Asia McKenZie


Asia McKenZie is a Singaporean/Indonesian model currently residing in Vegas. She dabbled in nude modeling and links to those galleries are below as well.Stats:

Age: 27
Height: 5’4
Ethnicity: Singaporian/Indonesian/Malay
Located: Las Vegas, NV










ActionGirls 1
ActionGirls 2

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  1. Wow! This girl is SEXY, with an absolutely sensational pair of seemingly natural boobs (some great photography too) – this is possibly the hottest new girl we’ve featured here in quite some time. The similarity between this girl’s given name and our last feature’s is purely coincidental. πŸ™‚

  2. Holding guns in photos offends me.

    Pretending to suck a cucumber with whipped cream is definitely my favorite picture here.

  3. Cucumber? Where? Oh..I see. yes, and the way she is cupping that pair of errr tomatoes?
    Is she about to toss a salad perhaps?

    I take your point nicholoservia but disagree about the guns used here. They are, after all, props used in the context of the shots (bad pun). Holding bananas just wouldn’t work – unless she ran out of cucumbers.
    Hoping to see a whole set of Asia in the thigh boots with spiky heels.
    For me it’s the pic of her in the bath with the purple leg warmers, the slipped strap of her top and the look on her face – SEXY!

  4. It seems nicholiservia and I have found something we agree on – I too object to the sexualisation of guns. But I can forgive a girl this hot for such a mistake. πŸ™‚

  5. I got the cucumber and the tomatoes! What do the lemon and avacado represent? >:-D Without luscious women like this: Where would little guys be?? Love the legs esp. the calves in the lead shot, but no others >:-(

  6. Would love to see her “normal”, as opposed to posing. I think she would be a keeper. BTW, I like her guns!

  7. Well Nighthawk, unless you are asking a rhetorical question, using my imagination, I can forget that’s a brown bench top side, and..well, the mind boggles at the thought of her with 2 male appendages.
    Wondering if that was the intention.

  8. My humble Haiku lines 1-3 corresponding to photos 1, 2, and 3 respectively:

    Are your legs broken?
    Great buttocks, supple and firm.
    Cradle my tomatoes!

  9. And Haiku for pics 5,6,7:

    Pink in your eye? Look out, Gun!
    Your wife will not notice me here,
    Ouch, broken shoulder!

  10. She’s so freakin hot! Rawwwrrrrr

    I don’t think my hubby would mind if I (was to ever) cheat on him with her haha.

    But I think she might be too much for the AS readers. Everyone is going crazy for her πŸ™‚ haha


  11. Weapons have been sexualized for years. Dirty Harry’s .44 Magnum had little use for police work, but, instead helped exude the manliness and mien of the title character. She’s also holding it wrong.

    Unlike the cucumber, it is not “cocked.”

  12. I love a girl with a gun
    They really can be so much fun.
    But it would be a shame
    If off was her aim
    And shot me plum through the right bun.

  13. Asia knows how to handle a cuke
    I’m sure that it ain’t no darn fluke.
    The pix are abit edgy
    When she handles that veggie
    From here she’ll get no rebuke.

  14. Photo 1 nice, photo 2 great, photo 3 great. From then on, I was on a roll, until I saw her last photo with the broken shoulder. Artistic photos, quite interesting.

    What I like the most: the skin tone, the legs, the tits, the lips, the figure. Ok, basically everything!

    Plus, she has some good heart, helping that orphanage children. I’m taken.

    My picks:

    You can also drool over here πŸ™‚

    She reminds me of a former gf, chick with a body to die for and artistic mind.

  15. Stay with us NancyB: Female input is VERY welcome IMO! Your Hubby would GO CRAZY with a threesome..I would!

    RIGHT…longtack: Entirely rhetorical.

    Didn’t get a response from the GUN LOBBY…so here it is: “HEY BABY…YOU CAN SHOOT MY GUN ANY TIME!!” (uhhuuuunnhhh!)

  16. Gotta agree with everyone else here and say this girl is fantastic. There’s really nothing I don’t like. She just oozes sex appeal and looks incredible.

  17. We would really love to see
    G/G with Asia McKenZie
    We would take a collection
    To make the connection
    Between her and Nancy Bui!

  18. This is my weapon and this is my gun.
    One is for fighting and the other for fun.
    …Full Metal Jacket, among others.

    Asia can hold my gun anytime.

  19. daznlover, thanks, some very nice sets there at :
    Anyone else browsing that site, be prepared to be nicely surprised
    by lots of extra, different looks and poses.
    The ‘nerd with glasses’ sets which sit in total opposition to her gun/action pics had me ‘drooling’.
    Excited too that (our new regular?) Nancy Bui (swoon) is fantasising over her too.

  20. Oh and look in particular at the set of b/w shots of her at 18, that’s 9 years ago. Sexy then, and still sexy now.

  21. I was browsing thru her gallery. I wanna steal her photos. Especially the editorial ones πŸ™‚

    She is so talented. I iwsh her the best πŸ™‚

  22. Never mind the photos Nancy, I would like to steal HER! πŸ˜‰
    daznlover’s link just expanded her whole portfolio for me by highlighting that all through her career, she really has had photographers that go for quality – poses, lighting, background, props, and they all combine to bring out the very best in her.

  23. not the prettiest girl but yes, she does ooze sex appeal. Whatever she is doing with that cucumber and tomatoes does interest me

  24. I expect to see grizzled men holding guns. Not women. I’m not anti gun…I shot regularly at SUNSET HILLS, PA. But, some of these photogirls hold the guns so unprofessionaly.

  25. arf, that’s a great pick! Boots, tan, naked. πŸ™‚
    Anybody’s got a phone on this girl?

    Nancy thanks for firing us up, you didn’t even have to use a gun, lol

  26. You might have to modify your agreement with nicholiservia Doc. I think you were both on different intellectual levels re the appearance of the guns. And it makes for a good discussion I think (although in a side piece maybe).
    Nevertheless, it seems that nicholoservia cared more about the way the guns were held (and by which gender – sexist?) than concerns about the explicit sexualisation of guns that Doc adheres to.
    I would care more about the bigger issue of guns mixed with sex, making weapons ‘sexy’ and ‘normal’, than the relatively minor ‘non-issue’ of holding a gun wrong.
    Big difference.
    Agree Doc? nicholoservia? πŸ™‚

  27. Aja and Asia are said both the same
    But then take a look at their family name.
    Change a few letters, say them and see
    The Laotian Chachanhsy
    almost rhymes with McKenzie.

  28. @longtack: yes, I was a little taken aback to find nicholiservia apparently sharing my concern about the sexualisation of guns. His clarification of his position in his follow-up comment sounds a lot more like what I would expect from him, which I agree is a complete non-issue. But I do feel the sexualisation of guns is a potentially very serious problem – certainly more than the usual target of this sort of concern (violent computer games).

  29. It’s all the stuff of an academic thesis really, which too often mean nothing unless they make meaning for people’s lives at the grass roots.

    I felt a little silly after re-reading my response to nicholoservia’s first post. Especially as I changed my mind about guns in erotic pics after first supporting their use.
    But that’s how it works; at an unconscious level. We dont immediately ‘see’ how (unless we KNOW the process at work), in this case, guns, (gun ideology I guess) lead to sexualisation, and further, to violence – and to women in particular.
    nicholoservia might have done better to outline his whole argument in his first post.
    Nevertheless, it was a GREAT opportunity to discuss this issue, or at least bring it to AS readers’ attention.

    Hope it didn’t sound too much like a lecture guys. But I felt it needed to be said.

  30. Is this actually turning into an anti-gun thread? I find it amusing that we’re more concerned about “sexualizing” a gun as opposed to a woman being essentially turned into a sex object. lol…

    Come on guys. Do you *really* think these types of depictions are psychologically dangerous?!

  31. Women are not designed to kill, but they are designed for sex (like almost all animals). When a woman voluntarily displays herself as an object of sexual desire, it is harmless. But when guns are turned into sex objects – instead of being seen as the lethal weapons they actually are – that basically equates something that kills people with something every man wants, which is potentially very dangerous.

  32. People that are going to be stupid with guns are going to be that whether or not guns are sexualized. BTW, I’m not a big fan of guns, but I do have a really big pistol j/k.

    Asia lives in Vegas? Sigh, I wouldn’t mind stumbling onto one of her photos shoots. iIwonder where she shops for Asian food?

  33. I know somebody who could kill someone with his elbow, having trained in Thailand under a Muay Thai master for nearly two years. Think about that – the elbow as a deadly weapon. It can end at any minute and the presence of a firearm mearly accuntuates that fact.

  34. guns will never stop being sexualized. Held by men, or held by women. Take a look at 90% of the B movies that came out in the 90’s. Guns, Guns, Guns.

    I don’t like the way its being held AND, I dodn’t like their sexualization.

    I think Women with guns scare me more than men with guns because…I might hesitate to shoot a woman with a gun.

    A man…I’d put enough holes in to water my garden.

  35. It’s about the sexualisation of ‘objects’ nicholoservia.
    Look at the pics of her with the banana and fruit, and the guns.
    What did you think of when you saw the banana and fruit? She is sexualising fruit..nothing wrong with that in my book. It’s erotic, designed to stimulate without being graphic.
    But while it might not evoke a penis,the pistol or rifle, is a phallic ‘object’ (like skyscrapers. And a train entering a tunnel used to be used often for depicting sex) So this is what’s meant by sexualising a gun. Making guns ‘sexy’ and ‘nope nothing wrong here’..and to some people depiction of guns IS harmless (but that’s the whole idea – to make them appear harmless) – helps perpetuate violence, even sexual violence, against women.
    Separate guns and sex and many of these social problems begin to lose their potency.
    It’s not anti-gun to say these things – it’s about context.
    I rest my case. I want to look at sexy women!

  36. @ Nicholiservia – That’s why the SAS are trained to shoot women first in a terrorist situation.. That and women being less likely to feel any emotion to their enemies, which apparently us men do..

    Guns are bad full stop, I just love the pose with or without it.

  37. Mzungu

    I could put a bullet in an ugly one…but the pretty ones, I’d have a hard time with cause I aim for the head.

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