The Next White Castle Girl

ABS-CBN’s largest nationwide search for the best and most beautiful Filipina to become the entertainment industry’s next big thing. Here you can read more about the show. Or just watch some more clips at YouTube.

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0 thoughts on “The Next White Castle Girl”

  1. wait which white castle…. the burger joint?… is there another white castle brand somewhere else in the world? cause if not why is white castle finding filipinas for there spokes model?

    but the girls are damn hot

    sorry christine robin beat you, you didn’t get the whole front page to yourself

  2. speaking of robin, he’s making my icon pretty soon (*whispers to robin* if you happen to accidentally edit a photo of sung hi lee instead of mine… i tooooootally don’t mind *wink wink*)! so all of you readers will see me on the left column pretty soon. and it will be me, instead of a fake picture

    btw lee i didn’t choose any of those pictures you suggested, i took a new one! you shall see πŸ™‚

  3. Wait a minute. You aren’t going to post one of your baby photos are you? Then and again, I guess that would somehow be appropriate – you’re certainly the baby around here (albeit a very smart one)! πŸ˜‰

  4. HAHA that would be HILARIOUS, lee! i think i’m going to tell robin to put my fat baby head up there lolol. i had the biggest cheeks EVER

    i don’t think there’s a white castle in cali. as a cali resident myself, i haven’t seen one around – but hey, we have in-n-out!

    mcdonalds should probably pick up on this idea.

  5. I have to say, this video is a good example of why I don’t normally like Filipina girls. The excessively slutty posing, the way these quite ordinary girls big note themselves (“I’m hot”, “I’m one in a million” etc.), and – I’m sorry to say – their accents, are all a really huge turn off for me. It all just screams “low class” to me. But I know a lot of guys like that. πŸ˜‰

  6. I’ll take your word, Doc. I only watched about 3 seconds of the video before I got bored. I’m more interested in talking about White Castle at this point. πŸ˜‰

  7. I had to sit through it for professional reasons – working for Asian Sirens is a tough job sometimes, but somebody has to do it. πŸ˜‰

  8. “speaking of robin, he’s making my icon pretty soon “…..robin, can you make her naked? :))

  9. laughs @ blueskies

    yea Cali has no white castle at all but I’m with Christine on this In-N-Out is the best burger ever if i wasn’t a Los Angeles native i would move here just for the In-N-Out.. mmmm….

    Agrees with Doc on this they do make slutty poses, their accents sounds nasty (and i happen to like filipinas) and the comments they make are super retarded… but they are cute

  10. I think, even I have had a shift in my tastes over the past couple months now. I’ve found myself drawn more to the Japanese/Korean flavor of women. I think I saw maybe one girl that I found hot in this video, and that was Jacq Yu. The rest were by far, a little on the plain side.

  11. Didn’t know there was a contest for the homepage! (I’m not reading all the comments here, sorry ppl, there is more to life then Asian-Sirens! ;-))

    I’ve had never heard of The White Castle, but I got a tip about the clip and the girls seemed hot enough to post.

    (Will do the Christine icon saturday hopefully! :-))

  12. I’ve seen juicy girls over here on Okinawa who really do look a little hotter than all but one or two of these girls. I probably wouldn’t waste my time buying them any drinks, if they were juicys…except of course, Jacq.

  13. wow arf. first time i’ve heard you say that. so your tastes are a little exclusive after all πŸ˜€

  14. I’ve appreciated lots of anonymous filipinas and many could outshine those in this video, but that’s normal in any beauty contest. Some got my interest: Jamie, Karen, Jacq.

    Filipinas love the limelights and they dream about tv, showbiz, etc, so it’s only natural that they rush to participate in these contests. Beauty is many times their only way to rise above the crowd (and there’s a big poor crowd whose only dream is some miracle success).

    Filipinas are very appearance-conscious and there is some sex liberation that is not flagrant some times, but it’s surely there. That’s why many gals aren’t shy to pose seductively. And that’s why they are so appreciated by the male sex. πŸ™‚

  15. White Castle is a whiskey here in the PI. And yeah, I don’t watch this show. But the girls are good looking, but definitely not my type.

  16. No White Castle in Cail. Really…You will live longer without white castle…

    think I will go there today for lunch… once every four years is way to ofen..
    “But They Do Taste Good”

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