MTV News Correspondent SuChin Pak

SuChin Pak

30-year-old SuChin Pak (born August 15, 1976) is a MTV News correspondent. Joining the MTV News team in 2001, she became the first Asian face of MTV and has covered events like the MTV Video Music Awards, MTV Movie Awards, and the Sundance Film Festival.SuChin was born in Seoul, Korea and moved to Union City, California when she was five years old. She attended the University of California, Berkeley (GO BEARS!) and majored in political science while holding a job as the youngest television host for PBS’ “Newton’s Apple.”

SuChin has interviewed celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Diddy, George Lucas, Ice-T, Billy Idol, Mary J. Blige, and Britney Spears.

SuChin is more than “just” a television host, playing a huge role in MTV’s 2004 Choose or Lose campaign which urged young people in the U.S. to vote. She also contributed segments to coverage of the aftermath of September 11 for MTV News. In May 2004, her news series titled “My Life (Translated)” aired on MTV. “My Life (Translated)” examined the difficulties of growing up as a multicultural American kid, focusing a large part on her own life and her struggles in bridging gaps between standard Korean customs/culture and American ways.

In 2007, SuChin appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and talked about how she has struggled with beauty issues, in particular the standard Asian definitions of beauty. She mentioned her epicanthal folds (which result in the absence of eye creases in Asians), and explains why having an eye crease is an important facial feature to Asians. You can see a summary of her interview here.

Personal note: I grew up watching SuChin on TRL with Carson Daly! I think she is a great role model for young people. That she graduated from UC Berkeley while working a time-consuming television host job shows that she is hardworking, and a look at any of her interviews with celebrities will show that she is very charismatic and enthusiastic about her job. She always appears cheerful on television, and she is also using her name to promote good causes. She became successful off of her smarts, not her looks – even though I think she has both. Furthermore, I love her style!

More photos of SuChin:

SuChin Pak

SuChin Pak

SuChin Pak

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  1. you guys don’t give my posts any love, so i am forced to give my posts my own love :[

    oh suchin pak! how i wish i could have stood as close to carson daly as you have!

  2. This chick has gotten better looking as years have gone by. She is a babe now. Good job featuring her. Brainy and beautiful!

  3. Sorry Christine, I’ve been out all day so I haven’t been around to give your post any love. Anyway, another great post – you are our best new recruit in a long time. Actually, IMHO you are possibly our best recruit ever! 🙂

  4. If you’re looking for a combination of substance and beauty in a TV personality, I think this woman is an up-and-comer.

    Angela Sun is a host/reporter at my former employer, Current TV. She really comes across as an intelligent and articulate woman, who just happens to be smoking hot. There are still not too many pics of her available.

    There are a few on her page at

    Here’s another I found while doing a Google Image search:

    There were one or two other very attractive young Asian women on Current TV. None have their pictures on the site, yet. I’ll try to see if i can remember their names and find something.

    OH, BTW Christine, SuChin looks real good in some pictures. I love the “Title” picture in this thread. Thanks

  5. Oh yeah! I’ll take Angela Sun any day, over SuChin. When I saw SuChin Pak’s picture just now, I got sleepy.

  6. First and last pics are the best ones. I’m still deciding on her beauty… Checked her flickr page and actually she seems better without makeup.

  7. i agree that suchin might not be very beautiful at first glance or just from her photos. i think it is her style and her personality that really make her a babe, which is why i featured her! i was going to post a clip of her up but i’m saving it for later.

  8. She is far from ugly and not really that unattractive…just kinda plain jane. Maybe she should get naked. You think?

  9. I saw her in person at lollapalooza this month, The pictures don’t do her justice. She is a lot hotter in person.

  10. Is seems that most Asian-American girls don’t opt for the “double eyelid” surgery like their homeland counterparts seem to.

  11. cec32, i think you’re mostly right. i know one girl who got the double-eyelid surgery, but she was living in a very traditionally korean environment – she would go to “koreatowns” frequently

    all in all, i think the weight on things like eyelids and skin tone really depends on the kind of environment the girl grew up in. for me, for instance, i really like being a little tanned (on this topic — my legs right now are so pale from wearing jeans all of the time, it’s disgusting), but i know that a few years ago, my mom would probably flip out if i went back to the homeland looking the way i did

  12. Great post and I really have to say that christine has put some life into this site. All of her recent posts have had real content and have provided for interesting and insighful reading.

    Kudos to Christine.

  13. Christine, you actually like Carson Daly? If Pussycat Dolls make me wanna slit my wrists, Daly makes me wanna do a belly flop off of the Empire State Building.

  14. As an Aussie, all I can say is, who is Carson Daly? He is obviously something of a celebrity in the US, but he’s pretty much unknown down under.

  15. whoa i just saw this.

    hey guys, i think carson daly is cute! i always thought he did an alright job as an mtv vj (nothing too amazing) but he was always so laidback and he really knew how to connect with people/talk with them. that’s a talent, and though it might seem like he’s getting paid to do nothing, i think that something like that still takes skill (i mean, look at how many socially retarded people are out there, you know?)

    i would bone carson daly, definitely. i probably wouldn’t bone him based only on looks though. hmm. i would probably bone the guy who plays al pacino’s character’s brother (santino, played by james caan) in the godfather based purely on looks. in that same vein, if matthew mcconaughey wanted to rape me i’d probably just be like, “dang boy, all you had to do was say so!” (obviously joking, but you get the point)

  16. You’d bone Carson Daly, or you’d bone Carson daily? 😉

    Can you point me to a good video clip or something? It would be interesting to see what an object of your affections is like. 🙂

  17. LOL @ lee

    here’s carson in a video clip doing an interview, which i think he didn’t prepare for (it seems unrehearsed)

    just look at how cool (by cool i did not mean the slang definition) he is when he talks! it’s like nothing phases him. the true mark of a television personality, indeed. *sigh*

    (but when he opens his eyes really wide it kind of creeps me out)

    when i was younger i had a huge crush on ben affleck. i still have a huge crush on ben affleck since he’s a dad now and, unlike other celebrity dads, he’s actually doing what seems to be a decent job at being a parent. i can’t blame jennifer garner for snabbing total husband material. *double sigh*

  18. hey christine..i noticed that your crushes are always caucasian men…what gives? 🙂 how about giving the yellow brothers some love :))

  19. didnt you think Ben was pussywhipped by Jlow? just a little…he was only good in one film… goodwill hunting. that was it.

  20. not true, sung kang, brian tee, and ken watanabe are fierce! i would do sung kang/brian tee in the fast and the furious: tokyo drift

    carson aside, because i just think he’s very urbane – most of my crushes just are somewhat built, or have buff bodies. like today, i was in a restaurant with a few friends for lunch and the server had that kind of idyllic triangular (broad shoulder, slim waist…but not too bodybuilder-esque) look and i totally melted.

    but that’s just me though; a lot of girls like scrawny guys and a lot of girls like their guys a little chunkier. overall though, if you’re good to her, a girl that knows what’s good for herself will like you. and if she pushes you aside for someone more handsome, then she probably wasn’t worth pursuing after all. (unless, of course, you don’t know her and she’s actually physically pushing you aside because she’s being presented with the opportunity to pounce/she-rape someone like matthew mcconaughey, or someone who similarly is the limit of handsome as it tends to infinity [see also: calculus of attractiveness])

  21. ben was totally pussywhipped by j.lo. but seriously, that shouldn’t be surprising because j.lo sounds like she’d be the dominant person in a relationship, and ben seems like someone who is versatile and could probably go both ways – like, in this case, as a dad figure he’s doing well, but also as someone who’s a supporter (in the case of j.lo) he filled that role well also.

    and also this is completely not taking into account the fact that with curves and a butt like j.lo, it would probably be hard not to be pussywhipped

    okay this off-topicness is getting out of hand guys!

  22. Luckily for me, Sachiko’s just one of many hot Asian girls down my way who likes ’em soft and fluffy – perhaps you really should move to Australia. 😉

  23. my wife likes me soft and fluffy too….btw…when you go to asian countries, the girls actually prefer non-muscular buff guys. the geeky, plump, and well to do are actually much more of a catch for them….i guess it comes down to pure economic i guess…or is it a cultural thing. asian equates muscular men to laborer or blue collar…or just too vain and the men with a belly, a cherubesque face and a rounder physique to aristocrats or big boss businessmen…no joke 🙂 ask doc

    “soft and fluffy” i get a giggle when i read that :))

  24. Actually, I think I could write an entire article on this one – anyone else interested in this phenomonon? I think I’ve got the many reasons for it pretty much pinned down, but I’d love to hear other suggestions!

  25. from my unfamiliar POV, it seems like economically motivated to me as well, as lawboy was saying – the businessman who lounges around all day and doesn’t have to work in the fields, etc. i don’t know enough about it but that would really be my educated guess.

  26. oh shush now lawboy, not all muffins fluffy on top are also substantial beneath the wrapping. maybe in the babymakin’ oven the tray was a little too small in the wrong areas

  27. western women equates chubby guys or nonbuff guys as lazy or not active and buff guys as guys who have time to go the gym and take care of himself. too totally different view of a male physique…. probably why doc stays in australia and i like to move there. 🙂

    i wonder if Adam has similar experience in BK

  28. Actually, I’ve got a lot more possble reasons than that, which I’ve been able to deduce from talking to my Asian lady friends about this issue. Worth an article do you think?

  29. i think that’s peculiar because in asia, women strive so hard to be so skinny while…they favor the chubby guys? i just don’t understand.

    btw if you like african/asian, i have a good post coming up for you lawboy. you shall see soon

  30. being that asian sirens is more like an online men’s magazine than anything else, perhaps a feature on dating wouldn’t be considered irrelevant. but it does seem like quite a stretch from the usual topic of girls, girls, girls. your call

  31. oh please post that doc..i am currious myself….i guess i better take my fat ass to the gym…speak of which where are the regular guys here? did they disappeared or started their own sites… 🙂

  32. BlueSkies, you have a lot to explain. Yeah, I mean that McConaughey thing up there. 🙂

    christine, you may have good taste on McConaughey, but Carson’s personality not such a big big deal. Must be a teenage crush. 😉

  33. a lot of men have similar hang ups like doc…..for me, just a little. 🙂 i think the term “meat curtains” creeps me out :)….but some vaginas are actually pretty nice looking ; )

  34. Yeah, they do look kind of like raw meat. Another slang expression for them – “gash” – kind of sums up my feelings: they often remind me of an open wound. Yuck!

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