Sara Polverini in Playboy Philippines

Sara Polverini

As requested by Niners and Adan in the comments of a previous post, here’s Filipina-Italian model Sara Polverini as she appears Playboy Philippines’ March 2009 issue.

As I found out when I interviewed her, Sara is as vivacious as she is beautiful. A former child star, Sara endorses both Pizza Hut and Van Heusen in the Philippines. Pizzas and shirts never had it this good.

Sara Polverini
Sara Polverini
Sara Polverini
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  1. Dr. Lee has it right this time. In the Philippines there are two things going on. First, they were ruled by Spain for over 400 years and while they hated the Spanish they seemed to envy their status at the same time. Many Filipino families changed their last names to Spanish last names to give the impression their family has Spanish blood. Filipino society considers Spanish blood an indication of class that a simple Filipino of Malay stock could never achieve. Then there is their near worship of Caucasians. Up until the US pulled their bases out, the people of the Philippines loved Americans so much that they called all Caucasians “Americans” regardless of where they came from. These two forces seem to make the beautiful Filipinas think they are even more beautiful if they can pass for Mestizas; people of mixed blood. It’s funny to me that Americans spend so much time and money (not to mention the risk of skin cancer) to get tan and your average Filipina, having a beautiful caramel skin tone naturally, does everything she can to lighten her skin. I haven’t spent nearly as much time in Thailand but I suspect that same could be said for the girls there.

    Thirty-four years ago I married the cutest girl in the Philippines and at 60 years old she still has that dark caramel skin that I adore but she would rather be white. Go figure.

  2. People did not change their last names to seem Spanish. As the people were Christianized by the Spanish, they took on these names. They started using the same names (usually after Saints) so the Spanish government compiled a list and order those under their rule to change their names (to make tax collection easier since not everyone had the same surnames).

    That’s why you have the Filipinos who weren’t touched by the hand of colonial Spanish rule in the South and in the remote mountain regions with original Filipino last names and Muslim names. Also, those Chinese Filipinos in the North have their names from intermarriage with Chinese from Southern China.

    Although a lot of Filipinos claim themselves to be Spanish or Chinese, many are not. Only a small population of Filipinos can really claim it.

    I could go on and on, but I don’t think people really wanna hear it. Hope this helps clear it up.

  3. she may not look very Asian but does that matter? she is part Asian and she is cute, great boobs. I am with Johnnie, pic 3 😛

  4. Yes CEC, Mike did feature her before. But we asked for more & thanks to Mike – we received.
    I still love this chick – she’s got an accessible vibe about her! Actually, the way she came across on the video interview makes her really attractive in my eyes over her shoot in the mag.

    Many thanks again Mike!…hopefully she graces the pages again & feels confident enough to show us more next time!

  5. Doc, are you sure that having multiple accounts and posting multiple one line sentences in the same post while each SN points to a different website is not against the TOS?

  6. salmo, 34 years and still that! 🙂
    I agree with you, why change that wonderful brown skin on filipinas. Then don’t know how lucky they are.

  7. @Travis: changing your username is fine, and we don’t have any restrictions on what username you can use either (as long as it complies with the general guidelines). It is also okay to post one line comments.

    However, what isn’t okay is to have multiple accounts, and it is true that two of these aliases are the same person. So you’ve given me an excuse to ban them, and I’ve blocked their IP address as well.

  8. First of all… why is it that none of these Pinay Playmates are ever really nekkid!?! Pics 2 and 4 would be nice if there was no clothing at all in them… haha! Second… the only really good hotdogs for “espageti” (Filipino spaghetti) are the individually wrapped red ones that may very well be made from dogs (j/k)!

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