Thai singer and model Odette Jacomin

Odette Jacomin - Photographer: Kate Lakkana

Asiansweetheart’s blog is a great place to check out some beautiful Thai models. Thai singer and model Odette Jacomin is one of them. A gallery and a Wallpaper gallery elsewhere.Some Odette on the web:

Odette @ (Lite cover gallery)
Odette @ (1)
Odette @ (2)
Odette @ (Lite cover wallpaper gallery -15 photo’s)
Odette @ (Fashion photo’s)

Odette Jacomin - Photographer: Kate Lakkana

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0 thoughts on “Thai singer and model Odette Jacomin”

  1. this chick is much much hotter than Tiara, Tiara without make up can be found everywhere in Indonesia

  2. If I am honest, I would have to say Odette is a bit too ‘western’ looking for me. But hey, I was thinking “Let’s post something else for a change!” 😉

    Glad you like her hotbytes, personally I am more into the ‘darker’ type.

  3. Although the Tiara discussion is off topic in this thread, I have to make the point that it is an old pic and that Adam Yurman has the rights to resell his photos of her as he sees fit, and will probably do so for some time yet.

  4. Many Thais think Odette has a nice body but they don’t think she has a pretty face. They consider her looks to be too baan awk, meaning “up country” and not refined. But many westerners really like that kind of look. And I think she is pretty sexy, especially in her latest photos.

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