Hiroko Sato

Hiroko Sato

Sato Hiroko is a Japanese gravure idol, actress and singer. Hiroko made her acting debut in 2002 with the movie Scare. She began to model in various gravure publications soon after, including Up to Boy and Sabra. As an actress, Hiroko works mainly in horror films. Her first single was released in 2005, and she participated in a compilation single with Isoyama Sayaka and Hoshino Aki. Hiroko has not released any music since.

Galleries here, here, here and here.Some stats:

Name: Sato Hiroko
Birthdate: February 17th, 1985
Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan
Height: 160cm
Bust: 85cm
Waist: 55cm
Hips: 85cm

Hiroko Sato

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  1. She looks just like my wife, just a little skinnier. They even have the same last name. Scary…

    If only her top would slip down an inch or two in the video…

    All in all, she’s quite lovely and a nice find.

  2. She’s got a beautiful face and lovely skin. I envy that Masseuse.
    Too bad she’s so short though. 5’2 is such a turn off.

  3. Lucky you, ghther!

    Very sexy, great body. Was hoping more from that video, though… 🙂

    Would like to see one of her horror movies. Horror and babes, must be good to watch.
    Any movie names?

  4. 5’2 isn’t synonomous with “petite”

    It means “short”… too short if under 5’7

  5. There’s a hell of a lot of petite Asian girls at 5’2″ – for example, Sachiko is only this 5’2″, but many people who only see her photos think she is very tall! (Pamela Anderson is only 5’2″ as well.) IMHO, if you need a girl to be at least 5’7″, then you aren’t a true Asian lover. 🙂

  6. Sachiko looking taller than she is is due to clever photography. They did the same in “The Green Mile” for Mike Duncan.

    Its measurements that make a woman petite or not. I’ve seen alot of 5’2 fatties.

    this chick here is shorter than my Chinese friend and has a smaller bust size – as my friend is a34B so I can imagine she’s real short.

  7. Well ‘PhD’, I am Sachiko’s photographer, so I know exactly how she was photographed, and exactly how she looks in real life. I do not employ the sort of trickery you mention – indeed, this kind of thing is absolutely against my philosophy as a photographer.

    BTW, if you check her measurements, you will see that Sachiko has 32″ hips and a 21″ waist. If that’s not petite, the I don’t know what is!

  8. it is not height but proportion…5′ 2 can be good if she has proportionate legs and back..and boobs…you are too critical phd…enjoy the nice view bro…

  9. 5’2” a turn off? Whatever. Asians who are short and hot are the bomb. I love them. I love them tall too. But in most cases, height is the last thing that is on my mind unless they’re real short or tall, and it’s something that I never think of when collecting photos. Let me also share 2 pics while I am here as well.

  10. 5’2 is just fine with me. i prefer my women short, petite, small, slight, wispy, impish, tiny and waiflike.

  11. My wife is from the Philippines and is around 5’0″. I never really cared how tall or short my women were, as long as they were asian and most importantly, were a PHd. That’s a complete turn on for me.

  12. It would be helpful to us Europeans if the whole ‘feet and inch’ thing would be accompanied by a metric figure. (centimers/meters)

    (For me, anything under 1m 55cm (5.09 feet) is too short ;-))

  13. Nicholi-aren’t you asian? as asian you should know most asian people are short, that’s what makes us asian, yes yes i know there are some tall ones, but I said most. Tall or short who cares? I am just sick of your little comment “she got a beautiful face but too bad she’s too short”, Really I like to see how you look so Christine and I can comment on you.

  14. This may be none of my business, as I usually just hang back and look at the pictures, which are mostly very good, but Dr. Lee you are making personal attacks on NicoliServiaPhD, and it says at the bottom of your page that those comments will be deleted.

    You have the right to make those comments and break your own rules because this your place, but I think if you care about keeping this place fair and maintaining the class this place has, then you should delete those comments where you attack Nicoli, and then delete this one because it too is off-topic.

    It may be absurd to think a 5’2″ Asian is too short, but he is entitled to his own opinion, and at least he is talking about Asian women. You’re just talking about him.

    Again, this is your place so you make the rules, but you are being a hypocrite.

  15. As I state above, my comments are too gentle to qualify as a personal attack, at least in terms of how I have been policing it in the past. I should point out that my comments in relation to “PhD”‘s fraudulant claims are statements of opinion that I – or anybody else here – has the right to make, as I think our readers have the right to know that this guy almost certainly isn’t who he says he is, and anything he posts cannot be trusted. However, in the interests of fairness, if the general opinion is that I am being unfair here, I will delete the offending comments.

  16. I agree, opinions should be stated. Specifically what I am referring to is the “male model pic” comment which has no bearing on the topic and is obviously a personal dig. You can say it gently or not, but it’s still a personal attack, or at least an inappropriate comment.

    And just because you are less insulting than him doesn’t mean you’re not being insulting at all. It isn’t a question of degree. If I were to question your credentials of being a Dr., wouldn’t that be a personal dig, and an off-topic comment, regardless of whether or not you could back it up (this is just an example, btw, i am not questioning your credentials)?

    Sorry to stray the comments so far off-topic, which has happened a lot lately, but I felt compelled to say something in the name of fairness. If you do decide to delete your comment, please delete mine too, so that this can stay more focused.

  17. I personally like the Thai midget bargirls, when I go to Pattaya. It’s their tiny little hands that make me feel huge. You should all try it.

  18. whiteskirl, if you did question my credentials, I would consider that perfectly valid – indeed, this has happened in the past and I have not deleted anybody’s comments for doing so, or even given them any kind of warning.

    However, in the interests of being seen to be fair, I am going to do the following:

    1) Despite the fact that I remain of the opinion that my comments are within our posting guidelines, I will remove all of my comments in this thread that could be seen as a personal attack (and the comments arising from them).

    2) As NicholiServiaPhD has already had three warnings and is clearly annoying everybody, I will be suspending his membership.

    3) In response to several requests to do so – and to avoid threads like this one – I will act more quickly on posters like NicholiServiaPhD in the future. Until now, I have been applying a policy of “three clear violations of our moderation policy and you’re out”. I will now be making it “three warnings and you’re out”.

  19. Okay, I have now deleted the OT and potentially offensive comments in this thread, apart from those directly related to my decision on moderation policy outlined in my post above.

    While I’m here whiteskwirl, I do have to point out that moderation is a question of degree – for example, you call me a hypocrite above, which could be considered a personal attack. However, in context I think it is fine. If I deleted everything that could be an attack, nobody could say anything!

  20. BTW, when I suspended NicholiServiaPhD’s membership, I noticed that he listed himself as a “young, handsome Physics Professor” – everything about this guy and his claims screams “FRAUD!”. I should also point out that “PhD” means Doctor of Philosophy, NOT Doctor of Physics as is commonly assumed (obviously by NicholiServiaPhD as well). In his case, it is probably most accurately referred to as “Phantasy Doctor”. 😉

    And if that is a personal attack, I apologise. 🙂

  21. always one the bunch…why cant people just sit back and enjoy midget boobs like Arf 🙂

    i want to be a doctor too…Doctor Feelgood 🙂

  22. Tall or short, Sato looks awesome. She’s got a killer little waist.

    Personally, I like them shorter. Anything over 5’5″ is starting to push it. I don’t like anything over 5’7″.

  23. 5’2″, 5″7 , 6’1″, i’d take em all…as long as they are not 300 lbs…lol..BTW i was waiting for the nipples to pop on that video..such a tease !! now…excuse me guys..

  24. My…my…my…what a delicious looking girl this is. Oh my, and them boobies are just fantastic. I’m hungry now.

  25. Hiroko Sato – 佐藤寛子
    DOB: 1985/02/17
    Place of Birth: Kanagawa Prefecture
    Height: 160cm
    Bust: 85cm
    Waist: 55cm
    Hips: 85cm

    Video releases –

    I Hold Nothing
    Idol One: Taiyo no Kiseki – in Saldenia Island
    Idol One: Genso no Miyako – in Rome
    Hiroko to Panda to Shanghai de
    Girls love live
    Can’t Hide
    Real B Face
    Showa Nostalgy
    Gekkan Hiroko Sato
    Pure Smile
    Scare Jigoku no Kagai jugyou

    She has also starred in a few non-idol mainstream movies in Japan and done voice-overs for cartoons.

    Find more Hiroko Sato Galleries at the Japanese Idols Directory.

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