Xuan Vy


Xuan Vy is very tiny. 4’11 and clearly not shy, Xuan is not well known, but seems to be open to new contracts, so I expect to see more of her over time.


Age: 24
Weight: 103
Located: San Jose, California

Her ethnicity is not listed, but despite the semi-Vietnamese name (arguably not, maybe Chinese) I am going to guess Cambodian based on overall appearance.











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0 thoughts on “Xuan Vy”

  1. I’m not even gonna care what ethnicity this beauty belongs to. She’s just hot and that’s all there is to it. Let the nit pickin’ begin. 🙂

  2. Doc – I love how that was identical to my thought process. “Her name is kinda Vietnamese, but it doesn’t look right, and Ly is more Chinese. Probably Cambodian.”

  3. she is viet…xuan is viet. great job travis…do you know what i like most about her? she is naked! plus she looks horny 🙂 but to be fair, she looks what Doc and Adam would described as indigenous? the first pix is the bomb:)

  4. Xuan and Vy are both common given names for girls in southern Vietnam where I live. She looks like a lot of girls I see here. I’m guessing she isn’t using her family name for her modeling career. I wonder why?

  5. Are you scouring Model Mayhem looking for hotties Travis? If so keep it up. She reminds me a little of Luana Lani in some of those pics. Someone should invent a button that you could click on that slaps people for nitpicking on chicks that get naked. The last thing I am looking at is her nose. And I could care less what her height was because I am never going to meet her. I’m surprise no one said that they hated her tattoo. Or maybe I need to wait a little longer for that.

    But whatever, great job Travis.

  6. I like this girl, natural boobs, and a great body.

    This photo kills me, even if it is a bit odd.
    The come hither look gets me every time.

  7. That is almost exactly what I did/am doing, Candyman. I need to stop soon though. I have over 80 women on the list now, and I tend to add 5 or so more with each post.

    As I keep warning people numerous times, though, I’ve already run out of universally appealing women, so no one should expect that they are going to be wowed by every post.

  8. Well she wowed me from first pic to the last. She also reminds me of Luana.
    Beautiful and her petite body has perfect proportions.

    I don’t even care much where she is from. I just want her bad….. 🙂
    I like her nose too, very cute.
    And finally I like her hair in black. Great find, Travis!

  9. Oh my God! Wow (wipes drool from chin). I love how petite she is, and while her face isn’t that of a typical model, it looks cute and works great for her. Travis, you need to get some kind of reward for your dedication my friend.

    Normally, I’m a little burned out by tats on girls, but this one doesn’t bother me at all. Let me just say again, yowza!

  10. Depending on the picture, I either don’t like her at all…or like her a whole lot. Very odd, really.

    DrFuManchu, that is a beautiful picture, IMO.

  11. She’s totally adorable.

    Unfortunately, she might be bathing in calamine lotion now, since the plant in which she is luxuriating in the last picture appears to be poison oak or poison ivy.

  12. That really is a beautiful shot from DrfuManchu up there with the chains. Her eyes are so mezmerizing or something. Wanna kiss them lips too.

  13. I like the tatts on her, they are quite feminine and well positioned. I find her very sexy. DrFuManchu31 that picture reminds me of the Kate Bush film clip for Babushka, I still have very fond memories of that 😉

  14. Sick of tats? I could understand if she was missing a limb or an eye, or she weighed 350lbs or something. It’s just a tattoo. You guys should try what I do and not even notice such things about hot girls.

  15. Sorry arf, I can’t do that. Tats just gross me out. Yuck. I know it shouldn’t, it just does. Hot chics should not get them. To me it ruins it. That’s just my preference, to each their own.

  16. Nose piercings, to me, are the best kind of piercing there is. I think they are extremely sexy, though I would never tell anyone to get one just because of its location.

  17. *TRUE STORY ALERT* I used to work for Amazon.com at their wharehouse back in the winter of 98. One night, I was stacking some books on the shelves and came across a photo book of crazy tattoos and piercings and opened it up. The most memorable photo, the one that’s burned into my brain to this day, was a beautiful woman squatting down showing off her anal piercing and tattoos all up her sexy curvy backside. It was very hot to me. Is that weird?

  18. anal piercing? what the heck is that…pix would help..and arf, only female pix with this piercing please..dont gross me out dude.:)

  19. Oh my goodness…I just drooled all over myself when I saw APL’s pictures above. A perfect pose in my opinion. Showin off her goodies…makin me happy. 🙂

  20. I just had lunch with her.. always great conversation with her. she is a great girl and model.. she loves sushi.. and always great to see my pics on here.. Cheers ImagineModels

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