Linda Tek

Linda Tek

Half-Chinese, half-Cambodian bartender/model/go-go dancer Linda Tek has been modeling for about 2 years now. Among her modeling credits, the 25 year-old Washington, DC native has appeared at many Hot Import Nights events and is Ms. Poker Chick Virginia. She currently resides in Alexandria, which is where she can be seen tending bar and dancing at hot spots such as Club Aqua and The Muse Lounge.Linda enjoys cooking and, at the risk of encouraging some bad puns, especially loves to bake, which is her favorite hobby. “Cookies, cupcakes, you name it!” she says. During our correspondence, she also told me that she’s the type of girl that likes to chill with the guys at the bar and that she’d “rather drink beer and watch the game than go shopping with the girls.” A quality most men will surely appreciate.

Linda Tek
At Club Aqua in Alexandria

Linda Tek
Studio shot from Linda’s vast portfolio

Linda Tek
From her Miss Poker Chick Virginia shoot

Linda Tek
At Hot Import Nights in Landover, Maryland, June 2008

Linda Tek
Her first bartending job at Club Daedalus

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  1. ehhh……she’s okay…..kinda cute and attractive….don’t like the first pic…..she looks better on pic 2,4,5, and 6. not bad….she’s sexy thick….

  2. Could be you Harry I don’t know what you look like…but this girl is ok. If I saw her in public would love her. But here kinda average.

  3. A professional photographer makes a huge difference for this girl. But first, she needs to find a gym.

  4. She’s 25 and already getting cellulite. Unless she starts regular workouts now, by 35 she will be our typical American tons-o-fun.

    Nonetheless, she’s cute and I’d take her!
    Alexandria is across the Potomac River from DC…would love to help her celebrate tomorrow…

  5. Tough crowd recently. Overall, she is definitely one of those I would look at twice (or more) in real life (which is two or three times more than she would look at me) but she doesn’t really stand out on Asian Sirens.

  6. Please just link to your site from your display name d.wrock – any more off-topic plugs like this will be considered spam and deleted.

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