Indonesia to ban Barbie?

Asian Barbie

On IndCoup I read that there is a movement in Indonesia that wants to ban Barbie from the biggest Muslim country of the world. Why? This Muslim activist speaks out:

β€œMost Western female dolls, especially the Barbie ones, are made to think that their only purpose is to look pretty,” he said. β€œAnd there is an underlying sentiment that they are simply asking to be raped because of the way they look and dress.”

Want to read more? Check out the article at IndCoup. Quite humoristic if you ask me, but I guess not for the liberal people living in Indonesia…Related Articles:

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  1. It’s getting harder and harder to live in Indonesia, I say as a minority. What I see is dark in the future. Even before the anti pornography law, people like FPI has cajoling and harrasing people who doesn’t agree with them, after the bill, I think every people will can be their own judges.

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