Ymmi Goldfish, Japanese masseuse

Ymmi Goldfish

Ymmi Goldfish is a 19 year old Japanese student, geisha, model and (erotic) massage expert. She lives and works in the Netherlands, but was born in Kyoto, Japan in 1986.

On www.ymmi.nl as well as www.geisha.nl you can find out all about her. Do take some time, the site is a bit hard to navigate, but once you find your way, you will love the various photosets, movies (yes, also some hardcore material) and stories. The site is in Dutch, but you should be able to find what you are looking for by clicking the various banners. There is a membership area also.Ohw, did I mention you can hire Ymmi? Of course you will have to be willing to come to Holland or cover her expenses to travel to you! 😉

Some facts:

Place of birth: Kyoto, Japan (1986)
Height: 163 cm.
Measurements: 75C-58-86
Weight: 43 kg.

Ymmi on the web:


There are a lot of (free) photo’s on the site, but I selected a few fore you.

Ymmi Goldfish

Ymmi Goldfish

Ymmi Goldfish

Ymmi Goldfish

Ymmi Goldfish

Ymmi Goldfish

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0 thoughts on “Ymmi Goldfish, Japanese masseuse”

  1. There’s a members area? I’ve been visiting this site for months and didn’t notice…do you have a direct link?

  2. Ha Robin, you finally discovered Ymmi!

    I’ve talked with her long time ago to see if we could work together. I guess her Dutch isn’t good enough as she has no idea what I’m talking about 😉

  3. I hope you’re smart enough to post about her in return for a photoshoot for Asian Sirens? If not, than she is smarter than you 😉

  4. Are we getting photoshoots with any other models who we have posted about then? 😉

    I think we are obliged to our readers to offer as much good stuff as we find on the web about Asian women. There should not be a ‘we want to have something in return’ policy…

    But she said she was willing to help us out with some photo’s. So maybe I should try to make an appointment 😉

  5. I watched 20 seconds of it and got bored. Dancing is supposed to be provacative, if she is already naked, what is there to provoke?

  6. It seems that Ymmi passed away on the 16th – she didn’t even live to see her 25th birthday. Does anyone have any information on what happened?

  7. arggh, that is such sad news.
    Ymimoto – with the beautiful fish tattoo on her back, dead at under 25 – forever young – tragic.

    Go to her – now a memorial, it seems – website (the links above) and the picture that confronts you is very evocative.
    The photo, the flowers, the lone cat, the empty chair and the half empty (half- full?) glass of wine….

  8. @ Dr Lee – I’ve searched around a bit and came up with zero on her death. Robin posted this and was probably familiar with her since she lived in his country. If you still keep in touch with him, why not drop him a line and ask if he heard any local news about her death and if he has, ask if he’ll please post it here.

  9. Ymmi was such a beautiful young woman. She was truly a “melody of wind and water.” I last exchanged emails with her on June 14th, 2011 and she said she was “fine, and busy as usual.” I have been unable to learn anything about the circumstances of her passing. If anyone has any information about this tragedy, please share it. I had the pleasure of her company the day before her 24th birthday and I will always treasure the experience. I wish I had not waited to see her again. Now all I have is her pictures and the memory of our time together.

  10. I still haven’t been able to find any definitive info on this, but apparently there is some speculation in the Dutch escort fora that she has actually just returned to Japan to start a new life. Hence her old life as Ymmi Goldfish may now be over, but the young lady who was Ymmi lives on. Let’s hope so anyway.

  11. The plot, as they say, thickens.
    If she IS still alive I’m wondering what she will reinvent herself as?
    By the way, interesting song (in Japanese) on her ‘memorial’ website. Don’t understand the words though — “something something..Nagasaki” is the chorus. Singer sounds like a Japanese Dean Martin.

  12. @ Dr.Lee: what fora’s? I didn’t see any massage saying that she’s back to Japan.

    btw: I still think only the character is gone.

  13. That’s fora – it’s the plural of forum, even though just about every site on the net calls them forums. 🙂 I don’t know any more than what I wrote above unfortunately – I can’t point you to any specific sites (they’re all Dutch to me!). If my source is reading this, perhaps he can enlighten us.

  14. Well that explains the terrible english by me 😉 I’m dutch ;-))
    And I didn’t see anything like Ymmi moving to Japan…
    It’s a pitty though… but if she’s happy so are we.

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