Yuna Ito – Trust You

Ever since I heard this song in the fourth ending sequence for Gundam 00, it’s become part of my mellow midnight playlist. In her single Trust You, Japanese chanteuse Yuna Ito sings the words we would all love to hear from the Asian sirens we love.

Gundam 00 is a giant robot space opera, and astronomy nerds will appreciate the tastefully placed references in this video: antique starmaps, satellite dishes, and Jupiter looming large in the sky. If rocker chicks are more your thing, check out the video for the show’s fourth opening song, Namida no Mukou.

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  1. Actually, Yuna Ito does nothing for me. ;D

    Also, The Korean mother may have something to do with her name being Yuna (유나?). (More a Korean name than Japanese from experience and too lazy to wiki).

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