Justine Lam and Justine Lam


Happy Thanksgiving. Today you get a 2 for 1. Both of these models use the same likely fake name, and since both are from websites that will never have accurate stats (Asianude4u and ShaveAsia), I don’t see much harm in combining the two. So here are Justine Lam and Justine Lam. Happy Holidays.












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  1. i like her in the light skin pics, she looks like shes on crack in the dark skin pics, but overall attractive, boob job is kinda funky tho

  2. Pray: you realize it’s TWO different women, right? Did you bother to read the 40-word intro?

    Agree with ohteddy. No. 1 by a longshot. Lovely hair (all of it!), pretty face, naturally sweet body. So my type. No. 2 with the ugly tattoos, cube-shaped tits…not so much.

  3. C’mon Travis! It’s a freakin’ holiday & I trynna’ eat! Remember this for holiday posts: EFFORTLESSLY BEAUTIFUL & EDIBLE
    For the love of god…I wish I could un-see that ass tatt on #2. Happy T-Day everyone.

  4. BTW, the first model’s name could be for real (as she looks Chinese to me), but the second one is almost certainly fake, is she almost certainly isn’t Chinese (I’d guess Thai).

  5. Justine Lam #1 is lovely. Very nice.

    The less said about Justine Lam #2, the better, IMO.

    Happy Thanksgiving to those in the USA.

  6. Justine #2 has a tighter body, but Justine #1 is much more my type. I think I’m discovering a tendency towards girls I’d like to cuddle πŸ™‚

  7. I feel very thankful to have seen the first Justine’s beautiful bush. Even I don’t find Justine #2 all that attractive. Kinda tranny like in that first pic. If I saw her when I was sh!tfaced drunk, I might go for it and create a scary moment in my life.

  8. Look at the hands in the last pic. They are too big for a girl. Shoulders look a bit too broad as well. I’m guessing post-op transexual.

  9. I don’t know if Justine 2 is a tranny or not, but she definitely looks like a nasty girl. Nothing wrong with nasty girls, but I prefer Justine 1.

    News flash!!!! arf finds a model he doesn’t like. What’s next — Rush Limbaugh agrees with President Obama?

    Happy belated Thanksgiving to all, even if you’re not from the U.S.

  10. you guys are silly, #2 is definitely a woman. If you examine the last photo, just take a good long look at her torso, and her lower body proportions. Men simply can’t achieve this, even with surgery and hormones. She’s all woman, baby.

  11. shoujobot: there are incredible trannies in Thailand, you would be amazed. So I hear.

    But, you’re a woman, so you have some say in this.

    I go for #1.

  12. daznlover: Oh, no doubt. I’ve seen the ads for the Ladyboys of Thailand here in the UK, and I was seriously impressed. I just think a safer bet would be on #2 being a woman; gentley sloping shoulders, small throat with no noticeable adam’s apple surgery, curvey waist and hips, overall feminine musculature. Unless someone can actually PROVE she used to be a man, I’d say she’s a lady with a somewhat masculine facial structure.

  13. I’m just sayin’…I actually like your shot of Justine #2 Shoujobot. Nice sexy pose indeed. I wasn’t serious about the tranny comment. Seriously.

  14. I like Justine Lam much better than Justine Lam. Justine has a cuter smile than Justine but Justine’s eyes are a little more attractive than Justine’s. I guess Justine may look more funloving but does that mean Justine doesn’t like fun? I think you’d have to ask Justine or even Justine.

  15. Also…I think one way to tell she isn’t a tranny, is the line going from her belly button to her pubic region. It kinda stands out in alot of her shots. I don’t think men have this. Do they?

  16. Gender reassignment surgery is not common at all, and even in Thailand where it happens “often” it still happens so infrequently that the degree that people think it occurs on this blog is ridiculous.

  17. justine #2’s head is too square and so is her mouth.

    Her head doesn’t fit her body at all – like she’s a tranny…

  18. arf: I thought I’d do a little research for you, because I was curious myself…that line is called the ‘linea nigra’ and yes, it seems to be more prominent in women because of hormones. Much of what I read had to do with pregnancy, but I have a small one, and I certainly ain’t pregnant. My theory, its probably a developmental thing while we’re all in utero, kinda like your philtrum (the crease in your upper lip), since it follows the defining line of your abdomen (linea alba).

  19. We had a discussion about this a while back. What you have (and what most women have before having children) is actually a “linea alba”. After pregnancy, this darkens, and becomes the “linea nigra”. What I haven’t been able to find out is what causes it in the first place, or whether it really is exclusive to women. And even if it is caused by female hormones, that wouldn’t preclude ladyboys from having a well defined one, as they take a lot of female hormones to become what they are.

  20. Ladyboys are, in almost all cases, pre-ops and their genders are shown off. There isn’t really much reason to show people post-op models and not tell people they are post op models, because they risk turning off their clientele with no apparent gain. There are a number of ladyboy’s amongst models, but the websites tell everyone in order to attract that niche.

  21. I guess that’s pretty true. I tried to look up the ‘alba’ and I kept find more clinical definitions involving internal structures rather than skin pigmentation. But I guess its also a case of some women/men/people have it, some don’t. Just seems to show up more predictably in pregnancies. Sigh, we can go to the moon, and yet our own bodies befuddle us.

  22. I didn’t mean to say she is a ladyboy. In fact, I guessed she wasn’t because her pussy was much too perfect. Just wanted to emphasize that there are gorgeous ladyboys who could fool you big time. Until you get your hands down there, that is. πŸ™‚

    arf is right, that belly line is common among women, specially in late pregnancy stages, and it’s due to raising hormone. Doc poses an interesting question, could ladyboys also have it after they take a lot of hormones? A gynecologist in AS could be of help right now.

  23. For the record, I should point out that I agree with the prevailing opinion that J2 most likely isn’t a ladyboy. However, I’ve seen enough surprises to not be too certain of this. πŸ˜‰

  24. K i did not read that man thanks for the clarification, but can u blame me i mean theres text and nude photos .. I was compelled to look at the photos first

  25. Right Doc, but the point is that they are heralded for that fact – as in, a website that is featuring nude women is not going to feature a Post Op Ladyboy in almost all cases without telling everyone “Guess what! We have post op ladyboys!” It’s its own niche at this point. Websites that feature nude women are very, very, very, very unlikely to randomly have post op ladyboys in their mix without telling people.

  26. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but the first model looks like an AV model by the name of China Yuuki. They might not be the same person, but the hair style and face look alike, as well as the style of the photo.

  27. The obsession about whether #2 is a “ladyboy” says more about the obsessed than it does the model (who, by the way, is obviously a natural born woman with not-so natural tits.)

  28. β€œThe obsession about whether #2 is a β€˜ladyboy’ says more about the obsessed than it does the model…”

    β€œβ€¦so what does it say exactly?”

    The following is NOT a comment on anyone. I don’t know why all the tranny talk goes on here. It is fun to speculate, and most of what has been said in this and other threads is probably no more than that. But reaction formation is always a possibility.

    Reaction Formation is a common defense mechanism. People reduce anxiety about some feelings, thoughts, or impulses they have by taking up or expressing opposite behaviors or positions. So when a person takes a position or stance on something, particularly if that position is extreme or repeated, you should consider the possibility that his/her real views are opposite to what has been stated. People sometimes resort to reaction formation when they fear criticism, ostracism, or punishment. So say some guy is attracted to/turned on by ladyboys. He might feel guilty/bad/dirty for having those feelings and strenuously object that he could ever have any hint of homosexuality in him. So he takes a vigorous anti-ladyboy position. But his repeated β€œOh, those trannies are disgusting,” might be a cover for something quite different.

  29. SURPRISE!…there are a few new gay guys busted out of their closets in the world. So embarassing. πŸ™‚ At least that’s what knarf says in that big long story above.

  30. If Justine #1 was a post-op ladyboy, i’d be perfectly happy to acknowledge any homosexual tendencies within me πŸ˜‰ For that kind of girl, i would probably forget any prejudice i have no matter what the original gender is πŸ˜‰ That said, i think the ladyboy comments are just fun speculation – Justine #2 in fact doesn’t exactly shine with the most natural body ever.

  31. knarf, it could also mean that some of us like to mix joking around with our Asian Siren fetish. And really, why would most of have to worry about coming out or admitting having tendencies when no one here knows who we are anyways?

  32. I actually don’t necessarily agree, knarf – and I am one of the people that would prefer it the “ladyboy” stuff would stop. I think in general it is from simply assuming that far more people get complete gender changes in Thailand than they do, and that these people are somehow prevalent in pornography. SRS happens a lot in Thailand – but “a lot’ is relative to the rest of the world, especially in FULL M2F operations (many Kathoey prefer to keep their genitals, as that is part of their appeal). It’s not like it’s not possible that some of these women were born men, but the likelihood is slim, and the surgery these days is so spectacular that the chances of people figuring it out just because someone looks “mannish” is even slimmer. I mean, pick the man out of these three girls.

    It’s not easy. Looking for the most mannish one will get you nowhere, since all three are Kathoey.

    Yep, those are my thoughts. I’m not really passionate about this issue and don’t care much for either of the Justine Lams, but I do think guessing if girls were once a man is counterproductive, since there is a high – high likelihood that none of them are, or that it will be one of the ones you least expect.

  33. I don’t think that people should be commenting on whether or not they are female or both sexes…. We should probably be thinking as to whether or not they are who they are. (talking about the names) We should do this because the point of posting, atleast I thought, was to give justice to an atleast decent looking asian model of some sort..

    Now, if we actually want to do this then, yes they both could use the same name considering that Lam is an incredibly similar last name amongst Asians. Although, highly unlikely. Although the second model might actually possess the name Justine Lam, the First, I am pretty sure is China Yuuki.

    You can pay attention to this or not, but if we are indeed trying to give some justice to girls that are posted up here, then we should at least give an effort as to figuring out who they are, especially when someone suggests that they might be someone they know….

  34. We’re talking, we’re talking, but can we have more pics of Justine Lam #1? She’s smoking hot and we got only 4 pix….

  35. No. 1 has a similar look to a young Lucy Liu, very cute IMHO and is certainly the kind of woman I go for.

    No.2 doesn’t really do it for me but I think it’s a bit harsh to say she looks like a guy. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you met her in person I’m sure you’d change your mind.

  36. I must say…I very much like Justine #2 now far better than Justine #1. She may not be quite as cute, but I like her body type. Sexy and trim and a little sporty.

  37. I asked that question to thedoctor, because I thought he was taking it too seriously. I think the ladyboy comments were just beer talk and fun, nothing else.

    Of course I was expecting thedoctor to come up with the usual ‘they secretly like ladyboys’, since it’s the usual cliche. knarf, thanks for giving a name to that cliche, that was new to me.

    arf, man, up there you said that you would only like #2 if you were drunk. How’s your vodka today? πŸ™‚

  38. Did I say that? πŸ™‚ Oh yeah…the more I studied their pics, Justine #2 just kinda grew more to my licking. I mean liking.

  39. I believe that the wings tattooed on Justine #2’s cheeks indicate that certain parts of her anatomy can, and most likely will, take you to heaven… especially if that pacemaker gives out… haha!

    Like my Papa Irish used to tell me when I was just a wee lad… “Flip, it doesn’t matter much, in the dark.” Haha!

    You know what? I think I would rather take Justine #2, in broad daylight, too… just put a pair of those huge sunglasses on her face, like all the not so pretty looking white girls wear, and she’d be good to go! IMHO… haha!

    But then again… I’m just a sicko… haha!

  40. Just to keep the hype, defend the underdog + explain my taste: yeah – # 2. More of a natural tendency to be THIN, too. The tattoo is really tastefull too – to my taste.

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