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Filipina Arlene Sebastian is all over the web, but her official site seems to be unavailable. I guess she is working on it or forgot to renew it… No worries, I have selected some galleries for you, so check out this beautiful babe inSome facts:

Date of birth: 07-10-81
Nationality: Filipino
Birthplace: Philippines
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Stat: 34B-24-32
Height: 5 Feet
Weight: 98 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown

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Arlene Sebastian @

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  1. Very Nice! Thanks Robin! Oh wow, I see she lives here in the same town as me.

    Robin, here is a bit of info you and others might find useful.

    The country = The Philippines or The Philippine Islands, frequently abbreviated as the “PI’

    Female = Filipina or a “Pinay”
    Male = Filipino or a “Pinoy”

    When referring to men and women together or the people of the PI as a whole, you say “Filipinos”.

  2. I’m only of the few people here who likes tattoos, but in this case her tattoo appears to be a mangled or perhaps highly stylized Chinese character. Can anyone identify it?

  3. >Nice tatoo

    Not really. I’m sure she meant to write tian 天 (heaven) but it turned out as fu 夫 (husband.) The calligraphy is also very very poor.

  4. Those moonangel pics just show how really pretty some of the girls that you see on those sites could look with a little less clown makeup and a lot more self esteem.

    In those photos Arlene looks like she is in the back room of a thai soapy massage parlor.

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