Yoko (by Danz)


See a little more of Yoko at the Yoko set on flickr.

A photographer named Danz is responsible for the photos. Take a look at his studio work. Some very pretty Asian ladies in there!

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0 thoughts on “Yoko (by Danz)”

  1. ok, i will be the first

    the photos are fine, its flickr that sucks.

    the black girl in the photo set is cute.

    i only saw one or two asian girls in the set that is connected to that link.

    the photography is good as far as i can tell. its really artsy.

  2. Just checked out his studio photos. I think they’re great. I’d seen that photo of Aya Hasegawa somewhere before, but didn’t know he was the photographer.
    I liked the ones of Yoko as well, but I wish he’d taken at least one of her with her eyes open.

  3. i agree with cec32. i think that the photography is very nice and the shots of this girl are beautiful – but it seems that upon closer inspection the girl’s face isn’t too hot: for instance, the teeth in that last shot of yoko

  4. Boobs are what make us big and strong…Niners. And happy…if you know what I mean. Cause I don’t really know what I mean right now. I just love em’ so.

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