Yuki Y


Yuki is an unrepresented model from Hong Kong. I have never met someone from Hong Kong named Yuki. I like the name.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: 5’6
Located: Hong Kong
Ethnicity: Chinese





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  1. Pretty girl, but I must offer some advice from my vast experience representing models:

    1) 10 more lbs in all the right places would do wonders
    2) Smile more
    3) Wear less

  2. Yeah. Before anyone discusses it though, I am 75% sure that last photo is shopped. She’s got a thin waist, and it’s really well shaped, but I am fairly positive it is not that thin.

  3. Actually Travis, I think that photo is just carefully posed and angled to accentuate her curves as much as possible – I don’t see any evidence of Photoshopping, and she really does seem to have a fabulous waistline (indeed, a fabulous body in general). Her face is quite interesting too – not super pretty perhaps, but I like it. Overall, I find this girl quite attractive.

  4. ummm… something about her… it could be the paris hilton sunnies…. but i reckon she’d be a high maintenance lady… possibly even the bitch from hell when she’s not between the sheets. One of those choices you need to make: is the magic two minutes every once in a while if you’re well behaved worth all the demanding and snappiness?

    Amazing what you can determine from a photo…

    Of course it’s equally possible that she might in real life be quite nice and friendly.

  5. That was I thought at first too, but check out the line of her back in that photo. It is slightly blurrier than the rest of the photo, and if you look right about her rear, it sharply shoots inward in a pointy way and then continues in an imperfect curve that could easily be attributed to a shaky hand.

    Though I agree her natural waistline is also spectacular, so that’s not a knock on her at all, so much as my interpretation of the photo.

  6. Naaahhhh! Not often I don’t like the Chinese gals (she doesn’t look very Chinese anyway). Pouty/skinny doesn’t do it for me. CHECK PLEASE!!

  7. Agree with Wingsfan and the good Doc on their respective points…she is attractive but needs to smile once in a while. The “bitch” look has been done.

    @ kroos, the “magical” two minutes (or five or ten) just ain’t worth it in my book. There are plenty of pretty women out there with a nice personality.

    Yuki has a hot bod.

  8. Don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying she isn’t damn fine… Yeah she has a killer body. I just reckon she’d make a better mistress than wife.

    A smile might change my mind about that. By the way, on a completely unrelated note, is it possible to have simultaneous feelings of big brotherness and lust at the same time???? Maybe i should clarify that…..

    Local bakery has this lovely Vietnamese girl working there…. maybe about 19 or 20. Incredible smile…. really nice personality. Brings out the whole big brother feeling in me. At the same time, damn i’d love to bang that tight body…… Maybe i need to lay off the pies for a bit.

    Ok, back on topic now. Yuki needs to smile and wear less. And a few more upside shots wouldn’t go astray. What is it with upside down asian women? Is this a new fetish of mine????

    I reckon i could pick up bakery girl by the feet…..

  9. Another girl I like better upside down…

    What happened to the poetry?

    I can’t Haiku alone.. I’d feel…. awkward.

  10. That’s a little too much info kroos, although I do know know what you mean about Vietnamese girls at pie shops. They’ve had a few real cuties at the one I go to – lovely, pretty, sweet, simple girls. I don’t mean dumb, just easy going. The hottest girls are usually somewhat difficult, so I often find myself attracted to these traditional girls.

    Anyway, let’s get this thread back on topic!

  11. Vietnamese cute girls seems ON topic for me. 🙂

    I like Yuki, very nice body and face is really attractive for me. I even like the bitch look, gives me the hot vibes. Even i that makes me hit the wall with my head, sometimes.

    Kroos, 2 minutes it’s not worth the bitching. Been there, wasted time.

  12. @ Collector

    It appears that Kroos has escaped Gympie and is back in the world of Sirens. Since poetry is the art of the tormented, it appears that my lame limericks may be it.

    Have to give this one a try once I figure out some rhymes with “Yuki” other than “nookie.”

  13. DBdipper….. I believe it might be pronounced ‘Yoo kee” … (I have a japanese friend called Yuki with that pronunciation).

    and so:

    If I wore just a raincoat
    and I flashed this Miss Yuki,
    would she think it a turn on
    or would she think i was spooky?

    If I followed her home
    and I hid in the garden,
    would she open the door
    if I showed her my hard on?

    If I breathed really heavy
    when i called on her phone,
    would she hang up in shock
    or would she say “I’m alone!”?

    If I climbed through the window
    while she’s havin’ a shower,
    would she ask for the soap,
    or set her taser full power?

  14. There’s nothing ‘yucky’ about Yuki!

    Frankly – she can be as dark and brooding as she wants – would love to see her pouting on all fours!!!

  15. She’s very pretty, but I agree she needs to open up and smile more. That is a big part of what makes a model pretty IMO. Most of her pics on her site looks like she’s about to kill someone.

    And a bit more curves would make her perfect.

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