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Tila Nguyen @ really is a great place to surf for Asian women. We have posted about it a lot allready, but now I found out there also is a Blog that extracts the babes for you! (A bit like we do here at Asian-Sirens, but only without the extended research and text 😉

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  1. Robin and others have questioned why I complain so much about what Asian American girls are doing to themselves these days. Here’s a well documented example of why I am so concerned about this sort of thing. If I can make one girl think twice before she ruins her looks then it will all be worthwhile.

  2. 100% agreement, Dr. A little highlights to the hair is one thing; but defacing themselves with nasty tats is sad. I always assume some idiot boyfriend goads them into it.

  3. Tila’s trying to be a rock star now so maybe she got tats for “street cred” lol. Here is her MySpace profile for her musical persona:

    A few long rants by her on there that I couldn’t get through because of the typical gaudy myspace design. Notice in the pictures for her endorsement deals (like Nintendo) her tats are either not shown or airbrushed out.

    And her songs are pretty bad too. But after all that I still think she’s hot!

  4. I’m going to play the devil’s advocate here and say that I actually thing a couple of her songs are pretty cool… and being natural is good where such things are having breasts are that work in relation to your frame are concerned, but I love a few piercings/tattoos. Shows someone is living a little!

    And hey, I have tattoos and piercings so I like a girl to be able to match me… and I’d still love to meet a girl like Tila – she’d almost certainly kick my ass into next week, but I think she’d be great fun!

  5. There are plenty of other ways to show you’re ‘living a little’ – e.g. partying, traveling the world, having great sex, … – rather than taking a precious gift – beauty – and defacing it permanently.

  6. Wow, some of you guys are really against tattoos and piercings aren’t you? Different strokes for different folks I guess… I still rather like ’em, so I guess that means I’ve less competition for any tattooed/pierced Asian girls out there!

  7. I think there’s a difference between an attractive accent and gaudy wallpaper. Her tatoos were attractive from about 2 years ago. Now she looks like a trucker.

  8. vivelerock, maybe there’s a business opportunity for you: a website featuring nothing but Asian women with tats. I won’t be visiting but maybe you’ll get tons of traffic.

    I don’t mind one little (smaller than a US $0.50 piece) butterfly or rose on the hip, on the lower stomach, or ankle. But these big tats on the bicep, shoulder, back, just above a boob (WTF?) are just ugly and take an attractive woman and make her look skanky.

  9. Not a bad idea that… just have to think up an amusing yet at the same time slightly suggestive name for the site… all I can come up with off the top of my head is ‘Asian Inked’, but I’m sure I’ll be able to improve on the if I give in some thought over a couple of beers. Ya’ll watch this space huh? And if by some weird twist of fate Tila actually reads this and wants to be the poster girl I’d be happy to accomodate!

  10. Another one that blows me away is an adult film star by the name of Jada Hsu (aka, Jade Hsu). When she was natural, she was a knockout. Then she added a little tatoo…eh, it was ok. Then she added silicone and piercings…eh, still pretty attractive…then she added up huge tats on both arms and a name over a breast.

    Now it’s like, ewwwwwww, she used to be so attractive.

    Oh well…

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