chic” look has just become popular and stayed popular after the big supermodels left the scene.

    magazines have 1) shifted from supermodels with celebrity status to celebrities as models, with celebrities appearing almost exclusively on magazine covers now. in the past, it was possible to see mostly supermodels gracing the covers of vogue or whatnot. 2) the modeling business really has cheapened the worth of the model. there are way too many women now trying to become fashion models, and many of them are around 14-years-old, poor, and from eastern europe. they’re naive and the industry preys on them. if a girl isn’t skinny enough, tough luck, because there’s always someone younger and skinnier than her around.

  32. When I was a teen back in the 80’s, Cindy Crawford was everything I would ever have wanted in a woman. Oooh and Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer too. Also I think Victoria Secret has some of the healthier sexier looking models I’ve seen out there.

  33. Travis: I can fill in the blanks. She is 22 years old, japanese (father) american (mother). She was born in the US, family has roots in the US for decades.

  34. knarf, those japanese fashion models primarily do work in japan or east asia. i think that there are pretty big aesthetic differences between what’s sought after in an american/european model and what’s sought after in a japanese/chinese/korean/etc. model. in the u.s. or europe, i would find it surprising if they found a lot of work. the current top asian models in the us/europe are women like tao okamoto, eugenia mandzhieva, emma pei, danni li, and shu pei.

  35. I second Christine’s comments – the local Japanese models (who are indeed quite attractive for the most part) are largely unheard of outside of their home territory, and the international Asian fashion models are by and large very unattractive IMHO.

  36. Thanks, Christine.
    Just as with American vs. Japanese porn (if I may make that leap), I greatly prefer the Asian aesthetic sense.

  37. Thanks for the Shu Pei without makeup Christine. I still think she is a naturally attractive lady to be sure.

  38. Christine, Dr. Lee, danzlover and knarf: Thanks for posting all this stuff. Gives us lots to think about and consider….

    Those real photos vs. photoshop are a study in advertising…

  39. hey, i was looking at the VS catalog and i found hana modeling some shirts:

    here, here, and here.

    i wish i had her eyes and eyebrows. they are sooo pretty. πŸ˜›

  40. While I agree that Hana has great eyes, I think yours are at least as attractive in their own way Christine. That may partly be because of what’s behind them though. πŸ™‚

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