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Meg & Dia are a five-person band composed of sisters Meg Frampton, Dia Frampton, Nicholas Price, Jonathan Snyder, and Carlo Giminez. The half-Korean, half-Caucasian sisters (pictured above – Dia on left, Meg right) have been working together on music since junior high, and over time their primarily acoustic work has evolved into a full-blown indie rock band.The sisters are Salt Lake City, Utah natives, with Meg at 22-years-old (born April 3, 1985) and Dia at 19-years-old (born October 2, 1987). Meg speculates that their Caucasian half is of German/Swedish descent, but she is unsure, jokingly saying in an interview that “my dad is a white dude born and raised in Utah.”

In the band, Dia sings lead vocals, while Meg sings backup vocals and plays guitar. So far, their band has released two albums and three EPs.

The band had primarily promoted themselves through MySpace, eventually becoming selected as the official MySpace band at Vans Warped Tour 2006. In an interview with The Los Angeles Times, Meg talks about being one of only a few females at the tour.

“I think the performers were about 10% female,” Meg said. “It was hard not to notice. We got a bit tired of it; we’re trying to make that not be the focus. But we’re trying to open doors too.”

In 2006, PETA announced that Meg and Dia would be appearing in anti-fur ads for peta2. “I don’t think there is a big difference between cats and dogs or minks or cheetahs….They are all animals,” Dia said. Meg adds, “Be more aware of what you’re eating and what you’re wearing.”

“Monster,” the single off of their first album Our Home is Gone (2006), reached #110 on the US charts. Their current single, “Roses,” off of their latest album Something Real (2007) has become an MTVU music video staple. Below is the music video for it:

More photos of Meg and Dia:

Meg and Dia

Meg and Dia

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  1. The song’s not too bad and the sisters are pretty. Is it just me or do they look a bit Middle-Eastern? At least the one i the blue top, second pic from the bottom.

  2. The amazing Christine flood continues! 🙂

    I see you’re complying with CEC32’s “half-caucasian” suggestion, but I think the rest of us would like to know specifically which kind of caucasian they are mixed with. Indeed, they don’t look caucasian at all to me – more like Indian or (as BlueSkies suggests) middle eastern?

  3. hi lee, i wasn’t able to pin down the other caucasian half. in the article i wrote that meg ‘speculates’ that it’s german/swedish, but she’s not sure herself, it seems. that’s why i left it ambiguous! 🙂

    in the future though, i think that my posts will say “half ____, half caucasian.” then i will elaborate on the nationality of the caucasian half. i hope this will appease both parties.

    i haven’t participated in that discussion between cec32 and you because i’m not really sure what i think about it yet. perhaps with more posts about these half-asians it’ll become more clear what kind of ‘taxonomy’ to employ.

  4. how about not giving them a label? is it really necessary after all is said and done?
    if they are posted here then odds are everyone will have an idea of their ethnicity or race. i dont see maria sharapova or pamela anderson being posted here (thank GOD!).

    although this harkens to an earlier argument about what limits on asia were ok to post. hmmm…it was an indian model, cant remember who, but the argument was made that although india IS in asia, that the focus here was to be more asia-pacific. which would actually, and i am splitting hairs here, eliminate southeast asian girls from being posted here as those countries do not border the pacific save for the philippines.


    anyway, yeah these girls are cute in that college-town-coffee-shop-vienna-tang-bic-runga
    kind of way (neither have been featured here by the way, hint hint)

  5. Hi Christine. I think that for the sake of consistency, the exact caucasian ethnicity has to be specified, just as it is on the Asian side. This would also be consitent with all previous articles on Asian Sirens (I’m not sure why CEC32 chose to raise this issue in your post, given that we have been using this convention for so long now without any problems).

  6. hey christine…great job girlfriend. you are giving doc and robin sometime off 🙂 how about some posts with some skins….i sure miss, ahem, boobs ; )…not that we dont appreciate all you have done but i bet you can up the ante….plus it’s a little kinkier for a girl to post nakie pictures. :))

  7. actually, lawboy, that’s really funny that you mention that, because robin also suggested that i post naked pictures of girls. unfortunately, that’s waaaaaaaay out of my comfortable posting range and niche. i just don’t look at softcore porn of asian girls on my own, and i think that if i were to do so for the sake of this site, blogging would become less of a joy and more of a burden. like, “oh, let me go search for another nude asian model that hasn’t been featured here.” it probably won’t even get to that, seeing as the only big names i know are tera patrick and the people who i’ve seen on here, i would have a really hard time even finding a girl to feature in the first place.

    however, i noticed this was a problem yesterday and so i did hunt for a girl to feature and i think i found one, but i really don’t find her particularly attractive 😛 all of the other girls i found i couldn’t ID at all (btw, what is UP with that? how come all of this free porn these days is posted with some sleazy intro paragraph like, “[generic female name like jessica] wants you to see her get down and dirty in a hotel room. watch her take it all off, she is so [insert vulgar descriptors here].”)

  8. christine…i can send you some if you want:) i wasnt good enough to be invited to post here :)) j/k. just couldnt figure out the program doc sent me.

    how about helping out the brothers Robin. we need boobs ! 🙂

  9. hey christine id be glad to come over and look at soft-core porn with you, you know just so you dont feel uncomfortable 😀

    laughs @ BlueSkies (christine flood)

  10. I agree with Christine – it is really annoying how most porn sites and fora refuse to ID the girl, so it is virtually impossible to find more pics of her, let alone some real info. Perhaps the commercial porn sites don’t want you to take your business elswhere, but what about the free ones? And the fora are even worse – it’s like “here’s some pics of this hot girl I found, execpt I’m not going to tell you who she is, and I’m not going to tell you where I found them.” I just don’t get it – if you like her enough to share her pics with everyone, then why not give us her info?

  11. Oh, and I think Christine should only post what she wants to post – she fills a niche our other bloggers don’t, as they are generally more inclined to post naked chicks. If Robin and our other bloggers want more naked chicks, they can post them themselves – and not leave Christine to do all the work. 😉

  12. of course she should post what she wants… 🙂 it was just a request :)) because i am sure we all miss the skin, and dont tell me you dont doc :))

  13. There are plenty of naked babes here to satisfy our -um- needs… Ladies don’t gotta be nude to be sirens. So I can appreciate the diversity in her posts. But then again I’m not the webmaster & haven’t been hanging out here as long as most of you guys so it’s really not up to me.

  14. They did seem a bit indian to me, also. I liked the music. And the girls. Good catch!

    christine, men want to read the ‘sleazy intro paragraph’ because they are onto porn. They don’t wanna know the girls name, they just wanna know how naughty and nasty she is. But, that’s porn, I don’t wanna bore you with something that is mostly for us guys. 🙂

  15. oh you were talking about porn sites! i was like, wait — no? A-S doesn’t have sleazy intro paragraphs…?

    HAHA sorry dazn. got it now

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