Ariya Ly

Edit – Photos removed at either the model’s request or the request of a male with abnormally small genitalia and an inferiority complex due to social acceptance issues based largely on his own sexual dysfunction and an uncontrollable attraction to his mother that has caused him isolation problems that will never leave him until his imminent death from an auto-erotic asphyxiation error. Either way, the photos were removed.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’0
Weight: 100
Shoe Size: 7
Birthplace: Xieng Kham, Phayao Thailand
Ethnicity: Hmong
Current Location: Appleton, Wisconsin



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  1. After a very impressive run, Travis has finally struck out. 😉 Seriously though, I’m starting to come to the conclusion that Hmong girls really aren’t my type.

  2. Why don’t we just add a banner link to ModelMayhem and be done with it?
    With the exception of Robin’s entry on Grace Kim, that’s the source practically all the material on the last dozen or so girls featured here, is from.

  3. no problem where they come from, as long as we get a daily travis 🙂 i like the exotic look…but only in the first pix….the rest not so much…the tats are a little too much……shut up Bill :))

  4. CEC: for one thing, the entry on Grace Kim was mine, not Robin’s! For another thing, Robin, myself and I dare say all of Asian Sirens’ readership greatly appreciate Travis’ contributions while the rest of us have been busy with other things. I also greatly appreciate the fact that he has sorted the wheat from the chaff at Model Mayhem for us – there’s no way I would have bothered to wade through all those models myself! As Travis says: if you don’t like his posts, I can only suggest you do some more yourself.

  5. Sorry about that, Doc. I knew the Grace Kim entry was yours. Don’t know why my fingers typed “Robin” instead.
    Anyway, I wasn’t complaining about Travis’ entries. Not at all. I was just making an observation and a suggestion.
    By all means, Travis, post entries on the entire ModelMayhem Asian roster.

  6. It’s interesting how this girl varies from photo to photo. The 1st and 2nd shots I find very attractive; but in the seventh she has an upturned smile that completely alters her face. Her MySpace text says she graduated early from HS and is now pursuing a business major. There is a toughness, almost a defensiveness in some of these girls’ BIO texts that I find odd: “I know what I want, and I am not afraid to do what it takes to get it; I’m not an easy person to love”, etc. etc. The previous Hmong girl had a bit of this too. What gives with this? Is this also just a matter of modern style: “attitude” poses and tough talk?

  7. Not my type. As urgal notes, the 1st two pics aren’t bad…but she’s not for me.

    Still, I can see how she would appeal to others. Travis keeps belting them out.

  8. She’s okay. I would like her more if she posed nude, but after I write this, I am going to forget all about her. I like her tats except for the tramp stamp because it looks like an awful blob of ink. It takes away from a lovely backside.

    I don’t mind seeing chicks from Model Mayhem. Granted you don’t want to see nothing but chicks from there, but it’s better than having the site go a week or so without an update. Plus writing an article for the world to scrutinize isn’t easy when you have a life and things to do and not getting paid to do so. Speaking of which, I may have another article in the works.

  9. mdt566: At least the ink can be removed now =P

    And there’s just something about her body that allows me to look right past her tattoos. I almost forgot she had them.

  10. I know you gentlemen(& ladies?) don’t visit a-s for a history lesson,but since the Hmong posts (thanks again Travis) have raised some questions regarding Hmong “attitudes” & “toughness” in their Bios and photos…fast backward…to the tragic time of the Vietnam “conflict”. To be brief: some Hmong were U.S. allies;when the U.S. “departed” Vietnam,many Hmong escaped to Laos and many more were brought to the United States to escape persecution by the Communist North Vietnamese.

    These ladies are 2nd and 3rd generation Americans…nevertheless…some may reflect “attitudes” & “toughness” taught them by their parents or grandparents by the betrayal of the Americans they had trusted! If these “Ladies of Hmong” project toughness…they have a reason!!

    Imagine: The Mountain Apaches and Brule Sioux won the war…drove your frontier-parents and the U.S. Cavalry into Mexico. You…also…might have an “attitude!!”

  11. We just received this email from Ariya:

    You need to take off my photos and all the negativity you are trying to bring upon me. Just because you have no more ideas, you don’t need to be bringing down our Hmong race anyway. You have 24 hours to take off my photos or I am going to report your site to the police. Plus, you do not have my permission to write all that stuff about me nor have my permission to post up my photos which is violation to the copy right law. Plus, you are also violating definition of character laws. So don’t be surprised when you have to deal with the law. This is a fair written warning to the owner of this website.

    So it seems she’s every bit as nasty as she looks! Anyway Travis, we are legally responsible to remove any photos on request (unless we own them, which obviously isn’t the case here). However, we don’t have any legal responsibility to do anything else, so I suggest you remove the pics from this article, add a comment about why they have been removed, and leave everything else.

  12. I see you’ve removed the photos already. However, regarding your comments: it would seem that the character judgements in this case were very much on the money!

  13. My gut reaction was right about her. Its her loss. When it came down to it, she had thin skin and wasn’t as tough as she’d like us to believe.

  14. Ha, very true. But still, the general feeling is still the case. Back in Xw’s post, I know I referred to her as “gangster” but that was in no way meant to imply she was a bad person or mean.

    With Ariya, maybe. But generally I feel it is bad form to say negative things about a person’s character based on a photograph taken by someone else.

  15. Also, wylde, don’t forget that it is easy to take comments like “pass” or “not my type” as a way of calling someone ugly. But in fact, all of these women are attractive in some way, just not necessarily the “wow” that an Asian Sirens site is looking for. We may know that, but people that read comments about themselves may not.

    I am not defending Ariya. That was certainly an angry email for a post on a website that was generally meant to be complimentary. I am just defending the idea of what may make people upset.

  16. I do think the models bring a certain amount of their own character to a shoot, and you can normally get a pretty good feel for it if you look at a wide range of their photos. So far, my judgement of such things has been surprisingly accurate in the cases where I have been able to get independent verification.

  17. @Ariya:

    This is a news blog, her copyright bullshit has no place here. We are not distributing anything here not available for free on the internet. We are not ‘bringing anything down’ upon your ethnicity. I have seen nothing but positive comments about the Hmong people on here. Notify the police? Heh. There goes your publicity. Now go and learn how to make a proper Cease and Desist threat.

  18. I’m a lawyer, and she is an idiot. You can use copyrighted images for fair use purposes, of which commentary and criticism are prominent. Actually, I don’t think the site even needs to take down pics from a post like this, where the pics are linked in order to be commented on instead of being offered up as if they were original content.

    She is clearly uneducated and insecure. She is obviously trying too hard to look ‘hot’ and ‘badass’ but in the end comes across as a streetwalker in the photos.

    She has the potential to look classy, I think, but she threw that away and decided to look cheap.

  19. We just got another email from her:

    My email was not a threatening email. I simply asked you to take off my photos and remove those comments. You guys only took off the photos. In fact, you guys wrote more. It’s not that I can’t take this kind of heat & not educated enough. Just because I wasn’t born in the US, you guys don’t have to judge and say that I’m stupid and say that I’m this and that. Only I can determine who I am. It’s dumb that you guys post comments posing as other users just to make your site look like professionals. I know you guys are just going to post some reply posts to this and post this on here… but that only shows how insecure you guys are. If you were truely professional, you would have handled it in a professional matter. Now let’s see who should get out. I’m done with you guys. You guys can deal with the law. You guys may think you guys are clever, but hey…we’ll see who’s gotta go. Best of luck to you guys.

    What a lovely girl! BTW, with the DMCA, Copyright holders can give us a lot of headaches even if we are legally in the right. Still, in this case Ariya isn’t actually the Copyright holder – I wanted them taken down mostly so as not to give her any promotion she doesn’t deserve.

    And jd: I had to edit your comment, as it was in breach of our posting guidelines. Please be more careful in future.

  20. I don’t think anybody is posing as anybody else… However, I’d be happy to see any proof or reference she could give us to prove me wrong. I love to learn. This site is a blog, kiddo, most of us aren’t claiming nor implying that we are professional, as you put it.
    As for another one of your arguments, none of our negativity was provoked by the fact that you were not born in the United States, it was provoked by your demeanor, attitude, and recent actions.

    Doc: I knew you’d edit it. Perhaps you could be a little more lenient though? I mean, it’s a site featuring nudity but we’re barely allowed to use the ‘f’ word? It’s the internet after all, Doc.

  21. I thought she was pretty. But then, I like body art. I can see why she would be upset. What probably sets her apart from many other women is that she will actually stand up for herself. That’s what makes her ‘gangsta’
    I bet if posters were a little nicer she would forgive us louts. Then maybe she might show us a little more of what we want to see.

  22. all right…i am not a lawyer but i play one on TV, unlike lawfin:) i think she is right and Ariya, if you want to go after doc and all these insecure guys with small wangs, please call me at 1800 WE WILL SUE YOU. i will take your case in exchange for a lovely dinner with you and your exceptional personality 🙂 :)) no offense to all my small wangs brothers LOL 🙂

  23. Also, I just found Kt So’s Model Mayhem page and it was nice. I know some in the past haven’t been big fans, but she’s got the hottness I like. I think your hot too, Ariya. 🙂

  24. I think it is sad that a beautiful model is trying to control how people think about her. I agree with many of the comments here. She has chosen a particular career which always invites very personal comments about her. She should be grateful that she is getting more attention and a wider fan base rather than being upset over a small handful of comments which she deems inappropriate. If it were not for this site, I would not know about her. In fact, I had no idea of the Hmong people and I am married to a sweet Chinese lady !!
    Keep up the fantastic work guys.

  25. well i understand this girl !!
    we can judge the girl from the outside (what we can see) and not from the inside !!

    ok, if she is not agree about the photos judgment, she should stop to be model.

    otherwise keep criticism to be positive part !

    “I wasn’t born in the US” girl statment
    and for me not born in USA doesn’t matter (better maybe) it s not meant “stupid” at all

  26. This is really starting to get weird – check out the latest email we’ve gotten:

    Haha…the only funnie thing is that I’m not even Ariya…haha… You guys are so depereate and like to talk a lot stuff about models, so I just wanted to see how far you guys would go. If you guys were real men…then you guys wouldn’t even be doing that to women. It’s just funnie that you guys actually thought that I was her…and you guys got all defensive…haha… I just happened to google her name and found you guys…ahaha…I’m just like you guys…bored and want attention. You guys lucky I gave you guys plenty of hits on your website. So pick on someone of your own kind…like other guys and not women. Hope you got a laugh…haha…

    Note the the email address all this came from is, and I find it very hard to believe anyone would get so worked up over this article if they weren’t actually Ariya.

    I suspect she’s made a few calls to lawyers and discovered she doesn’t have a leg to stand on, so now she’s pulling this. I guess she’s insane as well as nasty – I’m starting to feel sorry for her.

  27. Regarding the language thing jd, it’s just a matter of keeping things civil. Once people start using the f word, the personal insults soon follow.

  28. ouahhh (if its her)

    this is a child attitude !

    poor girl !!

    not inteligent..

    she is what she deserves (a product)

    try to investigate to find who is it

  29. Well, it is not hard to fake it, considering if they fill out a form it does not need to actually come from their email.

    Not to be argumentative, but I am going to guess it actually was not her and was just some idiot pretending to be her. I would presume most models would do what Donnabelle did, and simply send us a quick one line email “asking” to remove photos.

    Still, it is probably best to keep her photos off anyway. If Ariya wants a new post, she can email me directly. She was on TopAsianModels so she does not seem like the type of person that doesn’t like free publicity, but whatever.

    Anyway, if you were Ariya, your photos are staying offline. And if you were not Ariya, and the real Ariya is reading this, sorry some moron stole your identity and defiled your name. Either way, your post is essentially a dead one.

  30. Guess what? Ariya Ly sent me a message on MySpace and blocked me so that I couldn’t reply to it. That’s classy. Here’s what she sent:

    Who do you think you are? You can go talk shiet about your own tramps. You don’t even know me, so don’t even associate my tatts to a tramp stamp. Haven’t you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? Well look again before you start talking shiet about others! No hard feeling alright low life 😀 Now continue with your lifeless works hon!

    Who do I think I am? I’m just a brotha who loves Asians. If I had my own tramps, I would talk about them too. 🙂 Of course I don’t know you personally, I am just giving my opinion on how you look. I love all of your tats except the one in the small of your back which unfortunately is a tramp stamp and doesn’t look as good as your other tats. That’s the only tat I associated with being trampish because that’s where tramps choose to get a tattoo at.

    So if you are reading this, I have nothing against you personally or anyone else that appears here. But you are the one that is in the profession where you are using your looks to make money, not me. So that opens you up to be critiqued and criticized. The main problem I have is you look like all the other models out there that are trying to make it. Your look doesn’t differentiate yourself from all those other chicks, so if you plan on making a career out of modeling, then you need to do something that separates yourself from all those other chicks out there like pose nude.

    If having an opinion makes me a low life, then so be it. I’m a low life 4 life. If you went all natural and got rid of the phony contacts and use your natural hair color, I’d like you more. But you are using the same look as so many other Asian import models which I hate and why your look is forgettable to me.

    I know it’s rough reading about what other people on the net think about you. If I was a model, I wouldn’t want to read what others thought about me which is why I don’t model. But the comments on here are from a vocal minority. I’m sure there will be those who like the way you look, so you are only hurting yourself if it was really you who requested to have your pics removed. What you should be doing is taking advantage of the free publicity and not attacking those who give an opinion. And get rid of the fake contacts and hair color because you don’t need it. Or maybe you do need it 😛

  31. I just find it very hard to believe that anyone who wasn’t Ariya would care enough to bother with this stuff. If she was famous, it could be some obsesssed fan, but that’s hardly the case here.

  32. Looks like Candyman posted his comment at the same moment as I posted mine – I guess this confirms my suspicion that it really is Ariya (unless the same person is impersonating her at her MySpace page too). This girl is seriously f***ed up.

  33. If this truly is correspondence with Ms. Ly then I for one apologize for any bad feelings my comments might have caused. As I said, I thought some of the site photos were *very* attractive; others just looked very different. I was curious also about certain aspects of the MySpace bio, but that was explained by Nighthawk in very clear terms.
    If you are reading this blog, Ms Ly, please understand that posters on AS honestly don’t intend hurt. Glamour model photography of the sort you do is much like portait painting: make-up, pose, lighting, clothing, “style,” composition, are all a part of the portrait. Surely people can discuss and even criticize the portrait without criticizing the subject herself. Tatoos are a kind of in-between case: they are a way in which the model chooses to decorate herself. Some people like it, some don’t, some don’t care. In any case, people on AS share a lot of appreciation for the sort of work you do, and (whether this means anything or not) numbers of us think you are quite lovely. Certainly what looks back at you in your mirror each morning is far easier on the eyes than what looks back in mine. 🙂
    No offense intended at all, and (at some point I hope), no hard feelings on your part.

  34. I like how she referred to herself as a tramp. Wait, no, I don’t. Perhaps she should be more careful with her words. Most of the user base here at A-S, and certainly nearly all of the active user base here is very respectful towards the models that we post about and comment on. I hope she does not mistake that.

    I look at myself in the mirror every day. Sometimes multiple times!

    Lee: 10 bucks says you’re right.

    Oh,and Ariya, it’s spelled “shit”. No ‘e’.

  35. I’m pretty sure it was her. Who else would email you guys pretending to be a model that no one has ever heard of or fake a profile for her? She’s got some issues. But the thing is that I have been following models longer than she has been a model and it hurts to read what other people think about you. If she is trying to seriously make it as a model, then she is sadly mistaken, so I hope that she is just doing this as a hobby.

    I don’t wish her ill will or anything, but she is in a business trying to make it over the hundreds of other models that are out there and she doesn’t look as good as them. So for someone in her position, in time they either quit modeling, pose nude, or go get implants. Look up Nina Kay for example.

    To the models out there that may be reading, you need an honest opinion if you want to make it in this business because those around you won’t give you one. It’s tough to read, but if you are trying to make a career in modeling which is already difficult for Asians in the first place, then you should read what others have to say and not attack them off the bat.

    And I don’t mean any malicious or hard feelings by what I write, I’m just giving my opinion which is that she has a look that too many other models are currently rocking and the tramp stamp doesn’t look as good as the other tats.

  36. Candyman, surely she doesn’t have to “quit modeling, pose nude, or go get implants”, to be successful, but she does need to rethink the way she acts, and contemplate consequences before she does so. I’m sure she has potential to model as most other pretty girls do, but perhaps she’s just not cut out for it.

    Modeling is both in looks and demeanor.

  37. **Nice Dust-Up**!!

    Will the real Ms.what’s-her-name…please stand up?!

    The somewhat halting English of the angry posts indicates a non-native American. The phrase “Best of Luck…” at the end of the second post is a popular Asian farewell, esp. China. What do you think AussieMike??

    BTW: Likely you and I have similar experience as English tutor to our lovely Chinese spouses?

    Surely there is an a-s member with a channel to “her” so we can get to the ‘bottom’ (excuse please) of this mystery?!

  38. I’m just saying that models like her who are average at best either end up quitting modeling altogether, go get implants or start posing nude in time. To me she needs to change her look and her attitude. You already said that she’s not for you and so have many others, so how far is she going to go if people aren’t interested in her looks, especially now that her pics have been removed?

  39. I don’t think there is any mystery: once again, I just can’t see that anybody else would care enough to bother with this stuff – it’s not like she’s going to have any fans obsessed enough to want to defend her, especially as they would have to be impersonating her at MySpace too. Very highly improbable (indeed, likely impossible) if you ask me. Besides, there isn’t really anything to defend against anyway – she’s the only person who likely, or even possibly, could be so offended by the relatively tame comments here.

  40. sounds like the girl lacks confidence and turns to a fake front to compensate.

    Apparently she got insulted on a bad hair day but deep down inside knows that she made a mistake.

    Imagine the crap she gets everywhere she goes from her mostly conservative culture?

    And here she thought she was safe as a sex object but was slapped in the face too.

  41. It’s possible she may have someone she knows who does her MySpace for her and found this article and got upset. I really hope that wasn’t her that emailed me, especially with that bad spelling. Or maybe this is a stunt. But if this how she acts over some really tame comments from the internet, then she has some issue. Maybe she should look at the thread on Helen Su.

    But if Travis wasn’t peeping through Model Mayhem looking for hotties, we wouldn’t have this thread which is much better than having this site go for a while without an update. It’s good to have something to talk about.

  42. Boy Howdy…this is a treat!

    @asianmodelpalooza: more feedback please. I missed your comment before. Tell us about your experience…pls

    It’s about time there is something going on at this “blog” other than “heh-heh- peeping-tom comments” from the …uh…membership! (roger…I am just as GUILTY)

    Personally…the edited comments by Travis as intro…and Doc’s #69 support are a disappointment. You two are ‘driving-the-bus’ for now, Doc is showing signs of stress from being “flat out” with other duties…I’m wishing this “incident” will not dampen Travis’s enthusiasm for posting?! (Travis…are there any Mongolian models? This culture has a primitive “look” not equaled by any culture!!)

    OK…I’m backin-out of this…lookin’ for sucker-punches…but…few posts have generated so much interest…travel-on!!

  43. What an attitude!! Jeez, must be a charm to work with. How’d she ever get into the modeling business with an attitude like that. Oh well, so much for free publicity.

  44. TRAVIS….lmao :)) that edit was a gem…
    ARiya, i have a four words suggestion for you, A$$ Up, Face Down 🙂 maybe this will tame you a tad…of course only take this advice if you are a chick…ignore this if you are a dude:))

  45. Come on LawBoy. I know you’re making a joke here, but this kind of comment is over the top. Okay, the girl badly over-reacted to being posted, and has skin far too thin for the profession. But we don’t need to get personal like this in response. What VNdessert says about her coming from a highly conservative culture is doubtless right; she probably catches flak for her modeling all the time. Nobody meant to be “bringing down [the] Hmong race.” Let’s get off her case and leave it.

  46. come on she a Gangsta girl…i am sure this kind of language is not so bad. plus we are just kidding around here…but hey if it offends her me xin loi 🙂 this is more about her personally and nothing against the Hmong race and people….I am Lawboy and I approved this message:)

  47. i have not seen these pictures ,,nor do i wish to,,being married to a beautiful and sexy hmong woman..she seems bitter and not worth featuring

  48. I am going to start of by sharing with you all that I am a Hmong woman. I happened to learn of this website after a Google search of Asian models, and I admit, your postings can be quite interesting and equally as entertaining.

    I mean no disrespect, but feel that on behalf of myself and all other Hmong women out there, I must leave a few words:

    I am getting the impression that many of you are generalizing Hmong women based on your one experience with this woman, Ariya Ly. Not all woman are alike in character just because they share the same race. In addition– having read your other blogs on other Hmong woman– although we are of the same race and share similar features, we do not all come in the same shape and size. For example, Dr. Lee, I am sure that if you search far and wide, you will find an Asian woman of Hmong descent whom you will find is “your type”. Likewise, viking34, there are many, many Hmong women out there who are not only “beautiful and sexy”, but also kind.

    My point is, fellas, that you guys have yet to find other Hmong women. Further your search and you will most definitely find a Hmong woman “worth featuring” and blogging about. The Hmong women posted on this website are, no doubt, beautiful in their own way, but you have yet to encounter even more different kinds of Hmong beauties.

    Let me add that I am not necessarily in complete disagreement with any of you. I don’t mean to be of any offense or disrespect. I only wanted to let you all know that your features on Hmong women are much too narrow. Believe me… after all, I am Hmong, I should know 😉

  49. Welcome to Asian Sirens NkaujHmoob – a female perspective is always highly valued here! If you do a search, you will find we have actually featured several Hmong women. I have rarely (if ever) found the Hmong girls we’ve featured attractive, but I’m sure there are some out there that I would, and many of our readers like them a lot. It’s all just a matter of taste – only arf likes everyone. 🙂

  50. The Docs right, never been too terribly picky with the girls. 🙂 Now when are we gonna see some of your pics NKaujHmoob?

  51. Haha, funny fellas! Never would I allow myself to be exposed in such a way for the whole world to see! That is much too easy! It must be worked for and deserving, don’t you agree? 😉

    You guys are funny though… I had a good laugh reading your replies (ie. “only arf likes everyone”).

    Anyway… I have a few Hmong beauties in mind. Shall I message you with a short list? I think I will 🙂

    Good day fellas.

  52. NkH – interesting collection. It is possible to find others pix of Hmong lovelies on the net if one looks around.

    Funny, my first Siren was Vietnamese and her impression of Hmong was not very positive. Sort of backward mountain people. Your posts indicate otherwise. Thanks for the photos

  53. Wow, Awesome. I don’t know where you found those but good job. I like it when implied nude models finally take the plunge. Wish I could feature them but we still don’t know what happened last time.

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