Yinling of Joytoy

Yinling of Joytoy

Yinling (aka Inrin or Yingling) – race queen, model, vocalist, actress, and writer – was born on February 15, 1976 in Taipei (Taiwan) and became known as Yinling of Joytoy. She made her debut in November 1996 when she appeared in Playboy Weekly. About one year later she started her own comic series called Joytoy: Pleasure Toy. Yinling appeared in many magazines and movies but became really popular in January 1999 with her comic series Gun Dragon.

You can find her official website at mostsexy.net while she has her own blog yinlingofjoytoy (translated to English).

This week I got an email from Patrick who

I have recently been enjoying your site, which has some spectacularly beautiful depictions of asian beauty. I have found nothing though on Yinling, maybe beacuse she has been so well covered elsewhere, and for so long. But, to me, she remains the benchmark for provocative sexiness and inventiveness, albeit always covered. However I came across two sites for the first time, which though largely repetitive, I thought worth bringing to your attention. Is this a first sighting of an elusive Joytoy nipple?http://lendy.cn/CS41161_21.shtml

Yinling of Joytoy

Some of the best picture galleries of Yinling can be found at:

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