Miss International Beauty Pageant in Tokyo

Miss Hong Kong Kwan Hing Wong

Miss Hong Kong Kwan Hing Wong poses after being pronounced Miss Friendship at the 47th Miss International Beauty Pageant in Tokyo, Monday, Oct. 15, 2007. See all photos.

And for those of you who like bottoms: ‘Japan’s best bottom’ babe contest.

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0 thoughts on “Miss International Beauty Pageant in Tokyo”

  1. What? No thongs in the best bottom babe contest? How are we supposed to judge their bottoms if we can only see half of it?

  2. you actually saw all of the bottom. those aren’t granny panties, those are just like regular cotton hanes. they just don’t have butts – i think that’s what’s attractive in japan. did you see the winner? she had no butt whatsoever.

  3. The winner, Miss Mexico, is—don’t want to be rude—not attractive. And from the swimsuit photo appears to have a bad boob job.

  4. why is that that a lot of asian girls have no butts. you need both boobs and butts. 🙂 i think nina has a nice butt, right? :))

  5. actually, for some models with certain body types, smaller, perkier is better than large. but a tad bigger wouldnt hurt…..doc the japanese knows how to make fake breasts so natural looking and the american’s looks too hard and unnatural. why and how?

  6. She’s beautiful but I know the “she’s-had-too-much-plastic-surgery/she-looks-mixed” comments have got to be coming soon.

  7. hey nina… in china alot if the women use a cream that lightens their skin not sure why but they use it quite a bit supposedly they think dark skin is bad :/

  8. oh, shush cec32, we’re not that mean. i don’t think miss hk is any of those things you said, but i think it goes for all of the pageant contestants that they could’ve really laid off on the makeup and fake eyelashes (hello? since when was it attractive to have fake eyelashes that could double as vestigial limbs stemming from your eyelids?)

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