Chie Yamauchi 山内智恵


Right around halfway into this post I decided I wasn’t going to feature Chie Yamauchi, but then I did anyway. I’m honesty not a huge fan but I was halfway through the post and decided I’d post her since otherwise it was time wasted.

Do any of you even read these blurbs? I wrote one a while back that was hilarious and no one even said anything. Anyway, in most of Chie Yamauchi’s photos she’s lying down, so I rotated one to make it look like she’s sticking to a wall.Stats:

Age: 28
Height: 5’4
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Japan









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0 thoughts on “Chie Yamauchi 山内智恵”

  1. I read your blurbs Travis!!

    I like the sticky wall shot the best, although for me she’d likely have to be peeled off the ceiling!;-)

  2. Um…not to be rude…but what gets me about most girls…and models ..are these…they called then “duck lips”…i would honesty like to see her photos where she doesn’t do that with her lips.

    Average girl. Nothing stands out for me.

    Lol, Travis…we all read your blurbs..just that you post sexy girls up that we forget to comment about it 😉

  3. Love the duck lips, the second pic is not very flattering. I always enjoy the read Travis keep up the good work.

  4. She’s doing the duck lips. But that’s OK. She’s still a honey. She’s asian and a honey. Surely enough reason to post.

  5. What? a politics free post? whew! back to nomal AS.

    OH … hey Travis, pic 4 is wrong side up!

    lol seriously, I DO read your blurbs. Maybe YOU alone thought something you wrote was funny.
    The ‘duck lips’ are a mite distracting but all in all she’s pretty fine. And I quite like the tipped over pic, and the 2nd last one is sweet.

  6. damn i love this site. I voted for you Travis in the QLD election, but I guess Cando kissed more babies.

    Duck lips are fine with me. I just imagine she’s warming up to play the man-flute.

    I love the flipped spider-man pose. I’ve never particularly fantasised about women with hairy backs before, but now I’m imagining the fun you could have with a velcro wall. Maybe local Rocky women have advantages after all…… I’d need a big wall however..

  7. of course we read your posts!
    as far as duck lips are concerned, I would be concentrating on french kissing her other set of lips

  8. I like ducks and I love their lips as well. Especially ducks named Chie. I’ve caught myself doing the duck lip thing occasionally as I walk through the mall or Target sometimes. Because out of habit I bite my inner cheek. It does feel kinda hot. PS…that doesn’t mean I have ever played any man’s flute. Maybe my own if I could. 😛

  9. try doing a post on han hyo joo and shin se kyung i think they are worthy of it they are hot in different ways shin se kyung is sexy hot while han hyo joo is more purity and maturity

  10. lol, well it was a politics free post, until kroos showed up 😉
    And is this the longest and in-depth discussion of ‘duck lips’ ever? Even arf is weighing in with his personal anecdote.
    It’s rivalling the one on ‘back dimples’.

  11. Of course we read the blurbs! And she looks surprisingly appealing stuck to the wall. I want one for my wall. She’s gorgeous, glad you persevered through the hard work of finishing this post.

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