Asian bra clip

I don’t understand a word of it, but I think the girl is really cute.

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  1. It sure would have been alot nicer if she could have demonstrated how easy it is to take off. I would have bought one for sure. For my wife, that is.

  2. (Warning #1: I am just a student of Chinese, so these translations may not be 100% accurate, but to the best of my knowledge they are. Warning #2: Unicode Chinese text follows, so if you don’t have Asian fonts installed, you probably won’t see anything but little boxes.)

    This is probably a Taiwanese ad. The characters are all traditional and there are Taiwanese phonetics characters used later on (called “bopomofo,” which is used to teach children pronunciation — ))

    (Since I have only studied simplified characters, my system is only set up to use them, so I have substituted simplified characters for the original traditional characters where the character has been simplified.)

    0:01 – 莎薇 – Phonetic (sha wei = Savvy)
    0:02 – (Phonetics — sounds like “doink, doink” but is spelled “ㄉㄨㄞ,” which seems to be the phonetic spelling of “dwai” later on)
    0:03 – (Not sure what she says before the pause before she bounces the bubble, sounds like “xiawei” but I can’t find a proper definition.)
    0:04 – 新弹力 – New Elasticity/Spring/Stretch/Bounce (thus the bubble)
    0:06 – 弹力 – Same
    0:07 – 透气 – Breathable
    0:08 – 贴身 – Close-fitting
    0:09 – 无痕 – No marks
    0:11 – Not sure, but she repeats the phonetics again
    0:13 – 什么动都很舒服!- Whatever you do, it’s all very comfortable!
    0:15 – (“xiawei”)新弹力 – “New stretch/bounce/etc.” again.

  3. Thanks Quantum

    The translations really help what would otherwise be mere eye candy.

    Good Work.

  4. quantum is right about the commercial, his translations are correct. she says also “when i put it on it’s [phonetics], it’s really comfortable.” i’m sure the phonetics indicate the elasticity of the bra, especially with the way she’s poking at her cheeks

  5. The panties “casually” peaking up over the pants!–as if to say, ‘I’m cute aren’t I? Oopse! I’m also dirty!’

  6. Quantum, where do I can browse that unicode Chinese text follow? You are 100% right that I only see a little box.

  7. (Sorry for the semi-off-topic-ness)

    If you are using WinXP, go to the Control Panel and then use the “Regional and Language Options” applet, then go to the Languages tab and click on the box that says, “Install files for East Asian languages.”

    You’ll need the original XP installation files (whether on a CD or in an install directory) to load these, and then it will require you to reboot. Once you do, you should be able to see the Chinese characters.

    If you’re using something other than XP, you’ll need to do whatever the equivalent is of the steps above (sorry, I don’t know what is required on Win98, Vista or OSX).

  8. And thanks for the additional translations, Christine. I thought that it might have been something along the lines of “when I put it on,” but I was really unsure, so I left it.

    It’s odd, though, but to me, she doesn’t look Taiwanese. She looks more Malaysian, possibly Thai, with a possible Indian mix, than she does Taiwanese. Before hearing the sound, I was guessing she was speaking Malaysian until I recognized her speech as Chinese.

    As for her cuteness, she’s kind of meh to me. Not bad, just not my preference. 🙂 I think it’s because her features have a slight western look to them.

  9. Quantum, thank you.
    I saw it. She is beautiful with nice body.
    I think it was made on Taiwan rather than in China. If made in China probably in Hong Kong.

  10. Ah! Thanks for that, Hama.

    According to her blog, her Chinese name is 李蒨蓉 (Li QianRong). Apparently she’s been on the cover of the Taiwanese GQ, in which she is not demonstrating any bra, specifically:

    This comes from a Chinese-language forum post that includes more pictures from GQ:

    If one does an image search for “李蒨蓉” (with SafeSearch off, obviously), one can find some other interesting pictures of her, including one of her more than 8 months pregnant (emulating the famous pregnant Demi Moore photo).

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