Roxy Tan


Roxy Tan is a lovely dancer from Malaysia. She has very few photos, but it is not often I get to feature an amateur model from Malaysia, and that’s a shame. So I have these.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’5
Ethnicity: Malay
Located: Malaysia



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  1. Cute enough for me! 99% of belly dancers are obese, so she’s a welcome change of pace.

    @Drew: no “rack” to speak of. All I see is Photoshop.

  2. What do you get when you cross Roxy Jezel and Mika Tan?

    Probably not this cutie, but a helluva performer.

  3. Guys, for the bazillionth time:

    – Malaysian is a nationality, not an ethnicity. It’s like “American.”

    – Malaysia is a multiethnic country, of which Malays make up only a slight majority. There are Chinese, Indians, and indigenous people also in sizable percentages.

    – The Chinese and Indians living there have, in many cases, been there for more than a century.

    – Someone with the last name “Tan” is almost certainly of Chinese ethnic descent. Tan is one of the most common Chinese surnames among Straits Chinese.

  4. Well Travis did list her ethnicity as Malay, not Malaysian. Still, as I say above I agree this is almost certainly incorrect: she is almost certainly (at least mostly) Chinese.

  5. She has beautiful eyes and smile. Just needs to tone up a little bit. Nothing much, though. Noone wants a belly dancer with a 6 pack. 🙂

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