An Asian-Loving Computer Geek’s Dream?

Despite our many differences of opinion, there’s two things we all have in common here: we love Asian girls, and we spend a lot of time in front of our computers. So what could be better than a cute Asian girl together with a sexy computer? Okay, so I don’t actually know this girl‘s ethnicity, but she sure looks Eurasian or Filipina to me. And as a devoted Mac user, I just had to post this one! It’s one of the funniest internet videos I’ve ever seen.

Oh yeah, and like everyone these days, she also has a MySpace page.

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0 thoughts on “An Asian-Loving Computer Geek’s Dream?”

  1. Ah, that’s funny; I use this ‘Mac Beautiful’ in my presentations about user generated content. In comparison with the 500 million dollar campaign of Microsoft Vista.

  2. Thank goodness my impression of her ethnicity was correct – I had a nagging fear she may have been Latina or American Indian or something like that.

    One other thing I have to say about this girl: she is a talented singer. Especially when you consider her vocal was recorded live with the video shoot for the front on shots (as it says in her blog). I’ll take this girl over Tila any day. 😉

  3. Actually, for me it’s not that interesting if she is Filipina or not, but in her last video she answers the question…

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