Colleen Francisca: Miss Singapore World 2006

Colleen Francisca (Photo: Ted Ollikkala)

Colleen Francisca, 1.74m, age 24, was crowned Miss Singapore World 2006 on July 3. She will represent Singapore in the Miss World pageant in Warsaw, Poland, on 30 Sept. 2006. She also won the Miss Charming, Miss Body Beautiful, Best In Swimwear and Miss Chic Attitude titles. The Miss Singapore WORLD 2006 Sneak Preview is was held at EastPoint Mall in Singapore (at Simei MRT) on 17,18 and 24, 25 June at 7pm).

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0 thoughts on “Colleen Francisca: Miss Singapore World 2006”

  1. Robin….nice girl, thanks!

    PS: I thought the pixel width is supposed to be either 300 or 350 or 400. 🙂

  2. Robin’s allowed to break his own rules. 😉

    A very, very disappointing winner for me – as is sadly so often the case these days, they picked the least natural and least Asian looking one. Oh well… 🙁

  3. I think it would be better to stick with the three fixed values of 300 or 350 or 400 we had agreed on before. It will give the home page a more consistant look and feel. Just my opinion. 🙂

  4. Wow, somebody’s able to be even more anally-retentive about the look of AS than Robin! 😉

    Personally, I agree with Robin on this one.

  5. carol cheong is miss singapore for the miss universe competition, while coleen for miss world.

  6. You’re right on both counts I’m happy to say! Robin, perhaps you’d better do an article on Carol as well for balance – I’m sure Carol would be of more interest to those of us who like Asian women in any case.

    What is with having a “Miss World” and a “Miss Universe” anyway? And let’s face it, there could be some pretty hot women out there… 😉

  7. Dr. Lee, I think asking why having a Miss X contests is similar to asking why having It’s all good…

    Miss Singapore is beautiful but other Asian contestants have been receiving better marks including Miss Indonesia, Nadine.

    Btw, I just started another blog devoted to Indonesian beauties. You can check out how well Miss Indonesia is doing so far in the competition at

  8. Yes Colleen is not Miss Singapore Universe, She’s is Miss Singapore WORLD 2006!

    She is indian, which also happens to be asian.

    Maybe some of you should be educated that not only chinese are asians.

    And could you please tell me what is it that is so disappointing about her? Her big eyes maybe? Her tan skin maybe?

  9. Dr Lee, Dr Jones here. You can call me Indie.

    I read your posts. Educate me, what does an Asian look like? I mean there are only what, 3 billion of us here. And you wanna know if Miss Singapore Universe looks Asian? Well yeah she does.

  10. I already said Miss Singapore Universe looks Asian – that’s why I was encouraging Robin to feature her! But Miss Singapore World does not, IMHO. I don’t think she looks Indian either – she looks to me as though she’s trying too hard to look white.

    Robin has confused things by putting a link to Miss Singapore Universe in his article, which is actually about Miss Singapore World.

    So, to restate: Miss Singapore Universe looks Asian to me, and Miss Singapore World does not. Clear now? 😉

  11. WHITE???!!! She’s trying to look WHITE??

    Hahahahaa!! LMHO!

    Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and in mine she so obviously looks asian.

  12. Yes they do, lots of them. 😉

    Lets not even get into what half of the girls on this site have enhanced,nipped, tucked and sucked. But thats ok as long as you can still tell they are asian right?

    Ya exactly, I can still tell she’s asian. 😉

  13. Waaaahaaaa. “Trying to hard to look white” I nearly wet myself. Are you for real? That has to be the dumbest comment I’ve ever heard. Don’t blame Robin, it’s you Man.

    An Indian girl trying to look white! Priceless….

  14. Once again, if she isn’t trying to look white, then why has she bleached her hair and why is she wearing hazel contact lenses? Asians do not naturally have blonde hair for goodness sake!

  15. Because she likes to look different from time to time? Caucasian people also wear contacts, dye their hair and go to the tanning machine. That doesn’t mean they are trying to look black or Asian, does it?

  16. Well having had the opportunity to see one of the Miss Singapore World preview shows, I can tell you that one of the sponsors was a contact lens supplier, and all contestants HAD to wear them throughout the whole competition. Secondly there were certainly no blondes in the competition, (and her hair is not blonde) and thirdly when Indians and South Americans dominate these pageants, why would anyone want to be white?

  17. Because white is supposed to be ‘cool’. I mean, look at all the contestants here. Colleen just happens to be the least Asian-looking one. Is that just a coincidence? I don’t think so, especially as she isn’t the prettiest either (IMHO).

  18. You might think white is cool. KKK did years ago, but that doesn’t mean they were right, right?
    Beauty pageants are not just judged on looks, and you have your opinion, but having seen all the contestants on stage I can assure you they picked the right girl this year. I mean the track-record of all your “Asian” looking Miss Singapore girls have never achieved anything on the international stage.
    Singapore is proud of its choice this year, we will support her, you go support your Aussie girl, and don’t be so quick to judge others on the basis of a couple of photographs.

  19. I’m saying I don’t think white is cool – that’s why I’m complaining about Asians trying to make themsleves look white!

    And the fact that Asian-looking contestants don’t do well on the international stage only reinforces my point. These international beauty pagaents are biased against Asian looks, IMHO.

  20. Because white is supposed to be ‘cool’.
    I’m saying I don’t think white is cool – that’s why I’m complaining about Asians trying to make themsleves look white!

    Lee, you’re not making sense anymore!

  21. There is no contradiction here. I said white is supposed to be cool – in other words, I don’t think it actually is, but a lot of Asians do. That’s why they try to make themselves look white, and why they choose the most white-looking girls to represent them in beauty pageants etc. – sadly.

  22. Really so? Where did you hear this? I did not know white was supposed to be cool. I always thought it was ‘black’ that was cool… 😉
    Well, I think Asians are cool.

  23. Dr Lee it’s time you take some medicine. 😉

    It’s obvious from your statements that you’re not living here in Singapore, or have any knowledge about the pageant industry, to be giving out such strong opinions.

    Almost every year, the most ASIAN
    (chinese) girl has been chosen to
    represent Singapore.

    If you read around
    in forums, there has been a lot of feedback and suggestions that we as a country should support and send our exotic minorities, Malays, Indians to the international level instead, since that is the look that usually does well overseas.

    But noooo..Singapore won’t change.. They keep sending the cookie cutter representative every year till this. Well not in the case of Carol though, she looks like all the rest(no offense). But Colleen what a surprise, organizers never usually pick Indian girls as winners.

  24. Well asia1, if what you are saying is true then I am very happy to hear it. But whenever I see the contestants for these pageants from Asian countries, they have almost always been very western looking (look at Robin’s Miss Universe story, for example).

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