Yupinda From Pacific Beauty


This may be my second Pacific Beauty feature in the last couple of weeks, but Yupinda was someone that stood out. As usual, there are no stats, but you can assume she’s Thai. Her gallery has some nice photos too.



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0 thoughts on “Yupinda From Pacific Beauty”

  1. I bet she looks brilliant in a tight pair of jeans. She looks great out of jeans too of course, but she has those long slim legs that suit jeans so well.

  2. What a beautiful smile to wake up too. Love those long slim legs also. Pacific Beauty has always had some great looking women and photos.

  3. Great legs, nice body. I’m not very fond of her face, though. And while I’m the guy who typically begs these models to smile, this girl’s smile is a bit frightening to me.

  4. She’s pretty, but I don’t find her as hot as many of the other Pacific Beauty girls. Still, she gets naked, so she gets some bonus points for that.

  5. Thanks for those photo sets, Luke72. I now have a strong desire to take a bath. I really like Yui from those sets as well, and am enjoying looking at all of the other ladies.

  6. There were also some nice sets of Sung Hi Lee on that site that I hadn’t seen before, which is always a plus:-)

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