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Here’s a fun model ID request, because it’s actually three requests. I had this photo on hand, and I was wondering if I could ID any of them, and I couldn’t. If you can ID any of these women – women that seem fairly open to nude modeling and in good shape – let us know in the comments. You will receive approximately 3 imaginary props.

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  1. When I first saw the picture, I thought the short one on the right with no clothes on was Lana Violet? But probably not.

  2. Nice I like the short one!
    Where’s Shuai Ge, I am pretty sure the taller girl was on Mainland Hotties a while back but I could be wrong.

  3. From left to right

    柠檬 NingMeng

    夏寂 XiaJi

    紫依 ZiYi

    ZGRTYS can be confusing to navigate if you can’t read Chinese. But basically, if you want more pictures of the model you are looking at, just click on the links in white on the right, underneath the two banners. The second list in white is just for the latest updates on the site. And the red tabs along the top will take you to different types of albums.
    This link will have a list of names, which you can then click on to bring up photo previews of the models various shoots (not all models are included in this list).

  4. GenericOZ! You’re a hero! Thanks for that information. I can’t say that will make it too much easier since I still won’t be able to find out their names, but that’s why you’re here. Guess you just have to keep checking back in case we need help again! =).

    I’ll have to decide if I want to feature any of them again later, but there’s a good chance

  5. I struggle with the Chinese sites too, thanks for the tip GenericOZ!
    Travis, the picture in the link is a classic. Lovely lighting 😉

  6. I love the zgrtys site! As well as sister sites.
    It’s not that difficult to navigate even though it’s in Chinese.
    Most of the women featured are gorgeous. And well photographed.
    I can’t understand why the site isn’t in the links on AS. I suggested it some time ago, with no reply.

  7. Yes indeedy…the two on the right are fantastic. I think I would choose Ziyi as my absolute fav though…there’s a certain sexiness about her eyes I like.

  8. I have a big issue with the zgrtys site in that they reduce the resolution of their images to fit their 600-pixel-wide format with no links to a higher-resolution image. I was thinking about adding it to my list of regular sites to visit, but low-resolution images is a deal breaker for me. 🙁

    As for the three ladies, I think NingMeng is the most attractive. ZiYi’s face is not attractive at all to me, and I’m not a fan of XiaJi’s bleached hair color.

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