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It’s Asian Beauty Month on They are celebrating the release of the 2006 Asian Beauty Calendar (Isn’t that a bit late?) Nevertheless: Great photo’s of beautiful models!

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  1. I’m a bit old-school, but what are people’s general impressions of belly rings and naval jewelery as a whole? I’m just not with it, especially those big, gaudy things that younger gals seem to be really into.

  2. eros, sometimes the naval jewelry can ‘get in the way’ – if you know what I mean. Otherwise it doesn’t bother me.

  3. Now I remember her – the girl with the star tats on her elbows. Read on her 24MainSt bio she wants to get into Playboy – unless Playboy has changed a lot, I can’t see that happening – too bad. What a face and what a set of implants.

  4. I asked in another place on the site, does anyone know about the star tats and why Maya and Tila have them on places like elbows and wrists? Is there any symbolism to it?

  5. Maya Simone commented on Asian-Sirens about her tattoos:

    (…) Third, my tattoos have significance. Very personal and deep. They’re naughtical stars… I am not into ~mainstream~ crap! I understand not everyone likes tattoos…but, I love mine. It’s art…just as makeup and highlighting your hair is.

    I have my tats at my elbows for several reasons. First, I got them a couple of years ago… before I even thought of modeling…I’ve never thought myself to be model material. I’m a tomboy. I like to get down and dirty. Wanna race me down a snow covered mountain? Second, they’re not IN my face so I don’t have to ever get tired of looking at them. Third, who likes elbows anyway? Fourth, I have a college degree (UCLA baby!) so if I ever want to work in the corporate world…3/4 button ups are fine with me!

    Back to clarifications, third, I don’t do drugs. Whoever said this “screams ignorance”. Tattoos do not equate to drugs. (…)

    Maya Simone

  6. She’s a doll with her natural eye color. In pictures where she’s wearing those blue contacts she looks so sci fi.

  7. Maya, sorry if you’re offended by my comment in the earlier thread. I didn’t say there was any guarantee – but the stats show that drug users are more likely to have tattoos than non-users. And equating tats to temporary hair coloring and makeup makes me wonder what about the UCLA education. Tats (except for very expensive, very difficult) laser procedures are permanent.

    Dr Lee, Playboy could airbrush them out. But while they’ve bought some porn companies, the magazine still has a ‘girl next door’ attitude – and with the number of girls they can easily pass. I think Maya is more of a Penthouse/Maxim girl.

  8. Well she is right westcoast…your comments scream ignorance. She equated the two as artforms, not based on how long they last.

    Do you have source for your stats on tats or is it plain bigotry?

    I lurk here and do read peoples comments. While not always pleasant, the critiques on models are valid, but such comments about drug use and level of education I dont believe are relevant

  9. Whatever, Johnny. You’re whipped – except you’re not getting any. If one wants to say I overgeneralized, that’s one thing – not that I care since I’m as entitle to an opinion as anyone else on the planet. She’s the one who compared permanent markings to very temporary things (tats vs. makeup). You only have to watch ‘Cops’ to see how many of the drug offenders (“innocent until proven guilty in a court of law” – hehe) have tats. Or players NBA. I never said because she had them she definitely used – you and Maya can work on your Reading Comprehension.

    I give her credit though – she took responsibility for them. When I see a young woman with tats I figure some idiot ex-boyfriend convinced her it was a good idea.

    I just think it’s sad – she won a genetic lottery with her looks (especially now that we know her chest is natural) – so few women on this planet have a face or body to match hers. A small sea lion on her rump or ankle would be ok – but those things on her elbows are not attractive at all.

  10. I wouldn’t say we know her chest is natural – never believe a model when she says this! Indeed, I would say the chances that her breasts are natural are not only improbable, but just about impossible. The shot where she’s lying on her back is very conclusive.

  11. MR. Lee and others who have their “opinions” on my chest and tats are ignorant. If you don’t like either of them, then move on. There are so many models without tattoos that are gorgeous! Apparently you are either mezmorized by my looks or just jealous and if you are neither, then seriously, move on. I am a model and just like every other model, I have who I market to and attract. And, if I don’t do it for you, why dwell and continue with the negative attitude? Not any of the models that are posted or featured on this site are agreeable to all as either beautiful or unattractive.

    I do not support this site because if you don’t like my tattoos, navel ring and whatever else…that’s one thing; but to keep on going about how my tats equate to lesser things such as drugs and cops and whatever non-sense is just plain STUPID. That’s right, who says this clearly wreaks ignorance as a whole. Just because “the stats show that drug users are more likely to have tattoos than non-users” does not mean those “that have tattoos are more likely to use drugs”…..yes, you need to take a moment to think this through WestCoast. Reading Comprehension! I was also a two time Debate Champion in high school.

    Who are YOU or Mr. Lee to judge anyone? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think many will agree that “Sachiko” is not beautiful to everyone.

    And about my breasts…think what you want to think…I take it as a compliment because apparently if you keep obsessing about them they must look great…so thank you.

    And FYI…that photoshoot with Greg Hadel on 24mainstreet was my second. Frankly, I was nervous and inexperienced but for my second photoshoot in my whole life, not bad, and I agree, it could be better. And as a model, I strive for improvement.

    For being a new model, I appreciate the publicity on this site. I must be doing something well.

    -Maya Simone

  12. Hi Maya. There appears to be some kind of misunderstanding here. I did not criticise you for your tattoos here at all – I don’t know why you think I am. If you’re referring to my comments regarding why you look a little odd in some shots, I’m referring to your coloured contacts, not your tats. I think you look much better with your natural eye colour.

    If you are offended by my pointing out that your claim of having natural breasts is false, I’m sorry, but I too am offended by models claiming they are natural when they clearly are not. I don’t like it when somebody thinks I’m stupid enough to believe something just because they say so, even though it is clearly untrue.

    But once again, I think your breasts are superb (natural or not), and I think you look great (prefereably without the coloured contacts though!). I’d prefer it of you didn’t have the tats, but it’s not a big deal in your case (they aren’t very obtrusive). And I certainly don’t equate them with drugs etc. – I’ve known many very good people with tattoos.

  13. One more thing Maya – before you attack other people’s reading comprehension, perhaps you should be more careful with your own. Not only have you completely misattributed other people’s commenst to me, but as I said to you previously, it’s Dr. Lee. 😉

    Please re-read my comments about you – I have been very complimentary toward you. I certainly haven’t “judged you” to be unnattractive – quite the opposite in fact. As I am the most outspoken blogger here, I cop my share of criticism, but please restrict your criticisms to what I actually write. 😉

  14. If you read carefully above. Westcoast commented on my Reading Comprehension. So I believe he attacked my intelligence.

    And Mr. Lee…I was just trying to push your buttons…guess it worked. hee hee. And yes, I did notice the compliments you posted Dr. Lee. So thank you. 😉 Truce?

  15. It appears Westcoast was commenting on you misreading his earlier comments, although he certainly could have said it in a nicer way. And despite his generalisations about people with tattoos, he did recognise that you are not one of those people. I think he was trying to make the point that – as tattoos are often (rightly or wrongly) associated with such things – they are unattractive for him and many other people.

    I find it hard to believe you were simply trying to “push my buttons” (you did say I “judged you” negatively, which is just untrue), but I’m happy we’ve been able to sort out our misunderstanding. I would also like to point out that I don’t hand out compliments lightly (and I am certainly not averse to being critical of the models featured here), so when I say I think you look great, have a nice body and have one of the best pairs of breasts I’ve ever seen, I mean it! 😉

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