Isis Gong


Isis Gong is a runway model in Shanghai. She stands a remarkable 5’10 and weights less than 115lbs. She is also only 21 years old.Stats:

Age: 21
Height: 5’10
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: Shanghai







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  1. Pretty face but a woman that is 5’10” and weighing only 115 pounds is ridiculous. Yes I know that’s the world of modeling but that doesn’t make it right. Someone of her height and frame, should weigh at least 132 odd pounds, and that’s at the lower end of the range.

  2. I am really not a fan of most Chinese fashion models – even though I love Chinese girls in general – and Isis is not an exception.

  3. Beautiful except pics 4 and 5. Makes me think the good ones have been touched up a lot. Excuse my cynicism.

  4. Not my type already… plus way too skinny.
    Damn it! I need some “meat” on those beautiful frames.

  5. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for her around Expo in Shanghai tomorrow.

    Travis and Strout, I don’t believe the stats either. I’ve seen skinnier models and she looks quite ok to me.
    More than OK actually; I think she is quite stunning in Pic 2 and I love the backless dress. Very sexy indeed!

  6. Now that you mentioned ‘spanking’ I’d love to spank that spankable derriere in the last pic!
    I’ll say it again..that is a very sexy pic!

  7. lol..must have been the distraction of her lower back, but in the last that a wrist watch dangling from her crossover strap? If it’s a very strange place to wear one.
    Great conversation starter though! Or maybe it’s designed to keep eyes off her backside..have I mentioned her posterior yet?

  8. longtack its the new fashion. Get updated! 😉

    Nice body, needs some more weight, but she’s pretty. I like her smile a lot on pics 2 and 5.

  9. “lol..must have been the distraction of her lower back, but in the last that a wrist watch dangling from her crossover strap? If it’s a very strange place to wear one.”

    Her boyfriend is in training to increase his staying power?

    Although i’d imagine the dress would need to be on the floor for that… although it does sag down a lot….

  10. When I lived in Shanghai, a friend of mine was dating this local model who was 5’9″ and weighed 103 lbs. The Chinese guys all thought she was hot and I thought she was anorexic. This girl is positively overweight compared to her.

    I think her face is just OK but again, Chinese guys love this kind of face. That’s the big difference between cultures, the beauty ideal. I met girls who in the States were 10s but over there were considered 4s. The best thing about those girls is that they weren’t full of themselves since they didn’t think they were beautiful, so they had great personalities.

  11. Now that you guys mentioned it, that is a bit strange having a watch hanging down her back. I always wear my watch down the front, hanging from my gold YO-boy chain…kinda like Flava Flav wears his clocks. YEEEAH-BOYYYYY!

  12. While I don’t find Isis particularly attractive, I don’t find her particularly unattractive either. But Mason Ge – like many Chinese fashion models sadly – I really consider unattractive.

  13. The weight and height are just way out of my preferences… one of the things I enjoy about Asian women is that they are petite, and 5’10” is having trouble computing with me. Just not my type. The poses and expressions are frozen and practiced.

  14. There’s something sexy I love about this woman, the way she has her head turned looking back over her right shoulder in the third and last pic above. Beautiful.

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