To tattoo or not to tattoo…

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Lately there has been some of discussion about models and their tattoos. Some models even participated in the comments section themselves. Personally I don’t really mind tattoo’s, as long as they are subtle and/or artistic. On Asiansweethearts blog I found this one. A pretty Asian girl with a huge tattoo of a dragon across her back. Asiansweetheart thinks it’s one of those henna tattoos, which are not permanent. Let’s hope so! ;-)More tattoo babes:

Maya Simone
Unknown model
Magdalena Spike
Celeste Von
Jenny O
Jeri Lee
Lianne Lin

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  1. On a first glance I would say it’s Photoshopped. Especially looking at the vagueness on the left and on her right shoulder.

  2. Wow, you managed to find a Dutch Asian girl neither Marco nor Robin knew about! Proabably not the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen, but a nice body and an interesting site.

  3. yeah, well you should run her site through Google translation…she offers an interesting range of services. As bad as the automatic translation comes out, it’s a real “eye opener.” LOL

  4. Interesting that someone would attribute a fake tattoo like that to a tattoo artist on the website. That’s a site for original art and photography from Thai artists. The name of the tattoo artist credited with this shot is Plaitattoo.

    That is definitely the same photo as the one at the link Dr. Lee gave. And there is another photo of Jun at that link that shows up with a fake tattoo over at

  5. see the art man. the art. if you see the traditional tatto of japan both on men & women, you will respect the art of tattoing the whole body. just simply you don’t like it or you find it gross, does’nt mean that is not an art! but nowdays there are lots of good tatoos but placed on the wrong spot you know what i mean?

  6. //had to edit comment bacause of lay-out problems
    Here are some clear pictures of the tattoos of Masuimi Max, which I just found on another internet site. The sword looks real and dangerous te me.


  7. I just don’t like tatoo on women. It’s preventing me to see real skin :P. Is it clean, or full of freckle or acnes… 🙂

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