Ann Nanba for LV Vodka

This Taiwanese LV vodka cocktail commercial from a few years back features now-retired Japanese AV actress Ann Nanba, who, surprisingly, has never been featured here before. There are two versions of this ad and this is the uncensored one. The line spoken at the end is, “I know what you’re thinking!”

Current info about Ann (also spelled “An”) and what she’s doing these days, would most likely be found at Japanese game sites and blogs since she’s known as an avid gamer. Stuff from her AV career can easily be found all over the net…and probably in the comments for this entry.

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0 thoughts on “Ann Nanba for LV Vodka”

  1. Is the Taiwanese company short of finding local models? Earlier this year they also have another Japanese AV star Maria Ozawa starring in a Taiwanese horror movie called ‘Invitation Only’.

  2. Not short of finding local models….just to increase the market share by getting export talent. This way it will get more viewers around the world. If without Maria in “Invitation Only”…nobody even know the movie exists.

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