Lavina Chung


Lavina Chung is an approachable model from China. She’s in Moko, though I couldn’t find this one either. Not sure if she’ll be everybody’s flavor here but I’m guessing none of you heard of her before.Photos:





Sexier Photos
Random Photos

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  1. I hate to sound like a broken record, but she looks MUCH better when she smiles. She simply isn’t very sexy and the fake pouting doesn’t work for her, IMO.

    Not spectacular but not terrible either. The first picture is pretty good, though. She probably looks great in Moko’ ultra-Photoshopped photos.

  2. It’s the nose….every time I want to say she is hot, I get drawn to that nose….please don’t tell me she is yet another Chinese woman who gets a bigger nose.

    How do I open up the third set (random pics) to make them larger?

  3. French, you killed it for me, every picture I opened I just saw nose. I think BFD said it best, she should smile.

  4. What’s with all the complaints about here needing to smile “more”. I looked through the links and there is definitely more pictures of her smiling.

    As with most people, we do look better when smiling. Having a subject not smile creates a “mood” for the picture. The “pouty” face does not bother me. The “duck” lips look I do not care for especially when it goes too far.

    This is a very pretty girl either way.

  5. Hmm, the first pic I thought omg this girl is beautiful, can’t wait to see her. But the rest don’t even look like the girl in the first picture. That nose is so distracting and not in a pleasant way. Not my cup of hot tea.

  6. I really like her first pic! I thought she’s super gorgeous. The rest of the pictures – I didn’t feel as strong. I don’t see anything wrong with her nose. She is pretty and has beautiful skin.

  7. wkinght, I don’t see a lot of complaints about Lavina not smiling enough. I mentioned she looks far better when she smiles than when she doesn’t. But as you say, there are a number of pictures of her smiling.

    And you are right, I think. Most people look better when they smile. It’s really the basis of my point. Some models can pull off the pouty look, but they have to have a very pretty (or at least sexy or dramatic) face. I just don’t think it works with Lavina’s face.

    And I also agree with you about the “duck lips”. I don’t get that at all.

  8. She’s beautiful but not in the super hot category, that the kind of girl I normally got a date with in China, so I can’t complain

  9. She’s pretty enough, but I’m going to have to agree… She doesn’t have a typical Asian nose, it seems a bit “off” for her face.

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