Kira Kaye


Kira Kaye, 21, uses a fake name for modeling. This may come as a surprise, but her hair is not naturally bright pink.Stats:

Age: 21
Height: 5’4
Weight: 105
Ethnicity: ?
Shoe Size: 6.5
Located: Long Beach, CA











Kira Kaye Myspace
Kira Kaye Interview

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  1. She’s definitely one of the more ethnic looking girls featured here, but I like her. Loving those curves.

    Travis, you’re not going to get burnt out on us are you?

  2. She has a nice smile. I feel as though she should use it more often.

    As per CEC’s “request,” unless otherwise motivated I am going to take a few days off to give other team members a chance to post non-MM photographs. Many of the women left on the list are pretty but not going to be as highly praised as some of the earlier ones, so perhaps that will give other team members a chance to present women that are globally appreciated.

  3. Thats good Travis. You’re on a marathon posting session here 🙂 Thanks for your efforts. They are greatly appreciated by the AS readers.

  4. she looks best in pic 6 where there is much less make up, she is very nice in that picture it makes you wonder why they use so much war paint..

  5. It’s the nose and the weird hair coloring. Again, no way would I be this picky if I met her in a bar (like I’d have a chance anyway).

  6. My first reaction was that she was Korean.

    As per Sandra Oh, while a fine Canadian (!) actress, she wishes – on her best day – that she looked like Kira Kaye. lol…

    I actually find this girl *very* attractive and sexy – but she certainly doesn’t fit the traditional mold of models (a bonus, I think). I suppose I can see why many would not find her appealing – she certainly does have “harder” ethnic facial features. It’s hard to deny that she has a smoking body though… 😉

  7. sevendeuce, while her features are certainly somewhat more profound than many Korean or Japanese models we might like, I certainly would not call them “harder” in a broader sense.


  8. I dig her. Fantastic body! 5th photo down features a shamrock tat, must mean she likes Irish guys….so I have a chance! Now if she were smart she’d send a cease and desist order and she’d get 50 more comments calling her a wench and up her google count by thousands. …nyuck nyuck nyuck.

  9. NIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEE!!!!!! she looks like she can complete kick my Ass but yet at the same time….take good loving care of me when my favorite college football team decides not to show up for next game!!! seriously though…..thanks for the upload!

  10. Lets be clear…

    Anyone woman that beautiful could only be Korean. There should be no question.

    And no, I am not new.
    I’ve been around since Nirz was new.

  11. Great figure with long slender legs. ‘Best is the face – especially the beautiful curving nose that you see in the very first shot. ‘Don’t know what her ethnicity is, but the results are exquisite.

  12. She’s a two-face. One photo she looks like an Asian halloween mask and in the next she looks like the hottie next door.

    But she does have a nice body.

    Props to Travis for posting so often and reinvigorating this site.

    And hopefully those running him down will keep it to themselves – or do something constructive.

  13. ProAbe, I was thinking the same thing, “Two Face”. For those who don’t understand, watch some Seinfeld.

    Outstanding body and legs, though.

  14. I know the Seinfeld reference but I disagree entirely that her face is unattractive in any of the shots. She looks like a Manchu princess, especially in 1,2,4 and 5.

  15. I found out about Kira not too long ago. She is smoking. She’s no Two Face. That chick from Seinfeld would look good one second and a hot mess the next, and that doesn’t describe how Kira looks at all in her pics. And she doesn’t remind me of Sandra Oh because Sandra is fugly yet strangely sexy for some reason.

  16. This girl really does have some great legs and thighs. Wish she’s do topless and show us them magic nipples of hers.

  17. Well after some investigation it turns out she is Taiwanese and even though she has the Playboy bunny allover her MySpace page, she refuses to do nudity.

    I don’t get when chicks do that? Wear the PB logo or Hustler and then show nada! DAMN!

    Oh and thanks for the tanline thing JD! I guess her being into the Irish was just wishful thinking. 😉

  18. if you’re lucky you can find her xanga with real non modeling pictures of herself. sometimes along with friends. pre breast augmentation.

    and about Sandra Oh…Seriously?

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