Asian Diva Girls Website Revitalized

The website has recently reopened after some unexpected downtime. The site has been redesigned and the new look is a definite improvement. If you preview the ADG Site, you will see it has a definite amateur feel to it. The content ranges from softcore to hardcore. Many of their models are first timers and shot in casual settings. The sample image above is ADG model Ciara.

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  1. Hi Marco, Northman, et al…

    Thanks for the write up. I heard about it from one of the A-S Members. If you ever want to do any features, etc., please feel free to contact me. Also please send me advertising info.

    FYI, the ADG site will officially relaunch this Saturday (7/20), however people who join before Saturday can lock in the current pricing – just $14.95 the first month and then $12.95 recurring, which I think is a pretty good value considering the diversity and quantity of content (everything from Francine Dee to Charmane Star).

    Asian Diva Girls features over 10,000 exclusive photos and 250 exclusive videos (over 25 hours), mostly shot by myself. The free Tour has over 200 photos and over 10 minutes of free video samples.

    If anyone has any questions about the site, feel free to e-mail me:

    webmaster (AT) asiandivagirls (DOT) com

    Best regards,

    ADG Webmaster

  2. Is that Francine Dee on the right in the second shot? If so her new boob job definitely looks like an improvement over the last one.

  3. Bummer – from the front they still look a little odd, but from the side they look much better than before. Looks like she’s switched to higher profile implants (taller but narrower).

  4. Wow… Francine is looking pretty good in those pics. I was never really attracted to her before but I’m totally checking her out now! CJ there is looking like quite the firecracker!

  5. Yeah, I like Francine’s makeup better here than how she’s usually done it in the past. Still a little heavy for my taste though.

  6. francine has a cute face..body not so bad..the other girls look almost like ladyboys…btw, francine has a voice like Alvin the Chipmunk :))

  7. Aaaaah! There she is, the girl of my dreams…Francine Dee. She really does hold a special place in my heart. Oh boy, I love her so.

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