Yumi Sugimoto


Yumi Sugimoto is a Japanese model, actress and gravure idol. Her career began in elementary school, when she was chosen in a Grand-Prix semi-audition for the girls manga magazine Ribbon. In July 2007 she received her first lead role in TV Tokyo’s late TV drama series Boys EstΓ©. Her latest role is Miu Sutō/Go-on Silver in the 2008 TV Asahi’s tokusatsu series Engine Sentai Go-onger.Although there are many gravure models like Yumi, I think she is really cute and has a sexy smile. And it’s definitely not going to hurt any of us to have a look and admire her beauty…

Birthdate: 1989-Apr-1
Birthplace: Osaka Prefecture
Height: 166cm
Talent agency: Tambourine








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  1. In some of the photos she really appears as being older, hence, more experienced and more interesting as a woman.

    Definitely like her hair most in black.

  2. uhhh! Yumi Sugimoto truly ma’favorite girl n she totally sweet like an alpine strawberry in ma mind.., her look really tempt ma’natural part..=)

    [WPB-net] No.112 | 165 pics | 109MB



    [misty] Kiss Collection EX | 75 pics | 94.8MB



    [Image.tv] Mystery of Asia | 42 pics | 9.18MB



  3. For me, she’s totally unremarkable (and way too bimbo looking with the coloured hair). Her legs are better than the average Japanese girl, but that’s about it (and her body’s hardly spectacular overall anyway).

  4. Put short hair and a suit on this girl and you’ve got a man, baby!

    Make that a japanese man.

    This is the first girl named Yumi that I would easily give a pass.

  5. While she’s not the most attractive J-girl I’ve ever laid eyes on, she’s definitely a cutie!

    And if this girl looks anything like a man than I guess I’m as gay as they come…

  6. Gotta say she’s not really doing it for me, although I’m not thinking manly at all. She’s kindof an average J-girl to me, but if I was really into Japanese girls I’m sure i’d love her. I can see where people would find her attractive. Kind of how I feel about Viet, Filipino, and import models, I even love the moderately pretty ones.

  7. Pic 7 looks less like a glamour shot and more like a shot of Yumi after her exotic modeling ship capsized and she was babewrecked on the beach in her bikini. Dead … yet sexy. Hmmm..

  8. I like her in the last pic but not so much in the others. I also agree with Doc about her legs; definitely nicer thighs than most Japanese girls.

  9. Gotta disagree with the critics. I find this girl quite attractive! Lovely, large, dark eyes (the high-point for me); nice (remarkably symmetric) facial structure; pretty smile, with a straight row of white teeth yet!; nice J-girl figure. What’s not to like?

  10. Manly yes, but I like her too:-) Seriously, though, I’m not getting any masculine vibe from this one. I like her very much except for the first picture.

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