Lucky Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu Lucky Number Slevin poster

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but in Holland Lucy Liu is lucky enough to have her own poster for her new movie Lucky Number Slevin. Nice to see an Asian beauty all around town. Didn’t see the movie yet, but somehow I am not expecting a great movie. The official movie site offers some information and a trailer.

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  1. Movie proved to a domestic failure, despite great cast: Ben Kingsley, Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis & always lovely Ms.Liu. Then there’s always foreing market, that often turns failures into unexpected successes.

    Overall, movie viewership is way down – in big cities, tix cost $11 apiece, movie theatres are dirty & reek of stale, fake popcorn.

    Within 3 months same movies can be rented on cable tv for as little as $5 for 24hrs. I only venture to theatres for foreign & art movies, aware i may not have a chance to see them again.

  2. Where i go tickets are still 9 bucks but even that is too much, the popcorn though is fresh and quite good, the butter isn’t real butter but you don’t really care. Infact if I didn’t get husks stuck in my gums so much I’d probably walk in and buy some popcorn and leave.

    However yeah your point is still valid, also movies are getting to be much like music; no not pirated on the interent, I mean they are becomming garbage produced by zombies that think alike, there is no interest in them. Even if the tickets were say 5 bucks, and the food wasn 3x its actual cost I probably wouldn’t go either.

    Lastly, I know I could be killed for this but am I the only one that doesn’t really find Lucy Liu hot? Some what off subject Tia Bell (or is it Belle) was on the David Spayed show on Comedy Central recently and it only cemented my feels that she has canged too much since I first saw her and I just see her as blah now.

    Ok Enough weirdness.

  3. BigStu,

    I think Lucy’s cute but not hot. Not having a chest is a big negative – I’m sure Dr. Lee will concur.

    And I also agree, more or less, with your take on movies. I used to go to 50-60 a year – now I might see 10. I’d rather use Netflix – if the movies stinks you just send it back. The rude behavior at the theatres also detracts from the experience. Which part of ‘please turn off your cell phones and don’t talk do people have problems comprehending?’ And it’s not just teens.

  4. I wouldn’t say Lucy was pretty at all by Asian standards. But apart from the lack of tits she does have a great, trim and taut body, and she really knows how to act sexy – perhaps more so than any other Hollywood actress I’ve seen.

  5. tila nguyen was on david spade show on comedy central last week promoting her myspace popularity.

    tia bella was a vivid porn star.

  6. Saw the movie yesterday. Oh my, what a bummer. Stupid action flick, thin story, not so good acting… The only thing that made me stay was Lucy. And her acting wasn’t that great either 🙁

  7. Actually, the movie is very, very good. Excellent thinking movie, intense yet intricate story, wonderfully satisfying acting. The role was absolutely perfect for Ms. Liu, by the way.

    Don’t believe the negative opinions of those who don’t “get” it. See it yourself, and like it not based on your own judgement. 🙂

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