Harisu calls cops over nude video clip on the web

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The transgender Korean celebrity Harisu is angry after a pirated video clip showing her naked was posted online. The 14-minute video clip was posted on an online portal and a game website.

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It was made in Thailand in 2002 to go with her nude photo album and made headlines as plenty of money was invested to use a US$4 million luxury villa and privately owned beach as the location.

At the time, the album and clip were expected to generate more than W5 billion in sales and triggered a flood of nude photo albums for mobile phones.

Harisu herself spotted the clip after logging on to her favorite game website on Tuesday afternoon. She immediately asked for it to be deleted.

She confirmed another posting of the same clip at a portal and obtained the IP address of the person who posted it there. “I agreed with my former agency that neither of us would use the video clip for commercial purposes when our contract expired,” she said. “I’m so surprised that it’s available now, after four years.”

Harisu says she will report the person who posted the clip with the help of cyber police. “She has put up for a long time with Internet users who illegally distribute paid content like video clips and nude photo albums,” her agency G&F Entertainment said. “But she decided that enough is enough, and she will ask police to investigate.”

Source: ASG

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