Lani T


I have to spend a little time preparing a post for tomorrow, but this is Lani T. She is a model from Irvine. Do not know a lot about her, but you can check out her official website for more photos.Stats:

Age: 21
Height: 5’5
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Located: Irvine







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  1. She has a very annoying website. I mean, I actually got angry….

    I like the strawberry picking picture. It is a nice break from the norm and shows off California, her nice features, and of course made me think of rice paddies in Vietnam-which I hope to see soon.

    Nice nose. Perfect for Eskimo kissing.

  2. I almost spit out my Cheerios! Your main pic was so sweet and I smiled, and then you hit me over the head with the first More pic. It will take me some time to recover and then I will check out her main site.

  3. Her body’s just okay (by model standards), but she does seem quite pretty, and the photography is interesting. I agree her site is a little too Flashy. 🙂

  4. And her website has to go. Loads deathly slow and that mouseover slideshow death march is hard to figure out.

    Any casting agent picking through her photos would say “arghh! Just email me the best ones”.

  5. Now that I have recovered from my breakfast shock, my computer is recovering from being froze twice by her website! In the more natural poses, I love her lips and the mole on her chin, but hope that is not a gross tattoo on her wrist! If she is really 5’5″, that is a perfect height for her body. Deserves a check for potential, that is for sure.

  6. I also like the way her two front teeth show in some of her shots. That’s always been sexy to me. Like a cute little mouse.

  7. You can see some natural pics in her site, under Commercial / Lifestyle. In her natural pics she ‘s nothing flashy but there’s some beauty in my eyes.
    Nice girl next door.

  8. Extremely unimpressed by Lani. Somewhat cute, but with some interesting photography, nice lighting and a helluva lot of makeup you can take a lot of girls and they would match right up (or exceed).

    I’m actually kind of surprised at the general positivity Lani is getting in this thread. Perhaps it’s because I’m not usually into the Viet look as much as many here seem to be. ^^;;

  9. Yeah, she does have classically Viet features (like those lips everyone keeps talking about). She isn’t an outstanding example, but I’m definitely in the pro Viet camp. 🙂

  10. I drank that Kool Aid many years ago, love pretty Viet girls. These lips haunted me all day.

  11. Eskimo kissing.

    Like a cute little mouse.

    Hilarious. This site is a good therapy for stress!

  12. I agree her body is just okay, but I really like her face and ability to have different looks.

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