Kat Riel


Kat Riel is a lovely and curvy up and coming model. I like her smile a lot, but was surprised to find out she was so young. She’s already been in Nutek, MMA, and several other magazines.Stats:

Age: 19
Height: 5’0
Ethnicity: ?
Located: Hawaii



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  1. Although I don’t like her face that much, I’m willing to put all that plastic bodywork to the test.

  2. She could catch a load of flies with that open mouth!

    And by ‘flies’ I mean ‘zippers’.

    She’s cute, but those fake eyelashes and that padded bra are WAY OVERKILL.

    It’s okay, Kat! You have littel boobies. No need to wear a 4″ thick bra to make ’em look bigger…in fact, just wear less!

    And seriously…lose the lashes. If you want longer lashes, switch to one of these brush on lotions (like Rogain for eye lashes…I think it’s called “Latisse”).

    Just be your NATURAL self!

  3. Her Model Mayhem site lists here with a 32″ bust, nice for a 5-footer and 100 pounds. Google Image search also has a nice shot in a wet tank top.

    Friend of mine that fights MMA says he still goes just to meet the girls at the parties. Says they start at HOT and go up from there. I’m sure she draws a crowd at those affairs.

    I agree with AA – less could be better (at least for us.)

  4. Well I guess Kat didn’t like the response she was getting here, so she sent us some hollow legal threats. Like all the girls who do this to us, she doesn’t realise that our only responsibility under the law is Copyright, so to be on the safe side I’ve taken the images down, but the article and the comments stay up, as they belong to us. If a girls wants her article taken down, all she has to ask nicely – I do not respond to baseless legal threats.

  5. That’s a pity … thought she was cute. I guess, given the variety of women showcased on this site, it’s difficult to appease the (somewhat harsh) critics when you’re being compared to some of the most beautiful women around. Oh well …

  6. A model doesn’t like it when people comment on their appearance? Is she sure she’s in the right line of work…?

    Agree with Joe…no real loss. Everything about her pics screams “phony” to me.

  7. The comments were not as bad as for other ladies, but for a female, even reading things about how ‘plastic’ she is probably isn’t making her feel too good inside.

    It just goes to show that many models DO browse this site especially if they submit the portfolio or links/pics to get exposure. That’s why I try to be sensitive to it.

    In an ‘ideal’ world models would have thicker skins but again some (many) women are quite sensitive about the smallest things when it comes to their appearances.

    If I don’t like so much ‘plastic’ I try to frame it another way. Usually I say I am not a fan of implants, and not in a way that totally mocks/insults the woman for having them.

  8. Curious, What rights do you have when you take photos form other sites and upload them here. Are there ever any times that you ask permission. I sent Kat a message lastnight to check out this site. I wrote that they are talking about you.

  9. I hope she didn’t get too upset. She might have cracked some of that fiberglass her figure was molded from.

  10. hmmm a little bit harsh there ProfAbe. i do think the only “fake” asset here was her boobs. i’m pretty sure she was al naturale everywhere else. there have been much faker looking women on here before.

  11. I have to agree that the fake comments in this thread seem a little over the top, given that we’ve featured other women who were at least as artificial who didn’t seem to get knocked as much for it. On the other hand though, I still feel the comments here are pretty mild overall (apart from ProfAbe’s).

  12. @HelloRobert: we have the same rights that any news and information publication does, but if a Copyright holder doesn’t want their images here, we respect their wishes.

  13. Soapbox time.

    I find this curious. Exhibit A: Google Image search pic #1 is Ms.Riel in a wet wife beater. She’s hot and certainly not shy. Exhibit B: YouTube vid where she mentions that people say she’s too fat and she will be going on a 2-week crash diet. Exhibit C: she’s a model. In the public eye, expect comments.

    I’m not sure why models would react badly to most comments here – the opinions are of the pix, not the model. Woe to the model that glares at the camera, because verily that model will receive the scorn of the commenters. Even the sweetest personalities will be excoriated based only on the pictures. Such is the life of someone in the public.

    Final point – as has been noted a few times, the girls need to be 8.5 to 9 minimum just to get posted. We’re looking at Ferraris and Maseratis and Porsches often times and then complaining that the wheels are dirty.

  14. Kat Riel facts:

    Real name: Katherine Jin Okaneku.

    What Katriel means in Hebrew: “God is my Crown”

    Several of her videos show clues that she may be physically disabled.

    She had a twitter slappy-fight with a Japanese man named Aldous Reyes.

    Some Kat Riel quotes:
    “Chinese people are either Packrats or very stingy”.

    “The Mall is my best friend”.

    “you’re an idiot… the only reason you’re famous is because of her” (on Kourtney Kardashian’s husband) “she’s my favorite, who’s your favorite?”

  15. Lacking photos on AS, I had to resort to the internet so I could see what all the”plastic” talk was about and I must say I’m puzzled. I found quite a few pictures and, like most models, whether she looks great or not depends solely on the experience,style, and taste of the photographer. While my personal preference is towards natural breasts, in most pictures I found her to be very attractive and I am totally confused by the rash of comments about her being “plastic.” There are many more models highlighted on this and other sites that have had far more modifications made than this young lady. I think she looks great!

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