Blonde asians?

Ayumi Hamasaki blonde

Ricebunny (Michelle Phan, featured on Asian Sirens June 18), posted a question about asian hair color (on Xanga) and got over 200 comments. She said that Ayumi Hamasaki (pictured) can pull it off, but that “an asian girl with blonde hair can look very slutty.”

What do you, the readers of Asian Sirens, think?I personally prefer long thick straight dark black hair, a look that many asians (but not many others) have down. This photo of Ziyi Zhang gives you an idea of what I’m thinking (although I suspect that everyone reading Asian Sirens knows what I mean).

Ziyi Zhang not blonde

A common sentiment was that the urge to try blonde reflects submission to the “stereotypical western concept of beauty.” There was an event in which Japenese women wore, and then discarded, blonde wigs (Tokyo Times, April 14, 2005) and photographer Rob Lange created a gallery with 17 photos of blond Japanese in 2001.

Since some of you want to see what Michelle meant by slutty, I thought I’d include this picture of Miko Lee.

Miko Lee blonde

OK guys, what do you think?

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0 thoughts on “Blonde asians?”

  1. I also prefer the more natural dark hair and rarely find the blond look attractive, on Asian women.

    With that said, I agree Ayumi Hamasaki pulls it off quite well. It works for her, for some reason. It might be because she has an innocent, doll-like, face.

  2. miko does not look good here her boob job looks horrible.

    it depends….some girls can have some color..but total blonde for me is a no no..i prefer asian girls to look asian….demured and soft…like thitima…he he. miko looks whacked man.:)

  3. First of all, Miko is probably my favorite Porn actor.
    I’ve got videos of her in some AMAIZING scenes. That picture up there is probably the worst one I have of her cause I never saw that distortion around her areola.

    Furthermore, Blonde Hair looks silly on people without Blue/ Green eyes. I suppose that’s cause I always expect a Blonde to be a Caucasian.

    I think slick dark Black hair on an Asian and those deep dark eyes are perfect.

    Of course, I don’t mind seeing girls with colored hair. Red, Green, Blue looks good on good Asian skin if the girl is petite.

  4. I don’t know if what I want to say about that last pic is aginst the rules so I’ll just say… no sir I don’t like it one bit.

    Now about the hair, as with anything there is no general one answer fits all to this questions. The fact is that its half in how its done and the other half is perception. Booth of these categories will change per situation. Personally I like Black red blue green and some others. Blood is just too over done and I think the pale sink goes best with something dark to set it apart, this isn’t to the Asian frame this is just in general. With that being said there could be styles, people, and situations where it could be stunning, after all blond highlights have been in use for years with general acceptance.

  5. I have to agree that – judging from this photo – Ayumi Hamasaki does pull off the ‘blonde Asian’ look. Another one who looks good blonde is Sasha Singleton, but she isn’t a full-blooded Asian anyway. Still, for the most part I would say that Asian girls bleaching their hair is a very big no no.

  6. Blonde hair on Asian babes is HORRID.That being said…I’ll happily share my _______(fill in the blank) with Miko Lee.Call me a hypocrite.

  7. hahaha @ the miko lee insert… regarding the colour of hair determining the sluttiness of an asian girl. I have to say generally girls do dye their hair for attention for sure it can raise eyebrows but for some i would agree they can pull it off, however very few can maybe more western looking asian types and the mixed ones and in general i’d say girls do look better with natural black hair even the ones that may pull it off.

  8. It’s basically impossible for an Asian babe to dye blonde …and come off as anything other than “trailer park honey in training”.I’ve never seen one & thought “sophisticate” or “stylish”.

  9. Ayumi looks likes she in a damned ZALES advertisement up top.

    Asian women are always gonna take heat from “someone” for dying their hair blonde.

    if they aren’t being called “wannabewhites” they’ll be called “bananna”. That second term is being used more and more these days by Asians against Asians.

    I think people should be free to do whatever they want with their body but pop culture disagrees with me.

  10. Hey guys, Miko just called and let me tell you, she is not happy. She feels very upset and let down now. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.

  11. If Miko likes her hair to be colored, it is based on her personality.
    So do we have our personality also, that almost of us like girls with dark hair (black).
    Others girls like Zhang Zi Yi, is Natsuki Abe or Gong Li or Lucy Liu and so many.
    According to my oppinion be a natural is better.

  12. I love long, dark hair. I don’t mind blonde as long as it looks right. But most of the time, the Asians with blonde hair don’t look right.

    I think Ayumi can pull off the blonde look so well is because she looks classy plus she has the money for the styling, coloring, and extensions so that her hair looks good. Plus the color goes with her skin and her eyebrows match her hair color. And her hair is not that slutty shade of blonde that most Asians get.

    I hate it when a model dyes their hair but the roots are still dark or when their eyebrows don’t match the hair color or the shade of blonde doesn’t even go with the way they look, especially when they look so much better with dark hair.

    I’m not quick to say that every Asian with blonde hair looks like a slut because it depends on the rest of the way she looks, the shade of blonde that’s used, her makeup, and whether or not she’s dressed like a slut to begin with.

  13. Robin,
    Such an eye you have!

    The border was put on by Idol-a-gogo before Ricebunny got it. Since it would hve been hard to remove the border without removing their credit at the bottom, I removed both.

  14. I’ve liked Miko for a while now, and I like Candymans shot of her above. The first shot just had a bad angle or something. Bad lighting maybe. I still wouldn’t mind having a turn with her. Even for free, don’t have to pay me.

  15. Blondes are at the bottom of my hair color preference list. I prefer all-natural women, so those with straight, naturally raven-black hair and natural body parts are at the top.

    I’m not even very keen on Asians with dark brown hair (although I give more leeway with this), but Asians with blonde hair is a real turn-off for me.

    And although I have no interest in guys, I have to say that Asian guys who dye/bleach their hair blonde just look silly.

  16. Long dark hair is my thing. Asians that dye their hair, really make it strange, most of the time. It doesn’t fit. They get slutty or just weird.

    Ayumi looks good but she payed attention to eyebrows and even the hairdo is adequate.

    Another thing I hate about dyed hair is that is represents a lack of self-confidence, since the woman feels she has to change radically. Such lack of self-confidence is a big turn off for me.

  17. Yeah, putting that Miko photo as example of bad ‘blonde asian’ is just not impartial. One of the worst examples one could find, lol.

  18. My wife is a Filipina and I don’t think there’s any lovlier hair than Oriental natural. As my wife grew older and her hair began to grey, she started having her hair dyed. Regardless of how much I begged, she would not let her hair go back to natural until recently. Oriental black can not be duplicated, no matter how technically advanced hair coloring has become. Finally after “putting up” with dyed black hair, I finally have my wife back complete with her beautiful hair. Funny thing is, when she stopped dying it, she didn’t have as much grey as she thought she did. Heck, she’s only 58!

    More to the point of this topic, I think there are very few Asian women that look better with dyed hair. Tila is one of them. Can’t think of another.

  19. Daznlover, you are not the only one who loves girls with long dark hair. Many of us like and love it.

  20. Looks like Asian Sirens readers are overwhelmingly in favour of natural hair colour for Asian girls! Is there anybody who thinks they look better blonde?

  21. I can’t think of anyone who looks better blonde than with their natural hair color. I took that first pic of Jasmine Mai when I first met her, and ever since, she’s gone with blonde hair. She’s still cute, but to me, she doesn’t look better blonde.

    There’s nothing more erotic than a head of long, jet black hair. Blonde hair just does not have the same quality. Look how good Sonia looks with long, black hair.

    I’m curious to know as to why Asians dye their hair blonde when they don’t look better with it. My theory is that they want to stand out and appeal to people who don’t know about Asian beauty.

    And Asians need to stop with the blue contacts. I haven’t met a chick yet who looks better with blue contacts.

  22. daznlover, I don’t think dying your hair represents a lack of self-confidence. I mean, some girls just get experimental with how they look. I’ve dyed my hair before – I put brown highlights in, and before that I was into the whole punk thing so I’ve had purple, blue, and green in.

    Like what Niners said, the decision to color your hair is based on personality. I’m sure some of you guys have considered bleaching your hair in the 90s when it was en vogue. I don’t think that hair colour really says anything about the girl, but it may say something about her style. A lot of korean girls I know want to look like Ayumi or look like their favorite jpop/kpop/whateverpop stars, so they aim to look super skinny, dye their hair, and wear trendy clothes.

    If that’s what they like, then that’s what they like I think.

    My big tiff with dyed hair is that it really damages the hair. Blonde hair never looks good because the hair is already so frizzy and so dry that it looks completely artificial and lacking of health and shine.

  23. I wonder:

    is the overwhelming objection to Asians dying their hair due to the recent anti- White Supremacy backlash (objection to Asians desiring to appear like White women)


    is the objection due in part to the sociological theories that Western men who are attracted to Asian women, attracted to them because they are “more exotic” than their own race partners – thereby desiring someone “nothing like them” in order to achieve biodiversity in their offspring.

    just a thought – do you follow me?

  24. BTW – I love Miko Lee

    but, to my memory I’ve never once seen her in a sex scene with an Oriental Asian Male. Only seen her with Whites and Blacks.

    Wikipedia claims, she’s disappeared from porn altogether and that videos being released merely have scenes she’d shot earlier in her career.

  25. I think she is now married with four kids and one on the way. All different fathers though. Nah, I really have no idea. I still wouldn’t mind having a turn as her costar, or counterpart. For free to.

  26. I have to agree with Christine on all counts. Actually, I always hate how people jump to conclusions about a girl’s self-confidence because she dyes her hair, has breast implants etc. It may be true in some cases, but certainly not all – it’s far from a safe conclusion. Girls just want to look the way they want to look, for their own reasons.

    On the ther hand, what Christine says about dying hair damaging it is absolutely true also, and is one big reasons why I am personally against it.

  27. Fair enough, I was generalizing and I shouldn’t. I should have expressed myself better. I’m ok with girls, women, dying their hair for experimentation. I even find cute some highlights if done well.

    What I meant about lack of self-confidence is that type of woman who had natural hair for like 28, 30 years and suddenly she ruins it all and starts dying it aggressively into blonde or something similar, basically changing drastically her old image. Was talking about late 20s, when they are supposed to be more mature but all of a sudden they flip and change to some hair / looks that are just not appropriate. It’s not the case with all women that dye their hair, but I’ve seen a few cases like these, that I really didn’t like. Hope you can know understand my meaning. 😉

  28. Christine…

    considering what you’ve said… I would thnk that it is not the personality of the girl determining how she wants to look, but instead, her reaction to SOCIALIZATION.

    Why is it, a girl who has such high self esteem and personality would feel it neccesary to imitate her favorite J-pop/ rock star?

    If none of these products were available in the first place (no implants, no hair dye) would women be preoccupied with inventing them?

    Or are these fashion items being shoved down their throats to meet the desires of someone who wants to make money by convincing people “YOU LOOK TERRIBLE – this is how you should look”?

  29. Okay, I have to go out now so I can’t write in detail, but ArgonBuddha raises an issue that I have very strong feelings about. The fashion industry is one of the greatest cons in the history of mankind. It basically works by telling people (not just women but men too) that thay aren’t good enough as they are, so they have to get some kind of new and useless piece of crap/fashion/hairstyle etc. to make themselves ‘cool’ and attractive. The reason things go in and out of fashion is so we have to keep buying more new and useless crap all the time.

  30. Dr Lee

    The industry’s JOB is to keep us buying SOMETHING.

    If people truly did not “covet their neighbor’s possesions” the entire economy would collapse.

  31. Problem with Fashion in my eyes is it reinforces WHITE SUPREMACISM.

    Fashion designers are mostly White. European
    Fashion CRITICS are mostly White European or White American.

    Yes there are Asian, Hispanic, Black…etc Fashion designers but they NEVER get the same acclaim the Europeans do.

    What bothers me is Asian women feed right into it (as do White girls and minorities who want to “feel as if they are high class” which is completely subjective.

    That is one of the reasons I appreciate Hispanic and Hip Hop fashion.

    I’d like to see Traditional Asian fashions make a comeback.

    I have a weakness for women in short- skirt qipaos…

    Can Asian Sirens get some of those 😛

  32. I definitely prefer their dark hair to blonde, but for me, that applies to white girls as well. Highlights can be OK also if done right, but its a tough act to pull off. Colored contact lenses will always be a fashion faux pas in my mind. It just looks weird.

    I’ve been trying to convince my girlfriend to let her hair go back dark or at least not highlight it so drastically. I think she wants to be blonde though which does not look the best on her.

  33. daznlover, I get your point!

    ArgonBuddha, I would not be so quick to say that the fashion industry reinforces white supremacism. I also don’t really know how to address your questions on sociological theories vs. anti-white supremacism since I don’t really object to dyed-blonde hair.

    But, as for your question on socialization: why does having high self esteem and a lot of personality play into whether or not they choose to dress a certain way? Some girls with those traits decide to conform to a stylistic norm because they like it. Does someone’s conformity to a stereotype reflect a lack of self-confidence? If you like a certain image, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with imitating it.

    Secondly, to your “would women be preoccupied with inventing them?” question, did you know that leg-shaving and the use of minerals and charcoal for eye makeup has been around since B.C. times? Back then women used to use very sharp rocks in order to shave themselves. I think that one of the characteristic traits of many women – vanity – has always been around and it will always motivate the creation of beautifying products.

    Dr. Lee makes the point that the fashion industry just capitalizes on women’s obsession with their image and their looks, so much so that women now feel as if being thin or being beautiful will make them happy or make them successful. So, now, yes, I’m sure that the fashion industry is shoving this stuff down our throats, but I don’t think that it started off this way with some monolithic haute couture toga-designing association in the Mediterranean or anything.

  34. Excellent post! I’ve always puzzled over this; blond hair on Asians is never successful, without exception. It always looks fake because it is; it’s too radical a departure from the natural coloring. Also, dark hair is more reflective so long black hair looks healthier than lighter colors–to say nothing of the nasty frizz that dying causes.

    It’s nuts: you take hair that is really superior on almost every count and ruin it! Highlights are no better. I’ll admit though that a slight brown color, if very well done and subtle can look stylish; but that’s all it is, stylish, not beautiful.

    Beautiful is showing off the natural hair. How can you beat this?:

    Check out some of the other photos by leonche64 at Flickr; a number of good Asian hair shots. (Someone needs to set up a Flickr beautiful hair photo pool.)

  35. ArgonBuddha, a few last points:

    Fashion designers are not all European. To say so would be fallacious. Perhaps the most famous western fashion houses like Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, etc. are all run by Europeans or mostly Europeans, but this is probably because these are all esteemed names in the western fashion world. Here, Seven for All Mankind and True Religion jeans are considered super high quality, whereas when I took a trip to Europe I did not recognize any of the brand names there – like Cycle or Replay. I think that the eminence of the designers you noted is moreso just a matter of locality and not a global fact.

    I think that it is interesting that you say that you appreciate Hispanic and Hip Hop fashion, when I don’t think that your love for Hip Hop/Hispanic fashion is any different from a Japanese girl liking Ayumi Hamasaki’s style. One is considered mainstream, while the other is considered “underground” or “alternative.” Believe me, having been one of those indie kids that listen to music only put out on independent music labels and shop at thrift stores and dye their hair odd colours, that image is just as manufactured as that of those hifalutin pop stars. I’m not sure if this is the allure of Hispanic/Hip Hop fashion to you, but if it is I hope this is some food for thought.

  36. oh, btw, daznlover, i think a lot of women in their late 20’s and early 30’s do this because they realize that they’re losing their youth and they can’t do/wear the same stuff that they could’ve worn when they were younger.

    for instance, when you’re like a fresh blossom at the age of 21, you can totally sport a miniskirt or a flashy strapless top, dye your hair a trendy colour, and wear some funky platform shoes and be considered totally hip and happening. women who don’t take the opportunity when they’re young to wear things or do things like that realize it when they hit their 30s and are expected to be mature, and i think that at that point they try to backtrack.

    obviously not all women do this, i just think that this could, in part, explain their unnatural hair-dying behaviour.

    personally, i think that being 30 would be a lot of fun, because there are some super hot age-appropriate clothes for adults – and i’m really fed up with how much fashion changes for people my age, when i think it would be awesome to just have some stability — like, finding an awesome style of jeans only to see that, next season, it’s no longer being sold :(. and, really, who wouldn’t want to be a milf?

  37. christine

    How long have you lived in Asia?

    I could go into detail about how I felt White supremacism was flourishing there based on the available fashion and advertisements.

  38. argonbuddha, I don’t live in Asia – I live in the US. But if you think that that is white supremacism in the fashion and advertisements, I think I would have to disagree and say that that is a side-effect of US economic involvement in Asia and post-Cold War influence.

  39. Once again, I am inclined to agree with Chrsitine on this one. However, I do find it curious that a girl who is only ‘barely legal’ would aspire to be a MILF. 😉

    Also, I am not sure the fashion thing becomes any less of an issue when you get older. Indeed, I do not follow fashion at all: I always go for a clean and very simple style. But whenever I go to buy clothes, I always have a hard time finding it amongst the latest garish and trashy fashions.

  40. I don’t think it has anything to do with white supremacy, just the tastes of the majority of asian woman at this time. Over here in Okinawa the hip-hop fashion/style is huge. You see a lot of young girls with corn rows and baggy pants. They like what they’re gonna like. Who cares. I think someone has it out for whitey again. Get a life.

  41. Arf
    You won’t find a single Sociologist who would argue against prevalent role of White Supremacism in the role of Fashion.

  42. I’m not all that into the fashion industry these days, just women. Not a big deal to me. I declare you the winner, ArgonBuddha. Now back to the asian-sirens.

  43. dudes and christine. who gives a damn about whether fashion has anything to do with white supremecy? Hamasaki Ayumi looks like a goddess in this picture of her. I love her blond hair, she is so amazingly beautiful. However, she looks really nice with her natural black hair as well. Overall though, as Michelle Phan said, nobody else can pull it off besides Ayumi. cheers.

  44. christine, that’s exactly the point. They flip and backtrack, when they should embrace their charming age at late 20s or early 30s.

    Your comment was so funny, made me laugh, thinking of you wanting to be a milf. :))
    But that’s right, milfs, women on their late 20s / 30s, they have a big appeal. It’s all about adjusting well to age and being charming.

    I have my own definition of taste and don’t care about the fashion crap ‘this is whats hot this year’. I tell ya, it’s hard to have that stability even at older ages, because the stores are changing styles/colours every year and sometimes I don’t like their taste. But what can I do? They seem unstoppable.

  45. About the white supremacy thing, I don’t think Asia is invaded by whites with a secret agenda to shove their fashion down some throats.

    In fact, many asians look at whites as some sort of role model for wealth, success, beauty and they also translate whites to western, european. All this can explain why western, european fashion is ‘cool’ in some asian countries. It seems to me, asians themselves, value western products too much, much more than they should.

    Supremacy implies that some entity is trying to establish some control over something and I highly doubt that’s the case in Asia. Case is: some asian societies value more the western stuff. It’s their choice (probably wrong).


    ————-Supremacy implies that some entity is trying to establish some control over something and I highly doubt that’s the case in Asia.————

    First of all, thats the funniest sentence I’ve read all day. Maybe you should come to my country and see how the British and Americans have DIVIDED, SUBDIVIDED…PLACE MILITARY BASES and WOMANIZE.

  47. Don’t get me wrong, I know about imperialism and colonialism, etc. But, common, most asian countries have now free societies to live by their own rule. So I don’t see how whites could now impose their rules. By economic means?

    Sure, but I think that white skin is too engrained into some asians as ‘the good thing’. And there lies the real problem. I say, forget us whites, enjoy the asian beauty, asian colour and asian traditions.
    Why do so many asians use white bleaching, to get their skin white? White supremacists? Think not… People have the power to decide their own lifes and tastes, nowadays. IMHO.

  48. Actually dazn, I think your last comment – which I absolutely agree with – shows the fallacy of your assumptions regarding women’s motives for dying their hair, regardless of their age. Also, why should younger women be allowed to dye their hair, when older women are not? To me the principle is the same, regardless of a woman’s age.

    However, despite my disgreement with you over their motives, I do of course agree that Asian women are better off not dying their hair, IMHO.

  49. I just feel that hair dyeing may have different reasons, related to age. And while youngers are experimenting and maybe trying to get in the western style, olders are also trying to bring back old days (like christine rightfully put it), which is kinda silly to me, at that age.

  50. here you two go again tryin’ to understand us girls and why we do what we do. don’t you know that we’re all way too complicated for that?

    haha, just kidding

    or am i?

  51. Actually, I think you are far too complicated for that, which is exactly my point. I feel it is a little insulting to make such sweeping generalisations about different women’s motivations, which are probably just as varied as the women themselves!

  52. Huh? I just find men making naive generalisations about women’s motivations for altering their bodily apperance to be objectionable. Sachiko frequently gets these kinds of comments about her breast surgery, but as I know her personally, I can confirm that she most certainly did not do it for the sorts of reasons dazn assumes. And I think I know Christine well enough to be able to safely assume she didn’t dye her hair for these reasons either.

  53. Not slutty, but oddly inappropriate. It’s almost like taking Daisuke Matsuzaka and making him face AAA hitters. Why even enter the arena when you don’t have to? Let the average chicks fight the blonde battle.

    One of the things that set Asian women apart *is* that long thick straight dark black hair. Nothing like it.

    Oh, subtle highlights are ok though.

  54. christine is right, I may have went too far trying to analyze women. I try to do it all the time, but it’s usually a lost battle. lol

  55. I think some asian ladies look very nice with blonde hair. Now, I do have to agree that when the asian guys dye their hair bleach their hair blonde they do look silly. They look stupid. I also have to say some of us Americans don’t look good as blondes either. Especially dark-skinned black people. They do not look good as blondes. It doesn’t fit.

    But I just love the way Ayumi Hamasaki’s blonde hair, and her looks with it!!! She’s a beauty. I’m a mix-race person with blonde hair, and I get lots of good positive comments on the way I look with it, and my complexion is the same as an asian or oriental person is. The majority of what everybody tells me with my olive or very high yellow complexion say that I’m a beauty with blonde hair rather than with black or dark brown hair.

    I even think asians look stunning with even dark or light brown hair. That’s my thinking.

  56. i personally think that it really does depend on the girl but most of the times, naturally black hair looks way better on asian girls.

    Blonde hair? Not so much.

    I’v had my hair blonde quite a few times i personally really liked it but i did notice that people did like my natural hair much much better.

  57. the reason she plays it off is because her eyes are BIG and Westernized and her eyebrows were done to match. If her eyes weren’t so large and her eyebrows were still dark, she would look foolish.

  58. Ziyi Zhang is the prettiest among the three. In fact, she is one of the prettiest I have ever seen.

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