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Elly Tran Ha was found via a model ID request back several months ago, but it seemed like a good idea to give her a post of her own. I thought she was a blogger, but apparently she is not – or at least, I cannot locate the blog. Anyway, enjoy, and feel free and add your own images below.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’6
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Located: Vietnam










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  1. Cute and sexy. Nice find Travis.
    Enuf said really.
    Pics 5 and 6 for me are H-O-T!
    This ain’t a poem
    though it looks like one.
    It’s a gun free zone too!

  2. lol I remember posting in the ID thread, I could’ve sworn I read somewhere that she was 16, but she’s in her early 20s

    but yeah, I’d hit it so hard that if you were to pull me out, you’d be the king of london

  3. i remember this girl. i don’t think she’s that pretty. shes had work done to her face 100% and i doubt that she would stand out in a crowd of other asian women her age without any work done to her face, or without wearing sexy clothing etc.

    having said that her boob job looks good. and she is cute. but there are a lot better looking asian women out there. but perhaps this is the best Vietnam has to offer?

  4. So if she had the face work reversed and wore a potato sack she wouldn’t stand out in a crowd? She is who she is and that is a cutie with a smoking body.

  5. @DrewII: Absolutely not – in spite of the seriously hyped up web site, Vietnam has much better to offer than this. Don’t get me wrong – as I said in my ID post, I find this girl very cute. But Vietnam’s hottest? No way! And she clearly benefits a lot from the photography and her push-up bras.

  6. I’d say that Elly has more ID requests than any other girl on freeones, so she must have quite a bit of crossover appeal. Elly is certainly a babe and I don’t mind looking at her, but not my favorite Viet beauty. I’d like to see a wider range of pics from her.

  7. She’s great, and studiously managed to a degree not yet seen in Vietnam. She looks hot in person, she looks amazing online, and a lot of that is because she’s a bit stretched here and there, thanks to Adobe Photoshop. Awesome combo, though: hot girl, good Photoshop skills. She’s in her mid-20s, a sometimes-model, and is now a student at an international university in Saigon.

  8. Cute enough.Perfect boob job.Still…those side-burns in pic 2 & 3 suggest a pre-menopausal “hairyness” that I’m none too fond of.Yeah I know…a tad nit-picky on my part.Just sayin’…

  9. What is the evidence of plastic surgery? Without more evidence, it’s premature to say. As Doc Lee notes, camera angles and Victoria’s Secret can do a lot for a girl.

    Nice marketing job, though. Starts out as an internet phenomenon, presumably makes some cash, then goes back to the parent’s homeland to spend it.

    Her pix are something that a 14-year old boy would hang on the wall. Sort of the internet version of Loni Anderson or Farrah Fawcett.

  10. I’m not entirely convinced she’s had a boob job – though it’s hard to determine she hasn’t.

    My chief reason for suggesting this is the noticeable amount of – VERY CUTE – belly fat she has…and the similar quanity in her cheeks (face).

    If she were stick skinny and had those big jugs, I’d agree she’s had one, but for me – too hard to tell.

    Now – that said – WOW! This girl has Lolita melting all over / around her!

    She looks very young – and very sexy kitten-ish!

    Would love to see more of her undressed (if she’s of age) but that picture of her leaning against the back of the Chevy will have to suffice!

  11. Quite frankly, for anybody to comment on the quality of her boob job – or even to be certain she’s had one – is quite silly. The fact is, her tits are pushed up and padded so much in her photos that we have no idea what they actually look like, or even how big they are. My guess is she is a C-cup at the most, and I’m not sure if they’re fake. I am constantly surprised at how easily men are fooled by an old fashioned push-up bra!

  12. nose job though? eye surgery?

    i think this girl has been spending a bit of time down at the local plastic supermarket. but it does all work for her. and yes her boobs may not be fake. hard to tell. sometimes you think yes they are, other times you think hmmm they’re actually not that big

  13. She is really really yummy looking. Especially the second shot from the bottom with the green striped shirt on. I also wonder how many men in this world have a fetish for pre-menopausal hairy women. I’m sure I could go for it if they looked like her.

  14. Hmm..

    Her face is cute…like little kid cute…but with a nice body. Love her eyes in the shot w/her and the car.

    But other than that, not too special. Sorry.she doesn’t quite rock my socks.

  15. damn you Stripes!

    I was in love and then you had to go and point out the side burns.

    Now I’ve got elvis songs going though my mind…..

  16. Boy, what is it with those sideburns? I have a hard time believing they’re natural, but why would the makeup or Photoshop artist put in something like that? Is it some kind of bizarre fashion in Vietnam or something?

  17. Strangely enough Doc, i reckon they are natural. I noticed when teaching high school in korea a few years back that the girls could often grow better mustaches then the fellas.

    Also had a friend in china who had the downy fluff sideburns down the side of her face. Very slight, you could barely even notice it and she was actually very very cute. Just something you could notice in the right light when close enough.
    I’m still in love with Elly,
    but i have just one request
    keep your hair around your ears
    and show us all your chest

  18. Double-damn, arf! That first link MIGHT have read ‘I (heart) Elly Tran” instead of ‘I (heart) Wayang Times dot com’. Were you teasing us?
    But AWA’s one-word comment said it all. Again proves that some women don’t have to be naked – or even be showing every vaginal wrinkle – to be dropdead sexy. I can almost see the lace pattern on her panties through that red dress. A delicious look!
    so arf, you’ve redeemed yourself mate.

  19. @kroos..her sideburns are probably not as bad as the ones on the women in Gympie though, right?
    “Little sister don’t you…do what your big sister done”

  20. I love you guys.

    One half: Shes had too much surgery

    The other half:
    She still needs sideburn reduction surgery.

    Perhaps she has hit the point of equilibrium.

  21. She seems to be an official state project, complete with handlers:

    “After completing a photo book in South Korea, Elly left for China to sign a contract for being the representative for a big game here. Next, Elly was invited to play a role in new film in Thailand. Kelly is going to Thailand to participate in promoting the film again. Their work during the post-Tet will be very busy. “

  22. Your mathematics is off a bit TheCollector. You forgot the percentage who just plain like her, flaws and all.
    and I can’t see how she is ‘an official state project’, given that govt’s are not explicitly mentioned in her promo work.
    Besides, how different is this description of her itinerary any different from western actor/models and their ‘handlers’?
    Perhaps ‘official state project’ was just unfortunate terminology which tends to smack of socialist state-intervention.

  23. Sorry, TheCollector, I don’t get that same impression from your quote.
    But let’s not get hung up on it or it will move too far off the topic of this young woman’s charms.

  24. “@kroos..her sideburns are probably not as bad as the ones on the women in Gympie though, right?
    “Little sister don’t you…do what your big sister done””

    *shudder* and yet they still keep dropping out babies. The bigger and hairier they are, the bigger the pram and the greater the number of parasitic snot-nosed brats hanging off their skirts. Surely they must be using a frozen icecubes of online purchased baby-batter. Could any living male do it? *shudder*.

    a couple more months and I’m back to china…… get me outa here!

    As for Elly’s ‘burns…. i guess it gives you something to hold on to.

  25. for Facebook fans…

    This wayangtimes link worked better for me, but I’ve been too lazy to download the rar for the 550 pix. The comments to that blog are 1,000 times stupider than anything ever typed here (one claims that she used to be a man – Doc – you’d have a field day with that clown.)

  26. She’s pretty cute, very hot body, a real catch. But somewhat hairy I agree, she should take care of that.

    She has had facial surgery? Well I know a girl who looks a lot like her and didn’t spend a dime: same eyes, same smile, same eyebrows. Except that girl I know of is a pinay and has no face work.

    Anyway, I’ve seen a lot, big lot of Elly’s pics and she fascinates me.

  27. I don’t know if she’s government sponsored, but it seems somebody has been sponsoring this supposed “internet phenomenon” from the beginning – her photos have always had a lot of professional retouching. In real life and without her push-up bras, this girl really wouldn’t be that special, and the facial surgery would be off-putting up close, especially without makeup. I still think she’s cute, but what you see here just isn’t real.

  28. @dazn: The retouching hides the signs of her surgery, but in some of the casual shots you can see the tell-tale oddities (like her chin for example).

  29. Exactly right Doc. In my original posy I said she was cute and sexy, and was content to leave it there. No waxing lyrical about her from me, apart from a couple of pics, she really is unremarkable.
    And from dbldipper’s research, there would be no way I would even think about d/loading so many pics of her. Nancy Bui perhaps (swoon) but not Elly.
    Also from dipper’s post, the word ‘hype’ comes to mind,, and as an “internet phenomenon”..whose words are they? All part of the hype I’d say.
    I’d place Michael Jackson in the same basket, phenomenally successful, but all hype and promotion. He was good but he wasn’t brilliant IMO. Ditto Elly.

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