Anni Mei


Anni Mei is 22 years old from Toronto, Canada. She is was a finalist in the 2006 Miss Vietnam Canada pageant, despite being the shortest of the 60 contestants. As far as I know she has just started her career, so wish her luck.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’0
Weight: 96
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Born in: Japan
Currently Resides: Toronto, Canada










Official Site
Several Photos from a Good Photographer

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  1. her boobs look magnificent in the third picture, god bless the wonderbra! I think that the fifth photo is my favourite, she looks very cute. I don’t think the lip piercing looks so good on her.

  2. She doesn’t have a lip piercing. That’s a mole =). And I like it. I think it is like a flaw that isn’t a flaw. A blemish that makes her look better, in a sense. If she removed it I think she would lose a bit of her cuteness.

  3. No dissent here.Total cutie…in that “barely legal” porn kinda way.Maybe Larry Flynt could use her in Asian Fever #41

  4. Oh she’s really cute but her head does look a little big. Or perhaps, something’s wrong with my eyes *rub eyes* But nevertheless, a real cutie *bite fist*

  5. a mole! I can’t have looked hard enough. I know what you mean, I like some flaws, but I would prefer without. She is cute. On flaws, I always like the slight cross-eyes, I can’t really explain it.

  6. I’ve always wanted to do a post on that Luke72 – I love slightly cross-eyed Asian (but only Asian) girls too! I think it looks so cute and adorable. However, it is very hard to find cross-eyed models!

  7. She’s mildly cute, but honestly, a trip to Chinatown in Toronto and she’d be lost in a sea of cute. The last couple of photos are not facially flattering – and I’m definitely not a mole-lover.

    Sorry guys, Anni does not represent the Toronto area well – finalist in a beauty pageant or not (since when did beauty pageants ever award the top spots to the hottest girls anyway?!).

  8. It’s my eyes or she have a big head??!!…..other than that just another cute asian….nothing special about her

  9. As opposed to a not so fresh face? Sounds like the greatest place on earth. 🙂 Also…I’m not seeing the big head and I don’t mind the beauty mark on her face. She’s pretty hot to me.

  10. sevendeuce, cute does not mean gorgeous. She is way cute and so tiny (insert spinner reference here). And, if she has any tattoos, they’re obviously very discreet, which is cool.

    Travis, that last pic you posted is great! I didn’t see it on her Model Mayhem page.

    Here’s some pics I like:

  11. Wingsfan19: I believe I stated that she was “mildly cute” and that she would be lost in a “sea of cute” in Toronto. The translation to my commentary would be that I think she’s actually quite average.

  12. I can just imagine her being lost in a sea of cute in Toronto. Well not really. But what’s the deal with all these cuties in Toronto? I need to plan a trip real soon.

    But Anni is pretty cute and has a nice body. I like her and hopes she does well. And I don’t mind the mole either. Great find Travis.

    And I love this pic right here.
    Click me

  13. Well, compared to the cuties here in Warner Robins, GA., she would have my jaw dropping through the asphalt, hitting bedrock. Toronto sure does sound swell.

  14. I have to say that it is good to see a genuinely cute Vietnamese girl featured here – there’s actually plenty of them, but you wouldn’t know it from all those Vietnamese American import models!

  15. Parfum is just trolling the site, bringing nothing to the conversation. Eventually he’ll either get bored or banned, but to say Anni is nothing special is laughable.

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