Tammy Hai (AKA Alex Lynn)

Tammy Hai @ FinestTalent.com (Photography: Chris Carlo)

Gorgeous model Tammy Hai is 1/4 Korean – 3/4 Chinese. I could not find a lot of studio photo’s of her, but there are a lot of pictures taken at various expo’s. I guess she is really working hard to become popular. If I have a say in it, she will be very famous! Wow…

Tammy Hai @ FinestTalent.com
Tammy Hai @ Xoticus.com
Tammy Hai @ PureHotModels.com
Tammy Hai @ Shift26.com
Tammy Hai Google Image search

Badboy knows more about this model! Read his comments below.Some facts:

Name: Tammy Hai
Birthdate: April 24th
Ethnicity: 3/4 Chinese, 1/4 Korean
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 116 lbs.
Measurements: 34B-27-34
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown / Burgundy / Black

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0 thoughts on “Tammy Hai (AKA Alex Lynn)”

  1. She no longer goes by Tammy Hai!

    She now goes by Alex Lynn (post breast augmentation, dyed hair, etc.).

    Alex Lynn on MySpace

    From her MySpace page, you will find she is featured in the Asian Beauty 2006 calendar among other things.

    As Tammy Hai, she also attended some past modelpaloozas if I remember right and as Alex Lynn does quite a bit of Go Go dancing at night clubs.

  2. The Tammy Hai picture above is pre-implants. Check her MySpace page for pictures with implants. The side view in her profile picture is a bit misleading though. Checkout the desktop wallpaper in her blog for a better example.

  3. there are old, old, old, nudes of her.

    she went by some name on asiadiva.com as well as she posed nude for importecstasy.com (pics are gone now, but I have them somewhere)


  4. Picture youself in this scenario. Looking at some 60 year old saggy breasts. Or looking at some 60 year old with implants.

    Help im blind now.

  5. Robin, if it were only that easy to just get em out! I have heard of some like Pam Anderson who got smaller implants but I believe that the result of removing the implants entirely would not return to its former shape/size due to stretching. A long time ago, I had a lapdance with a stripper and she put my hands on her breasts and it kind of freaked me out because they felt hollow. I think she had once had implants but had them removed.

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