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Rosa Kato (born June 22, 1985, in Naples, Italy) is a half-Italian (father) and half-Japanese (mother) actress and full-time commercial model. Kato has been appearing in a large string of TV commercials even before venturing to the field of acting. She became popular after having done the TV commercial for Zexy because of her unique brown eyes.Kato was born in Naples, Italy, where she lived until the age of 6. She spoke fluent Italian when she was still little, but she completely lost the capability of speaking it when she was 6. At the age of 6, Kato and her parents moved to Kagoshima, Japan.

Most of the TV advertisements and commercials of Kato are usually colorful and lively. She had done an ice cream commercial for Glico and a lipstick commercial for Maxfactor. However, the TV advertisement that brought her to fame was her commercial for the bridal magazine, Zekushi (Zexy).

Later in 2005, she started to appear in Japanese television dramas in supporting roles. A year later, she bagged the Best Newcomer Award for her performance in the Japanese television drama, Dance Drill from the most prominent entertainment magazine in Japan, Television.

She was finally able to star in her own drama two years after her television breakthrough on 2005. Her drama, Jotei, where she starred alongside Hana Yori Dango star, Matsuda Shota was unfortunately a minor success in Tokyo yet a satisfactory hit in the Kansai region.

She is also a regular on NHK’s Italian language study program.

source: wikipedia.



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  1. Wow, you can really see her Italian features in the first still picture. But most other times she looks more Japanese. Very pretty.

    If she didn’t already have some Italian in her, I would have offered myself.
    (Sorry, a silly old joke I couldn’t resist!)

  2. NorthMan, that’s MY joke! :#) Yes, it is very old, bit still funny. (Just like me.)

    I think this women is spectacular. A GREAT mix.

  3. Sure enough, MorthMan. Half Italian (Calabrese and Marchesian) and Half Sicilian.

    How about you?

  4. “She became popular after having done the TV commercial for Zexy because of her unique brown eyes.”

    I’m not getting this. Japanese don’t have brown eyes?

  5. I’m 1/2 Italian, 1/4 Irish, 1/4 English.

    Some Italian girls are pretty hot…..until they get older that is. Again, that is why we love Asian ladies! 🙂

  6. Italian women are among my least favorite, actually. The mix on Rosa looks great, though.

  7. Clint, I wondered about that myself at first. However, I think the word unique refers to her eyes overall (shape, size, etc.) and not the color.

    From a very dejected Wingsfan (it’s a hockey thing).

  8. Good looking, but the 2 pics above are kinda strange. Italian and japanese are a great mix, though.

    Bigfoot, Italian and Sicilian aren’t the same thing? Sicilian and Calabrese, means you may have some mobster cousins? 🙂
    Or am I seeing too much of the Sopranos? lol

  9. Sicily is, now, a part of Italy. I make the distinction, mostly, as a joke. But, many Italians are prejudiced against Sicilians. (Have you seen the great scene with Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper from True Romance?)

    The stereotypes of the three Italian regions of my ancestry are:

    Marche: Independent

    Calabria: Hard Headed

    Sicily: Well, you know…

    So, I’m an independent, hard-headed hood.


    While I don’t have any mafioso uncles or cousins (I don’t think), I certainly grew up with many “connected” people and my father was very liked and respected by those guys.

  10. there is something funny about her face…a little out of proportion…just an observation. the space from her eyes to her chin is pretty short compare to the rest of her face

  11. If you go to Italy no one ID’s themselves as Italians. They will describe themselves as Toscano, Romano, Milano, etc. The idea of Italy as a united nation and nationality is relatively recent history. But on a personal and regional level, not so much.

    Really cute. love her.

  12. Bigfoot, about people on the left side of the law, it’s indeed useful to have connections. We never know when one day we may need them and at the same time we get no trouble from them, it’s like an insurance and it’s wise. And whenever they aren’t doing whatever they do, they are people just like us.

    It’s good to know more about Italy, while checking some hot asian babes. Learning with benefits. 🙂

    I’ll check that True Romance movie, I don’t remember about it, right now.

  13. Without revealing (or admitting) too muck, danz, I totally agree. Let’s just say the connections have helped me on several occasions in my life.

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